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Effects Of Alcohol

By a male, 16-21 years old, in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of EFFECTS OF ALCOHOL Their was the habits of the people drinking Alcohal caming home during night time if was just caming night time when silent could not bother anybody in this community,But the problem was that;they came same times abusing their neighbours,talking of shameful words even you can imagine how a foolish drunked man/woma talks or does after drinking.The whole comunity had nathing to do to this bad habit but only to warn them.But the warning was all in vain so the matter became wise. It reaches a point now we started experiencing many wifes/womens divorcing to their husband but the only reason was Alcohol which was like water that they can't do without.I meet with a goal ''mama'' mather on they way at 2:00 midnight when I was talking my father to hosp[ital,I felt annoyed after explanation that he was chased away by a drunked man who boxes her and burned her clothes only that she gave him Ugali with Sukuma wiki she went on telling me that her husband could not even leave a single shilling to buy food for his children rather,he could use his money in club and came back without anything a claims to have ugali with meat but not green leafs. The woman sat a target and united together to teach their hasbands a lesson. They agreed to close the door after 8:00pm and never to open when he cames drunk they were supported by the community that anybody who will be found on the way before 8:30pm will be forced to be stoned to death because their was robbers around the community. We had an example of one husband who was found outside his compound after they were refused to open the door and he was beaten proper.He sarves as an example which made a big change in the community. Read more.
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Care And Support To Patients

22-30 years old,
Map of Care and support to patients Since most people drop out from the working community when they become HIV/AIDS positive due to lack of physical strength this makes them unable to support themselves thus kitovu mobile in masaka provides care and support to HIV/AIDS,T/B stressing their signs so that when one spots out their report for early treatment. Read more.
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Checking Poor Nutrition

By a female, 16-21 years old, in Kiboga, Uganda
Map of CHECKING POOR NUTRITION Besides diseases, poor nutrition has contributed to the worring situation in Kyenjojo district.Because of the cost cutting nature of health issues, there is a need for an intergrated approach to healthy.The district falls for a short to the required number of healthy workers.However with donation from USAID, Uganda health marketing group taught health workers in the district on nutrition technologies to overcome or cheer on diseases generating from malnutrition. Read more.
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Somali Refugee Child

By a male, 22-30 years old, in Kampala, Uganda
Map of SOMALI REFUGEE CHILD SOCHRO- A- SOMALI REFUGEE ORGANIZATION IN UGANDA. SOCHRO- Uganda stands for Somali Child Right Organization which was started in the cost quats of 2010 with the object of helping Somali Refugee children in Uganda to live better lives.The organization goals of having health services,education,shelter and other neccesities accessed by Somali Refugee children. SACHRO with its head quarters in Kisenji a Kampala sub with plans of extending its services to other Somali Refugee camps in Nakivali(western Uganda) had started partnership with National and International donors agencies in the refugee project,child aid,Uganda Aid Commission among stuff.This would aid the organization get finances material and moral support especially shelter materials,medical train of women and dressy up of Somali Refugee children in Uganda. Read more.
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Reduction Of Hiv/aids

By a male, 22-30 years old, in Mombasa, Kenya
Map of Reduction of HIV/AIDS When one talks of HIV/AIDS on death and suffering comes to the minds of most people.Aids was declared a national disaster because of the several lives that were lost and still being lost and also because of the high rate at which it is gettign spread. Allong the beaches of Mombasa,most people who operate as 'beach boys'are infected by the virus.This is because they engage themselves in unprotected sex with the visiting tourists and even locals. The city council of Mombasa has started public awareness programmes with the coastal beaches to ensure that people get to VCT's which are readily available and that they get to know their status.The vCTs also provide medication for patients/the infected and mostly the condultations/councelling are done in privacy. considering the high rate of infections more should be done. Read more.
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Disaster Response

By a male, 22-30 years old, in Kisumu, Kenya
Map of DISASTER RESPONSE Last year May there was a landslide in this area known as Rachuonyo district so many people were displaced and properties destroyed. Kenya Red Cross Society Rachuonyo branch came to our rescue in the Districts Response but the material were not enough, blankets were distributed and some food aid, nets were distributed to protect people from mosquitoe bites. The community appreciated how the way the organisation responded to the disaster. Read more.
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After Treatment

By a male, 16-21 years old, in Lang'ata, Kenya
Map of AFTER TREATMENT After the doctor took care of the situation from the theatre everything went back to normal and all the patients that were shivering continued shivering those that were crying continued crying those that were hissing continued hissing and finally the room was fool of diffrent sounds that if combined together makes up the noise of acheering fans in the stadium. At long last around 8.30 in the morning the doctors and the nurses started operating as usual and the noises from people and patients were now reduced to zero. The doctors around the hospital were all nice and had that good ability to identify between a patient and a fine person. Read more.
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By a female, 46-60 years old , in Busia, Kenya
Map of MALARIA In 2005,the Sania and Bunyala communities living around the lake were more prevelant to malaria than any other disease.There clinics and hospitals recorded a high number of patient with malaria.As a result there was a rise in death rate in the two communities as the hospitals and the clinics could contain the high number of patients with malaria and this also affected those suffering from HIV/AIDS as the disease accelerated their death as they had no proper protection from malaria. The schools in the those areas also suffered as those in boarding school were frequently affected.So the area members of parliament raise the concerned and together with the medical officers in the area they came up with a decision officers in the area they came up with a decision to spray the area with a certain insecticide or chemicals that killed mosquitoes that caused malaria.After this chemical had been sprayed in all schools,homes and bushes there was a significant reduction of patients with malaria and the death rate in the two communities sharply declined. Read more.
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