Primary education for 200 village children - Ghana

Sep 4, 2012

One decision can change a life...

Meet Kate commercial
Meet Kate commercial

Dear Friend of Meet KAte

We proudly present... our own TV-commercial! Five years ago, we could never have imagined this would happen to us! But it did! During August 2012 the commercial will be broadcasted on three different Dutch television channels: SBS6 , Net5 and Veronica. In case you were unable to see it on T.V. you can watch the (dutch) commercial on-line here! During my stay in Ghana last month, I realized again that the Meet Kate Foundation consists of so many extraordinary people. If you read Kelly's blog in this newsletter you will know what I mean.The major strength of the Meet Kate Foundation is, in my opinion the people: that we keep inspiring each other. It even happened to me this morning. I had a great meeting in Amsterdam concerning Meet Kate and while I was cycling back home, I was filled with the energy and ideas which came rushing into my head.This is why I love working for the Meet Kate Foundation. It gives me so much energy and positivity. I hope you will join me in this! 

Kind regards, 

Myrthe Oostenbach

Chair of The Meet Kate Foundation                  


One decision can change a life... 

The Meet Kate Children's Home is a home for these 22 children, where love, sorrow, jokes, quarrel, wrestling and care for each other are shared. The Children's Home has been fully occupied for several months now, which means that we have not adopted any new children recently. But then Philomena ( Director of the Meet Kate Foundation Ghana) came to me a few weeks ago and told me the story of the twins: Frederick and Freda (13 years old).Curious about their story? Read Kelly's blog!


Meet Frank    

Meet Frank Visser (24) is an elementary school teacher who is volunteering for the next four and a half months at the Meet Kate Foundation in Ghana. In August he will be giving summer lessons to the children of the Meet Kate Children's Home, and during the new school year he will assist our Ghanaian teachers. Do you also have the desire to go to a developing country? For example: to assist in teaching, working in a children's home or providing sport classes and being able to see more of the world? Please visit our website to see what Meet Kate is looking for in a volunteer. For other volunteering possibilities you can send an e-mail to

Meet Richard

 At the moment he is one of our employees who is contributing to the building of our school. But Richard is only 19 years old and is supposed to be going to school. Richard's father is deceased, and his mother can not afford his education. Unfortunately, the money he earns while working is not enough for him to go to school. Therefore he asked the Meet Kate Foundation to help him. He really wants to finish high school, so  he will be able to fulfill his dream of becoming a researcher in a laboratory one day. Are you interested in sponsoring this motivated student or do you want to know more about him? Send an email to you!     


The progress of the construction of the Meet Kate Academy

The construction of the new school building is going remarkably well and all the employees have done a tremendous job. Here you will find a short overview of what we have accomplished over the last month:

  The first floor of the building has been poured (30 hours of work in a row)

  The toilet foundation is excavated and poured 

  The school furniture for class 1 & 2 is ready

  Two new teachers for KG 1 and class 1 are employed

  Applications for the crèche and nursery are full, we have a few places left for KG 1 & 2 and class 1 & 2.

  4 scholarships have been given to the most deprived children in EkwamkromIn a few weeks the summer holiday in Ghana will end and school will start again. In the first months, the two new classes will be taught in the existing children's home until the construction of the new building is completed.

Freda and Frederick
Freda and Frederick
Meet Frank
Meet Frank
Meet Richard
Meet Richard
Building progress
Building progress
All the workers
All the workers


Jul 24, 2012

Newsletter July: From tweet to TV-commercial

Commercial News paper
Commercial News paper

Newsletter Meet Kate Foundation July 2012

Dear friend of Meet Kate

Our Ambassador Peter R. de Vries tweeted : "Is there an agency that wants to think about an impressive TV commercial for the  Meet Kate Foundation? Help!" This announcement worked. Dozens of enthusiastic e-mails from agencies offering their services and creative ideas came flooding in. It’s amazing to see how many companies want to be attached to a good cause. We have since chosen an advertising agency that we are very pleased with. Read more about that in this newsletter.

Also in this newsletter; an update on the construction of the primary school which has made tremendous progress in the last couple of weeks. And the chairwoman of the Meet Kate Foundation Netherlands: Myrthe Oostenbach also tells of how it feels to be back in Ghana and seeing all the projects again. Last but not least, the Meet Kate Foundation has the chance to win a campaign in the Dutch newspaper: ''NRC Handelsblad''. Please get involved in helping us win this challenge by voting!


