Rehabilitation for The Visually Impaired in Taiwan


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By a male, 22-30 years old, in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of NETWORKING Stephen Ray was the first person to open a cyber Cafe in our region which came with a fast internet connection. He could have hike d the charges of browsing because there was no internet hot spot around but he saw no need since he wanted to help the community to develop. He charged a very low price for internet surfing that sometimes he lacked money to pay for the service and he had to add money from his personal savings or friends to pay his bills. We benefited a lot from the cheap internet use and one of my friend applied for a job online and he managed to do te interview, mailed it to the relevant authority and later he secured the job and for that he bought Stephen extra computer which was much needed because of the high demand for the internet services. He now has an established cyber cafe and with the help from fellow friends he now has three laptop computers which he uses frequently in the cyber cafe when there is a power blackout. Read more.
Related to project keywords: online, use, person, friends, computer

Redemption From Self-custody.

By a male, 16-21 years old, in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of REDEMPTION FROM SELF-CUSTODY. After completing my secondary education i joined a band wagon of thugs in the streets of the city because i dearly believed in shortcuts ways of earning a living.My soul and mind were fully set to pursue my new job in the city and with surity i was made to believe i would get even richer.The egre to have money was my main drive towards this activity.Actualy i did not care about the danger of all that i was putting myself into.One night in the course of my daily operations i happened to try to still from a social counsellor who sincerely adviced me according and took me with him to his house.From there i was made to change my path. Read more.
Related to project keywords: drive, ways, course, set, main

Information And Knowledge Spread

By a female, 31-45 years old, in Shinyalu, Kenya
Map of 

information and knowledge spread My name is Amos Wavinya.We have been lacking knowledge on the anyoing activities in our country due to lack of ways and means of acquiring the information.But recently an organisation, Western water and sanitation forum, came in to give us information on how money allocated for various activies for public in spent.Shiyala constituency has benefited from that information. Read more.
Related to project keywords: due lack, information, activities, various, ways


By a female, 16-21 years old, in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of insurance We live in a world in which individuals and business organisation are exposed to various risks Methods to avoid or eliminate such risks have been achieved very little However a certain insurance company came into teach about the importance of insuring your business or individual |The insured person makes regular premiums to the insurance company in return the insurance company agrees to compensate for the loss or damage they occur as a result of risk insured against Today most of the individual and businesses have been insured and are being compensated incae of a loss or damage. Read more.
Related to project keywords: person, various, individuals, result, loss

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Project Leader

Andrew Ma

Taipei, Taipei Taiwan

Where is this project located?

Map of Rehabilitation for The Visually Impaired in Taiwan