Rural agricultural to 10 youth group in Kenya.



Summary The project will establish a gricultural development, soil erosion control and training to improve the economic welfare of youth in rural village of Rongo Kenya through engagement in agricultural business, help youths without basic education or no education at all acquire practical skills to engage in agricultural productive income generating activities to make them selfreliant and employment (Job) in the rural area and break free from the cycle of poverty.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Most people are illiterate and their major economic activity is farming (livestock and Subsistence crop farming). The land is not fertile, the community still practise traditional method of planting and this coupled with the recently unpredictable weather pattern have greatly impacted negatively on the lives of the residents. There is major soil erosion in the area due to that the area is hilly and slope.

How will this project solve this problem?

Engagement in agricultural training, Horticultural, fish farming and agri-business will create self employment and avoid rural urban migration in search of employment. The broad objective is to set up initiatives that would spur economic growth and improve the economic welfare of youths in the rural area of Rongo in Kenya. Their will be construction of 5 fish ponds, 10 poultry houses, crop farming in 10 hectors of farm and building of gabbion/terraces to control soil aresion within the area.

Potential Long Term Impact

By establishing soil erosion conservation, agricultural activities and agricultural training will for generations. We will teach farmers proper agricultural techniques that will improve their yield. To control soil erosion we will introduce agro-forestry techniques, gabbion, terraces and we will teach agricultural income generating activities to help improve the lives of farmers. Group will introduce saving and revolving fund to youth groups which will help us extend our programme in large area.

Funding Information

This project has been retired and is no longer accepting donations.

Additional Documentation

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This project is no longer accepting donations.

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Project Leader

Rebecca Aor

Project Co-ordinator

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Map of Rural agricultural to 10 youth group in Kenya.
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