Myrthe Oostenbach & Kelly de Vries


P.S. We have reached the 1000 likes on Facebook! Thanks for your support!     



The start of the Meet Kate Academy

The construction of the new primary school has been going on for 2 months now and we’re making great progress. Once ten workers had dug out and deposited the foundations of the school, they continued with the columns and the first floor. It really looks like a building now. In upcoming weeks, they will continue with the second floor and we hope that within six weeks, the highest point of the construction will be reached.
Foundation to Build is supervising the construction, with Godsper as foreman. He's doing very well and we are also very pleased with all the other workers. The employees provide us with their expertise and Foundation to Build is providing the workers with skills and techniques which are sometimes less common in construction work in Ghana (but which nonetheless, are good to gain knowledge of). 

The quality of the construction is very good, since the iron and cement being used is extremely durable. This is noticed by all the residents in the surrounding area. Everybody is complimenting the Meet Kate Foundation on this strong building. In addition we have already received many applications for the school. 
Starting on the first of August 2012, parents will be able to register their children for primary 1 and 2 (the classes we will start with in our first year). There will be 25 children in every class, and full means full. We expect that we will be completely filled on the second of August! 
Altogether a great success so far! Go to  for daily updates and photos, or visit our website for more information about the construction, the costs and our sponsors. 



Chairwoman Myrthe in Ghana

''After living in Ghana for five months last year, this time it felt like coming home. I am staying in Ghana for five weeks; to visit the projects, to collaborate with Kelly and also to enjoy a holiday and see a little bit more of this beautiful country. It feels great to be surrounded by the children and employees again. And every day I am amazed to see the progress of the construction of the primary school.  These men are working so hard to complete the building within six months so that the Meet Kate Foundation can open an incredible new primary school."      

What do you see when you think of Africa?
The Meet Kate Foundation has the opportunity to launch a commercial in a newspaper as well as on television in upcoming months. In this commercial, we would like to share our vision about development work with you. 

TV commercial:  Through one of our board members: Joline Deen, we have the opportunity to broadcast a free commercial on the following channels: SBS6, NET5 and Veronica. Through a tweet by our ambassador, many advertising agency have offered to help us without any charge, with the development of this commercial.  After receiving many fantastic responses we have chosen to collaborate with: Veldkampprodukties.
Last Wednesday, we had our first meeting and we are very excited. Hopefully we can show you the commercial soon!  

Dutch newspaper :''NRC Handelsblad'': The NRC has started a charity competition in which a charitable organisation  can win an advertising campaign worth 300,000 euros. There is a jury and audience award. By voting you can help us to win the audience award. Please use this link to vote and you’ll have the chance to win an iPad.   

explanation voting:

- Click on the link

- Click on the middle of the picture (stem op deze reclame)

- go to the right bottom and fill in your email address

- tick the first square (meaning you agree with the terms, standard procedure)

- click: STEM- you will receive an email in which you have to confirm your vote by clicking on the link.  

The Meet Kate Foundation wants to show the positive side of Africa and through these ads, we hope to bring this to you and your community. Do you support the vision of Meet Kate? Pass it on!  


We... Kiwanis... are INVOLVED! 

On Sunday the 26th of August 2012, service club Kiwanis Stein "Maaskentj” are organizing the recreational ''Brikke Bekker'' tour for the fifth time.  On this day, one can participate in various walking and cycling tours throughout the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Maas (Dutch river). The (financial) profits of this ‘‘Brikkbekkerstocht’’ go to a project for children every year. This year the proceeds will go to the construction of Meet Kate Foundation’s primary school.

Would you like to participate in this cycling and walking event ? Or would you like to contribute financially to the event as an entrepreneur (if you live in this region)? Please visit:

Kelly and Myrthe in Ghana
Kelly and Myrthe in Ghana
meeting for tv-commercial
meeting for tv-commercial


Jul 5, 2012

Meet Kate "back on wheels"

Myrthe (chair) with Chris (daycare)
Myrthe (chair) with Chris (daycare)

In less than a week I’ll be on the plane again, back to the country that changed my life a year ago. By doing voluntary work in Ghana, I got to know the Meet Kate Foundation. By now, there is nothing I’d rather do than work for this wonderful cause and so I can’t wait to see the children, Kelly and our employees again! I won’t leave The Netherlands empty handed, I’ll be bringing lots of wooden jigsaws, abacuses, costumes and letter boxes. All school supplies donated by you to further improve the quality of the care and education in our daycare center. On behalf of our project manager ‘Education and Development’ Noor van Hout and all the children: thank you very much for your wonderful responses and great donations! For our next newsletter I’ll give you an update from Ghana! 

