Food, Shelter and School for Orphans in India

Aug 20, 2014

Quarterly Report

Dear Donors, friends and well wishers of The River Fund and “little HEARTS orphanage”

I am happy to inform you that Ms. Neeharika Tummala, GG representative of India had visited “little HEARTS orphanage” in the month of June.

All the children at little hearts orphanage are doing very well physically and in education. From this academic year we have engaged new 2 tutors to teach English and Hindi and Mathematics and Science subjects separately. Both the tutors are coming in the morning and evening to teach the above said subjects and now the children are slowly improving in English speaking! From this year children will have tutoring five days a week not six days.

Last week we received another request letter from Women and Child Department to take full orphan girl who has been infected with HIV whose name is Ammulu, 12 years old who is on ART treatment since 2 years. We took her and sent for all tests according to Government ART Center.

At the beginning of Back to School we bought Note Books, School Bags and other stationary items for all the children and costs nearly Rs.27,000 and also bought new mattress, Covers, Pillows and pillow covers and bed sheets. Each mattress, mattress cover, Pillow and pillow covers cost Rs.900/-.

Also bought Sports goods according their age and interests. At least one and half hour children should play. Saturday and Sundays are full play time to children and there will be no tutoring. Children should have play time to grow physically and mentally.

Surendra and Karthik are now in Xth standard and attending for outside tutoring for extra classes. We paid Rs.3,500/- to each to the Sreedhar Coaching Center. Next year also our children may stand in first or second of school ranks.

A new bi-cycle bought for Anil who is attending college from this academic year and which costs Rs.4,160/-.

Every day children are feeding with milk and snacks in the evening and Egg curry thrice in a week and Sundays Chicken/Fish.

Three full time staff and 2 part time staff are working at little hearts orphanage.

Please see the below to know about salaries of our staff.

Manager   Rs.6,000

Cook         Rs. 4,000

Assistant   Rs. 3,500

Tutor 1     Rs. 2,500

Tutor 2     Rs. 2,500

Before closing this quarterly report I wanted to say thanks and Namaste to all of our Donors, Global Giving and The River Fund and also continue to donate and support our work for the children of “little HEARTS orphanage”.



May 20, 2014

May Quarterly Report

Our children are growing fast!
Our children are growing fast!

Dear Donors, friends and well-wishers of “little HEARTS orphanage”

I thank God for giving me wonderful time to share good news with you all about our boys done very well in their 10th class examinations.

One of our boys Anil got 8.7 grade, Hari Prasad with 8.3 grade and Charan with 8 grade and stood School First, second and third respectively. My friend and their school teacher Mr.Madhu Mohan Rao informed me over the phone about their success and felt proud as their class teacher. These are all happened due to your kind love, donations and heartfelt support.

Hari Prasad belongs to Scheduled Tribe Caste. We are encouraging him to become a Doctor because it’s very easy for him to get a seat in government Medical College to become a Doctor in the future because of his Caste. In Scheduled Tribe Caste quota many seats are available and few boys and girls only go up to that level!

From this academic year the above 3 boys go to college. To send them to private colleges we need more financial support to make them as Doctor and Engineers. To send them to private colleges we need to spend more money to pay college fee, clothes, books, transportation etc.

In this connection I humbly request our Donors donate more money to send them to become Doctors and Engineers in the near future.

All the children at “little HEARTS orphanage” doing very well and showing all round performance. From this academic year we have plans to feed them weekly thrice with Eggs, Milk and Fruits and evening snacks everyday.

Life skills training has also been given to all the children.

I am happy to inform that Ms. Neeharika from GG who is from our State Andhra Pradesh Capital Hyderabad is going to visit “little HEARTS orphanage” in June. From her personal report and as an eye witness you would know more soon. LHO’s first and second floor needs to be painted soon.

Last month we have received an official letter from Women and Child Welfare Department of A.P government through Ms. Manjula, Legal cum Probation Officer of “Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS)” to take brother Sunil 10 and Venky 6 years old who lost mother and father left them on the streets and 10 days later we have received another letter from same department Women and Children Welfare through ICPS to take another girl Khadaramma, 8years old who is HIV positive girl and lost both the parents. As an NGO we should obey the government rules and regulations and we should not say never for their requests to take children for short stay or stay forever. Sunil, Venky and Khadaramma. We are giving extra nutrition to Khadaramma every day morning and evening with Milk, Egg and fruits. Now these 3 children are healthy, happy and playing all the day!

