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Jul 21, 2014

There was light!

Soccer Field Inauguration
Soccer Field Inauguration

On June 24, thanks to your generous donation the little town of Rancho Quemado, became the first town its size to light up its sport field, in the Osa Peninsula.   The local people had expected this moment with anxiety and excitement. Other local communities doubted that it was going to happen! But it did! At 5:45 p.m. when the sun finally sets behind the mountains, the whole town awaited the great occurrence: The Costarrican Institute of Electricity (ICE) finally turned on the switch and voilá “there was light”. The whole soccer field (or “futbol” as it is called in my home country) lit up and the crowd cheered with joy. The children ran through the field, as it was the first time that they had seen the field. In a way it was, isnt it funny how lighting makes everything look different?  It was a dream come true. But like every good thing in life, in order to make it happen, the people in Rancho Quemado, first dreamed about it and then worked hard to get it done.

When this community first approached the Corcovado Foundation’s FACOSA fund their enthusiasm was contagious and we believed in their dream also. As you know, the goal of the Osa Community Support Fund (FACOSA) is to provide small funding to local communities in order to help them improve their quality of life and answer some of their most basic needs such as clean water access and providing a minimum income for local families.

The Sport Association of Rancho Quemado received $3000 USD from FACOSA and then raised $9,000 USD more from different sources. They dreamed of lighting up their football field in order to have a healthy entertainment for young people and a way of fundraising by selling food during sporting events. It was an ingenious way to provide more income for local families, promote sports and also discouraging young people from getting into trouble (men in these communities often engage in illegal hunting after work as a pastime).

In the words of some of the local leaders in Rancho Quemado:

Oscar Urena, Chairman ofthe Sports Committee said: “This is asmall town, butvery organized.People arevery motivated, and there are sevenor eight associations in town. Along with the ICE, the municipality, the Corcovado Foundation, the local Development Association, we have managedto installthe light for this field.  It is the only illuminatedcourt in the Osa Peninsula.

The football teams  couldn’t come  during the day since they were working, but they can come in the evening to play football. It has created more opportunity to participate in sports.It is especially good for young people because they see that elders are helping them by providing these facilities,and thus improves the relationship between youth and adults.It offers something nice and positive to do in the evenings, instead of nothing to do.Youth groups are more proud of their town and more aware of the environment, andare contributing to the issue of conservation, by recycling and have placed garbage collection sites throughout the community.  

Many people come here and are astonished,they cannot believe what we have achieved. We told them that this is because the community is very united and work together to improve the lives of all.

Mr Fredd yRodriguez, Member of the Sports Committee of Rancho Quemado stated that “We were able to take advantage of illumination at night to organize more soccer events, in order to raise more money for the association and the community.We are not finished, we would like to add a mesh around the goal, with the money we hope to raise. Since it is new, we have not yet calculated how much we will need for utilities,but it looks that we can generate enough income from the night activities.

We give a heartfelt thanks to theCorcovado Foundation and other organizations for helping make this dream come true.

Maria Eugenia Siles, Member of the Association of Women, said “we like to cooperate with the football activities, our association prepares the food that is sold at the events.The events benefit everyone and the community gets more involved in sports.There are more activities for young people and the town is more united.It is very positive and it looks very nice”.

This town is more united by its success and enjoys more of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, they are generating more income to improve other services and they feel confident in their accomplishments. All of this, thanks to your generous donation.  Keep donations coming, no matter how small, this will make other communities dreams come true.

Hand made tortillas in Rancho Quemado
Hand made tortillas in Rancho Quemado
A happy sloth in Rancho Quemado
A happy sloth in Rancho Quemado
Apr 8, 2014

Awesome math, the magic of giving!

Jessica's son

Did you know that your donation became 10 times its worth? It is like a philanthropic stock market, that brings good things to the communities. I know this sounds like crazy math! I am sure that you never received a math class in which the teacher said 1=10. But once I show you how your dollar was multiplied by 10, you will understand.

As you know, the goal of the Osa Community Support Fund (FACOSA) is to provide small funding to local communities in order to help them improve their quality of living and answer some of their most basic needs such as clean water access and providing a minimum income for local families.  