Myrthe Oostenbach



Meet Kate is 'back on wheels'! 

Last year, both our school bus and our pick-up broke down. The first due to a broken engine and the second because of an accident. This month, we got our wheels back!
Meet Kate was able to buy a new bus to take the children to and from school every day. We can also use it to pick up the teachers and children of the daycare center. The children were very happy when they first saw the beautiful bus. They were dancing, singing and drumming in celebration! To them, this bus also means they can be taken on new trips to the beach or the castle.
The Meet Kate Foundation was able to make a great deal and get a new pick-up as well. Now we can take our own truck to go to the cacao plant or pick up the food for the chickens. The car can also be used for appointments, emergencies and for picking up visitors. 

Board meeting 

Brainstorming about new plans, discussing our collaborations and thinking of new ways to raise funds to finish building the school... The board members of the Meet Kate Foundation are ready to go! On Saturday the 9th of June we held a productive meeting on the status quo of the Meet Kate Foundation. Even secretary Nienke (who currently lives in Ghana) was able to make it!

School bus
School bus
Pick up (for agriculture, poultry farm & meetings)
Pick up (for agriculture, poultry farm & meetings)


Jun 5, 2012

A symbolic start

A symbolic start of the Meet Kate Academy
A symbolic start of the Meet Kate Academy

First of all we would like to thank you for all the congratulations, comments and messages regarding our 5 years anniversary and our new ambassador. It is very special to see how many people are involved in the work that the Meet Kate Foundation is doing. Thank you for that special birthday feeling! 

The Meet Kate Foundation has been very busy this past month. In Ghana, the construction of the Meet Kate Primary school has officially started. This primary school will provide quality education and a safe environment for approximately 200 children, in order to enable them to achieve more and determine their own future. Do you want to know more about the construction? Click here! Do you want to contribute to this special project? You can! Sponsor a child in Ghana and enable them to attend this school!

In this month's newsletter, you will read about our collaboration with Foundation to Build; the foundation which also supervised the construction of the Meet Kate Children's Home, and the Zonline & Wakawaka Foundation. In addition you will read about the work of Noor van Hout, the educationalist at Meet Kate and the experiences of our brand new ambassador Veronica Hoogdalem. 

Myrthe Oostenbach

Chair Meet Kate Netherlands

P. S. Have you liked us on Facebook yet ? Help us achieve a thousand likes!    


We work for Meet Kate
Veronica van Hoogdalem
'Last week my mother called me to tell me how proud she is of me . These last couple of weeks she has told everybody about her daughter being the new ambassador for the Meet Kate foundation.  I could imagine her talking about this with enthusiasm and passion for the work the foundation is doing. I was very moved when I heard my mother speaking with so much pride and love. It was then that I realized that I have indeed started a new adventure by becoming the new ambassador of this foundation. Meet Kate has welcomed me into their organization but also into their family. Every picture I see on Facebook and every story I read makes me even more anxious to visit the foundation in Ghana. I am determined that, that will happen this year. I can not wait to get involved in Ghana as well, see how the organization is working there and experiencing everything for myself. My job as an ambassador is to raise more awareness among my target group. Through Twitter I have a lot of contact with young people who watch my TV programmes. It is very pleasant to see that they are very curious about the Meet Kate foundation. When I tell my followers on twitter what Meet Kate is doing they all respond in a very positive en enthusiastic way, frankly I didn't expected anything else!  Meet Kate represents the positive side of Africa and that is something I want to forward as well.' 

Read more here about our second ambassador and watch her promotional video here!


Noor van Hout

'Time flies.... I have been in Ghana for almost two months now! It's amazing how quickly the time passes , but that's a good sign I guess, because since the first day I arrived here I have felt very welcomed and I am very happy to be part of the Meet Kate family. 