Again on 14th I received another call from Ms. Manjula, Legal cum Probation Officer of ICPS called and requested to take another boy for short stay who is lost from their parents from a village. We obeyed for her request and took the boy … after few days his parents came and boy joined with their parents happily who is from a village.

In the month of April, I was invited to attend and got an opportunity to share our work with government top level officers like Mr. Sreekanth, IAS, District Magistrate and Collector who is the Big Boss of all government, Labour, Police, Women and Child Departments when the ICPS conducted one day Convergence Meeting at Golden Jubilee Hall, Collectorate Compound, Nellore.

Before I close this quarterly report, once again I request our Donors donate more and give life to the orphaned, sick, disadvantaged and poverty stricken children at “little HEARTS orphanage”

Please see the attachment of Budget for this academic year which begins on 12th June and ends 23rd April every year.

Our sincere thanks to the Global Giving and the River Fund, U.S.A. for their continuous and long term support since 2005.

With kind regards,

C. Prasanna Kumar


Feb 25, 2014

February 2014 Update

All the children are doing very fine.  We always trying to give best to the children as much as possible. But we need more funding to feed children like milk and fruit every day and egg at least thrice a week. Project is doing very well because we never compromise providing all the needs.  Our medical bills are very less.
One of our students  got a seat in Nursing college as ANM (Auxiliary Nursing Midwife).  For this we have to pay Rs.18,000/- for one and half year course and rest of the money will be paid by government as scholarship.  After completion of ANM she will promote to B.Sc Nursing.  After successful completion of B.Sc. nursing she will get a job in government hospitals as a Nurse.
Ramu our first year Engineering student also need money to buy records, calculator, clothes, shoes and pocket money and a mobile.
10th class boy got first rank in school pre final examinations! Their teacher called me over the phone and congratulated us for his success.  If he gets the same rank in final examinations he will be facilitated by the school authority. We have 2 more boys that are also studying very well and expecting second and third ranks!. 
Our home was visited by CWC chairman twice and also by DCPO (District Child Protection Officer) and they are impressed and felt very happy.  
Ground floor needs to be painted.  For this we need Rs.27,000/-.
Also need money to take all the children outing like seashore, Birds Sanctuary etc., once in a month.
All the children need night dresses and underweares.  
And also needs to fix a sensor for water pump to pump water automatically which costs about Rs.4,500/-.  
Last but not least request one Lap Top for office use which costs about Rs.30,000/.
Thank you to each and everyone at Global Giving and The River Fund.
Dec 26, 2013

December 2013 Quarterly Report

Happy Children
Happy Children

Dear Donors, Friends and Well-wishers around the globe,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014 greetings on behalf of children of Little HEARTS Orphanage of Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh State of India.

I am very happy to share good news that one of our grown up boys Ramu got seat at Priyadarshini Engineering College to study B.E. as a Civil Engineer for 4 years. He has been at Little HEARTS since 7th standard! We paid Rs. 5,550/- as an advance admission fee and after my personal request the College has given him free pass to travel by College Bus from Little HEARTS Orphanage to Priyadarshini Engineering College every day. My sincere thanks to all the kind donors for your love and kindness.

Couple of months ago volunteers from The River Fund, Ms. Jaya Priya and William visited children and took all of us to the Mypadu beach. All the children, except myself, swam and played half a day. Really it was joy filled to all of us! Thanks to The River Fund for sending volunteers, Ms. Jaya Priya and William.

Yesterday, we completed shopping buying new clothes, bangles for Christmas and New Year. This month is an expensive month! We paid Rs. 28,000/- for mattresses (40x700), uniforms Rs. 31,200/- (39x800), new clothes Rs.48,000/- (1200x40) and for jumpers (sweaters) Rs. 12,000/- (40x300). Every year children will be given 2 pairs new clothes to all the children and full and part time staff apart from regular expenditure.

Along with the children expenditures are also growing every year. We feed children with milk, eggs and other eatables every day. Children are always very happy. Our medical bills are less every month.

In this connection, I request you all kindly donate more to give good education to each and every child at Little HEARTS Orphanage.

Herewith, I am sending pictures to make all of our donors more and happier.

Before I close this quarterly report. once again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to The River Fund, Global Giving and their staffs and to each and every one who have been supporting our children at Little HEARTS Orphanage.