Every dollar that the Corcovado Foundation raises for FACOSA (Osa Community Fund), the Interamerican Foundation matches 1 to 1. The communities that receive the funding also need to make a matching contribution in kind.

In June 2013, for the second time the Corcovado Foundation, through FACOSA disbursed around $12,000 USD to 5 different projects in 2 different communities.   Here is a good example of our “awesome math”: The Developing Association of Rancho Quemado (ADI), one of the beneficiaries of The Osa Community Fund, received $3,000 in order to light up the sports field in their home town. In a community where the only recreational activities are hunting or drinking alcohol, exercise is not only good for their bodies, but for their families and surrounding ecosystems.  

The project cost around $20,000 USD ($10,000 USD in materials and $10,000 USD in labor).   You and people like you donated $1500 and the Interamerican Foundation (IAF) matched your donation. With $3,000 USD in hand, they went to the Municipality of Osa, which donated $6,000 dollars more. The community now only needed $1,000 USD to complete the $10,000 usd needed for materials, so they had a festival and raised the rest of the money. The community from Rancho Quemado took your donation, now worth five times its initial value and presented it to the Costarrican Institute of Electricity who committed to do all the labor, since the community had raised the rest of the money for materials.   Your $1 donation became $10 USD. Your dollar empowered them to knock on doors and raise money. Your dollar was the spark that started the great fire of development.

According to Jessica Roldan, one of the members of the ADI “The donation received from the Osa Community Fund, also helped us to leave a legacy of hope to our children and community, who are growing up with the vision of creating opportunities in hand with the conservation of the environment that surrounds them"

The electrification of the field will take place in May and the community is planning a big celebration!  It is amazing how a little bit of support will push communities forward.   Pushing forward and having small successes empowers new leaders, strengthens communities and make people believe in themselves and their neighbors.  Thank you for your donation!  

Jan 10, 2014

They have a dream!

They have a dream! They dream to work to provide for their families, they dream to have good drinking water. Many years ago before the foundation had any projects in the sleepy town of El Progreso, I was stranded there. The river in my way was impossible to cross, it was a rainy afternoon and I could see the people on the other side discussing their options… To risk it and try to cross it by foot, to wait for the water to subside… What to do? I could see preschoolers and their mothers turning back to undo the footsteps they had just covered. I could see students from highschool measuring the height of the river… “Don’t do it kid!” I wanted to tell them.

The Drake Bay river often stands in the path of visitors that drive or fly from San José to the tourist town of Drake Bay. I turned the car in search for food or shelter… maybe a toilet? Nothing! There wasn’t a single place where I could weather the storm. The Morpho Group has a dream and a fantastic idea: the people stranded on the Progreso side of the river need a place to eat and take a break. If they had the money they could open a restaurant! I couldn’t agree more!

The Morpho Women Group are 5 young women, with very few economical resources, that have had to cross this river thru their waist twice a day, leaving behind their children for their mothers to take care. This project will provide them with well-earned income and will prevent them from having to cross the river, leaving their town and walking 3 miles in search of work. The project also has a good market niche: hundreds of tourist and visitors that at one time or another have been caught on the wrong side of the river.

This project will be a reality, thanks to the donations generated thru Globalgiving. A couple of years ago, we had a donor who challenged us… She would donate $30,000 USD for community projects if we could raise $30,000 more. In the last two years we raised money thru Globalgiving $2600 USD and $3000 USD from fundraising efforts… The IAF doubled the money and this year $12,000 were distributed among local people.

El Progreso as many communities in rural Costa Rica has been neglected by the Costa Rican government: limited resources for education and health put these communities in great need, therefore we are supporting a group committed to build the water system for El Progreso. Another great problem! For years the people in El Progreso has had to build wells that provide insufficient amounts of water of questionable quality.

A group of local people of El Progreso, decided to stop waiting for the government to fix their problem, and has decided to take it in their hands and be part of the solution. 4 projects will receive $12,000 USD from the foundation to improve their quality of living and improving their capacity to generate income. We strive to relieve poverty in local communities in order to diminish their impact on their environment. The Corcovado Foundation does not charge a single dollar in order to administer this funding, furthermore every donation that you make is match 1 to 1 by the Interamerican Foundation. The communities are also motivated to put their part. They will need to pitch in to develop their project: their hard work and their sweat.

