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This Nutritional support project is aimed at improving nutritional status of 500 rural malnourished children and mothers in Tororo district Eastern Uganda by providing them with farm improved and quick growing seeds of groundnuts, soya beans, millet, vegetable seeds and milk for children in a period of three months in 100 households.We expect an improved health of the mothers and children living with HIV/AIDS hence strong immunity system that will reduce the current poor health.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Malnutrition is the key factor contributing to more than one-third of all child deaths resulting in 2.6 million deaths per year. A third of all childhood death in sub-Saharan Africa is caused by hunger. Every five seconds, a child dies from hunger-related diseases. This Nutritional Project firmly believes that empowering women with knowledge in nutrition is the key and an essential element to achieving the end of malnutrition and poverty within the communities of Tororo district.

How will this project solve this problem?

This project will provide nutrition, medicine, and health care to starving children. The children's mothers will be trained in nutrition and child care. The mothers will also share their new knowledge with their neighbors. The starving children will have two to three meals a day that will in turn reduce the current level of poor health. Also after good health of the children, mothers will be able to participate in other economic activities which in the long run will improve standard of living.

Potential Long Term Impact

The healthy children will be able to go and attend schools without being disturbed by malnutrition related diseases. The strong mothers will have time to engage themselves in economic activities that will in the long run help to develop their families in particular and their communities at large. The saved income that used to be spent on child health will be re-allocated to meet other family needs such as paying school requirements. Provision of mosquito nets will reduce malaria incidences.

Funding Information

This project has been retired and is no longer accepting donations.

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This project is no longer accepting donations.

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