The Ghanaian people and children are a great inspiration and example of how to live a happy life. Although major challenges can cross their path, with a lot of strength, perseverance and optimism people can overcome them and continue. I have great admiration for the people here! The satisfied and happy faces of the kids and the appreciation of the staff fills me with satisfaction, enabling me to continue my work with a lot of joy and love.
To start with, I am particularly focusing on writing a curriculum for Meet Kate's day care centre. In this curriculum, the vision, principles, methods and teaching potential of Meet Kate are illustrated.  In addition I am working on the implementation of schedules and registration forms which will provide guidance for the teachers.
By means of workshops (training), observations and assessment of teacher competencies, we are working on the quality of teaching. This will eventually contribute to the futures of the Ghanaian children.'

We work together with Meet Kate
Foundation to Build
'My name is Peter Schlooz and I started working for Foundation To Build in April 2, 2012. After 4 years of working in the Netherlands for a major contractor, I have taken my chances to start building for Africa. I always wanted to work abroad and especially in Africa. After a successful Skype job-interview with Eric de Ruiter (co-founder of Foundation Building), the decision was easily made.
Foundation to Build supports Dutch NGO's with designing, budgeting and building constructions such as schools or clinics. One of our main goals is to involve the local community in the construction. So for the Meet Kate foundation, we are building the primary school with the help of skilled workers from Ekwamkrom and surroundings.
In this way, we hope to create support and commitment within the community to the construction of the new school and also to generate some extra income for the local economy. During construction, Foundation to Build will monitor the budget, planning and quality.
I hope I can use the knowledge and skills I obtained in the Netherlands to contribute to the expertise here in Ghana and vice versa. Ultimately, our goal is that with this collaboration between Ghana and the Netherlands we can open a beautiful new school within 6 months.'

Zonline & Wakawaka foundation   
At Zonline you can order solar panels for your own home and simultaneously help to enlighten the lives of children who live in the dark. Last Thursday, April 12th , the Waka Waka Foundation was launched. WakaWaka, which in Swahili means:  'Brilliant Light', is a friendly and affordable LED light that runs on solar power.
A short movie demonstrates that this lamp can make the lives of 1.5 billion people without electricity a lot easier and safer. Zonline is the first sponsor of this sympathetic initiative and donates an average of five WakaWaka lamps for each solar system sold. The Meet Kate Foundation is one of the charities that distribute these LED lights within their projects among the children who desperately need them. We are very pleased with this partnership!

Bright, Christopher and Emmanuel
Bright, Christopher and Emmanuel
Jojo (6 years)
Jojo (6 years)
Kids back from school
Kids back from school
Apr 26, 2012

We celebrate our 5th anniversary with great news!

We exist five years! 

This month you are receiving an extra celebrative newsletter. The main reason for our celebration this month is of course our 5 year anniversary! The 27th of April 2012 marks exactly 5 years since Kelly de Vries decided do something with the potential and the love she saw in Ghana. Together with Muriel Koch she founded the Meet Kate Foundation: An organization that has achieved tremendous results so far. 

As you probably read in the last newsletter, we have embarked on a very special partnership. We proudly present to you our new ambassador, Veronica Hoogdalem! She is a Dutch Television host. She is half Ghanaian, and appreciates that the opportunity to decide your own future, is not always an option. She is passionate about participating in the projects of the Meet Kate Foundation so that she will be able to help the children in Ghana and ensure that they will be able to determine their own future! 

We are delighted that Veronica has become our second ambassador! In addition to Peter R. de Vries, Veronica will particularly be committed  to obtain more recognition about the Meet Kate Foundation among the younger generation. Veronica: 'I want to ensure that Dutch youngsters know what the Meet Kate Foundation is doing for their peers in Ghana. Furthermore I would like to participate in the projects of the Meet Kate Foundation to show people the ''other side'' of Africa. Africa doesn't only have poor and starving children, but there are so many inspiring and hopeful children as well.'

Have a look at this movie made by Danny Stolker and click here to read more about Veronica's motivation! 

Would you like to support Meet Kate just as Veronica does? Go to this page, and see how you can sponsor a child in Ghana! We look forward to the next 5 years! 


Kelly de Vries and Myrthe Oostenbach

Director and Chairman   

5 times congratulations from the Netherlands
5 times congratulations from the Netherlands
5 times congratulations from Ghana
5 times congratulations from Ghana


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