Sep 16, 2013

Four new projects to help in the Osa Peninsula

In June 2013, 12 new initiatives  presented their development projects to the Osa Community Support Fund  (FACOSA).  The fund will disburse $12,000 dollars to 4 projects in two different communities.  Funding was raised 25% through donations collected in Globalgiving, 25% by other donations raised by the Corcovado Foundation and a 100% matching fund provided by the Interamerican Foundation.   

  • The first project promoting rural tourism in the community of Rancho Quemado  will support existing efforts to allow the local population to participate in the tourism economy and become self-sufficient.
  • A second project in Rancho Quemado will promote sports activities and family interaction and entertainment, for the health of the community.
  • The third grant is for the development of a woman’s  group in the town of El Progreso that will empower them, for the betterment of their families and neighborhoods. 
  • The last project will build a potable, drinking water, system that will vastly improve the lives of the people in El Progreso.

The people who will be helped by these initiatives must provide a counterpart of man hours working directly on the projects or by doing work that helps the whole area, such as reforesting watershed lands or reclaiming pasture land. The funding for all of these communal efforts will be terminated by December 2014, so more resources will need to be raised.

Your ongoing support through Globalgiving will help us fund projects that will have a direct impact on the quality of life of the local communities.

Thank you
again for generous support.

Jun 7, 2013

Everydollar you donate will be match 100%

As per today, The Corcovado Foundation has raised $2611 USD thru Global Giving and $2000 more through other sources. Every dollar that the Corcovado Foundation raises for FACOSA (Osa Supprot Community Fund), the Interamerican Foundation (IAF) matches 1 to 1. The communities that receive the funding also need to make a matching contribution in kind.  Therefore, a  donation to FACOSA  will have the capacity of benefiting the communities for 4 times the amount. 

The goal of the Osa Community Support Fund (FACOSA)  is to provide small funding to local communities in order to help them improve their quality of living and answer some of their most basic needs such as clean water access and providing a minimum income for local families.  The non-reimbursable donations to local community groups are used for community improvement such as building, drinking water systems, community centers,  and health centers.  FACOSA provides micro funding to local communities in Osa Peninsula.  

The Osa Peninsula is rich in wildlife, sparsely populated, and, until recently, very difficult to access. Towering rainforests line undeveloped beaches and untouched coves, making this region one of the most beautiful, and biodiversity important, places anywhere on earth. The communities, however, are amongst the poorest in Costa Rica, with land tenure problems and little or no access to financing. Therefore the possibilities for accessing funding for their projects are very remote.

The Corcovado Foundation already disbursed around $12,000 USD to 5 different projects in 3 different communities; providing materials to build the aqueduct of La Tarde Community, the communal center in El Progreso Community, a computer room in El Progreso's school and a group productive project in the town of  Rancho Quemado, including a piggery, a poultry house, a sugarcane mill and a bakery. We hope to improve the quality of the lives of individuals in these communities.FACOSA has also helped with the development of  local groups by providing computers, websites (www.tortugasmarinaselprogreso.org)  and other related activities

We have invited communities to present projects to the Corcovado Foundation starting June 2013 for up to $3000 USD.  With the donations received from caring and generous people at Globalgiving and other funding raised by our organization, plus the 100% match from IAF, we will soon be able to finance three or four small projects in communities in Osa.

The goal of the Osa Community Support Fund (FACOSA)  is to provide small funding to local communities in order to help them improve their quality of living and answer some of their most basic needs such as clean water access and providing a minimum income for local families.  

There are currently many more excellent projects in desperate need of funding, but the not-for-profit Corcovado Foundation needs to raise a further $12,000 USD in order to continue this work.

100% of the money received from Globalgiving and other sources go dirrectly to the communities.  Tha Corcovado Foundation does not collect an administration fee for this purpose. Help us make a difference in the poor communities in Osa! 



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