Kind regards,
C. P. Kumar

Day at the beach with River Fund volunteers!
Day at the beach with River Fund volunteers!
Boys catching waves!
Boys catching waves!
Girls turn to swim!
Girls turn to swim!
Sep 23, 2013

September Quarterly Report

Happy children!\ with new clothing!
Happy children!\ with new clothing!

Namaste respected donors, friends and well-wishers of little HEARTS orphanage

Loving greetings from the heart of HEARTS.

Once again I am delighted to speak and share our children's progress and all round performance through this Global Giving quarterly report through the River Fund.

Because of the River Fund and all of your love and donations through Global Giving we have successfully been running "little HEARTS orphanage" since 2005.  

At present we have been feeding, accommodating 39 children. From this academic year we have given admission to 4 children and their names are Charmi (5), Ashirwad alias Nani (4) Karthik (14) and Prasanna Kumar (13). Charmi lost both of their parents, Nani whose father died of HIV this May and mother is also infected with HIV.  Karthik and Prasanna Kumar both are brothers whose mother got re-married and abandoned. Charmi and Nani are our new little ones and both are hyper active.  They are always playing and running around, now they are our new super heroes of little hearts!! We really are enjoying their stay.

At last we have completed 3rd floor which was built for 26 HIV infected children and we named it Simhapuri Children's Home (SCH).  When the Kings ruled they named it as Simhapuri which is original and oldest name of Nellore. The newly constructed 3rd floor will be occupied by HIV infected children on 1st September. 

Ramu who successfully completed college got seat in Engineering College and now he is busy in submitting certificates to the government like study, conduct, caste, 10th and Intermediate (college) certificates to the government. 

All the children are studying well and also feeding with nutritious food like egg, milk and fruit every day. Recently local donors collected lots of used clothes and donated to little hearts which are enormous help to children.  After distribution of clothes we shared some of them to other children's homes run by HEARTS.  Not less than thrice in every month local people are donating chocolates, fruits, sweets, biscuits etc., one woman whose husband is a Police donated 7 pillows from their children's scholarship!.

Some of the local Engineering College students visited and took a list of things from children and promised to donate sandals, underwears, Tooth brushes etc., next month 8th. Along with them a psychiatrist will also be visiting little hearts to give a brief.

2 women tutors are regularly attending little hearts to help and teach maths, english subjects to Elementary children. 9th and 10th class children are regularly attending outside tutor to "Sreedhar Coaching Centre" to learn mainly Maths, English, Physics and Biology. 9th and 10th class children need more attention because their education system and examinations are different before they go to college.  Unless they pass 10th, they would not go to college. This academic year is crucial mainly for 10th class boys and girls. For each 10th class student we paid Rs.3000/- and for each 9th class student we paid Rs.2000/- as their yearly tuition fee.

On 21st of this month, Professor M.Srinivasulu Reddy, Principal, Vikrama Simhapuri University ( donated dinner on behalf of their daughter Ms.Vandana who's Birthday and Marriage day, who is doing her MS at Lamore Univeristy, Texas. May God bless Ms.Vandana and her family richly. 

Our previous Manager V.Raghuram left the job and now my wife Mamatha and I are taking care of little hearts children.  Everyday we spend most of time with children from morning to afternoon and evening to until they go to bed. They call us Mummy and Daddy.  We always happy and love to hear and proud for being called us as their parents. We have given lot of freedom to all the children to share their happiness and to express their feelings or stress or agony without any fear or shy.  We, as parents and they, as children really blessed by living together. Also we are doing our level best to keep and make them happy and self esteemed.

In front of little hearts, recently we made a shuttle court! whenever children get time, without delay, immediately they start playing shuttle!! On holidays we take them to Children's park or Police Parade Grounds or Darga Grounds where Muslims pray for Ramdan and Bakrid which is very big ground and Swarnala Lake (Nellore Cheruvu). 

In my personal observation children are now more confident than previous years.

Ms.Jaya Priya and her husband William from Florida, USA visiting little hearts from 27 - 29 of September on be half of the River Fund.  We are eagerly waiting for their visit and also Mr.Amit Shaan and Ms.Neha from the Netherlands also visiting little hearts in the month of October.    

Before I close this quartely report, I would like to give a BIG HUG to the River Fund, Global Giving and our kind donors.

Until next quarterly report See You all...God bless you all and Bye.

Kind regards,



Loads of gently used clothing donated ...
Loads of gently used clothing donated ...

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