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Save A Life Project

under 16 years old, in Turkana, Kenya
Map of SAVE A LIFE PROJECT There has been a perrenial drought in Kenya over the past few decades which has caused a lot of death of livestock as well as human beings. Through the USAID and Kenya for Kenyans, many people in Northern Kenya were able to receive relief food and measures are underway to ensure irrigation schemes are developed in the region. Many families have benefited from this idea example is Salim's who lost his wife and his last born son through drought. Right now he can afford a smile, he has a borehole drilled in his compound and a garden for his crops. Thanks to save a life kit which helped put a smile on his face, He now takes care of his four remaining sons. They can afford a meal without struggling. Read more.
Related to project keywords: decades, wife, son, born, developed

My Best Offer

By a male, 22-30 years old, in Nandi, Kenya
Map of My best offer One day when I was sitting alone in my hut I started thinking in my mind. Day by day am getting older and older and within a shot time I shall die. After death of my wife, the people of this village have been helping me a lot by giving me free food. In return I must do something good for them so that the people of this village can remember me after my death. I nodded my head deeply. Although I don't have any other help apart from advice. People of the community knows very well am suffering from HIV coz my wife die of the disease. And the most people I will turget are the youth coz they are the one involving in this things. I did so and eventualy they hard what I advised them. Read more.
Related to project keywords: time, helping, disease, wife, village

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Tilaran, Guanacaste Costa Rica

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