Provide food to 188 orphans in Puma



188 orphans children in 4 villages at Puma Ward, are in desperate shortage of food. At Puma village they are 51, Kituntu village are 48, Musambu village are 66 and Utaho village they are 69. The project will be for supplying food to 188 orphans in 4 villages for 12 weeks (three months), in each week OVCC Organization will be supplying food to each child through meeting together in a village's venues. By supplying food to 188 orphans, we will have made them survive from hunger and attend schools

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

The community is facing hunger disaster especially those caregivers of the orphans children because they have double largage to care for their own children and for the orphans children. The orphans are mostly affected because at sometimes in hardships, they are forgotten and segregated in case of shortages of food. So, the problem is just a shortage of food in case of caregivers having a large number of children to care for. supplying food to orphans will benefit and enable them to attend schoo

How will this project solve this problem?

This project will solve the problem by providing or distributing food to orphans children straight to their villages sharing this exercise with villages' government leaders so as to make sure that the usage of this food will be seriously undertaking through Orphans and Vulnerable Chiuldren Care (OVCC) supervision sharing with the government villages' leaders. The Organization (OVCC) will be distributing this food to orphans in each week for 12 weeks (three months) for safe storage of food.

Potential Long Term Impact

The long-term effects that the project will have on the community and beneficiaries is that the orphans children will have already been survived from effects of hunger together with their caregivers and also the project will enable those orphans students to attend schools without problem because they have food at their homes from 15th of January, 2013 to 15th April, 2013. The problem which will be solved by this project is hunger and illiteracy to orphans children. 250 people will be affected

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Project Leader

Bernard Sungi

Singida, Singida Tanzania, United Republic of

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