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Sep 10, 2014

Update - Nurture Merit Program 2014-15 (Quarter-1)

Vidya Poshak has completed the student selection process for the newly inducted students and all the student profiles are ready.   The student profiles are available in our website.
This year we have overall 2000+ students to be supported. Out of these we have already raised funds for more than 75% of the students. We are looking forward to raise the remaining required funds by October 2014.
As of 8th September 500 students have been already assisted and another 1000 students financial assistance programs are been planned during the month of September.
Student Achievements...
  • Our scholar from Dharwad successfully completed his IIT Degree at Madras. 
  • Our Scholar from Bijapur district bagged 364th Rank in IAS Exam
  • One of our Scholar from BVB Engineering College got placed in Microsoft.
  • Three of our Scholars got Placed in Tata Motors.
  • More than 25 BCOM Graduate Scholars got placed and started working in First American Bangalore
Highlights of July & Aug
  • Three Employment Readiness Camps were conducted and more than 200 students attended the training program. 
  • 400 New students are selected after complettion of 1000+ house visits. More than 2500 students have applied for the support.
  • Books worth more than 50,000 were received in Kind during the month of August. 


Jun 13, 2014

Vidya Poshak - Updates on Examination Results of Students

Toppers in Exams
Toppers in Exams

Dear Well Wishers

Greetings from Vidya Poshak, We are pleased to send you the result analysis of our Class XI & XII students for the year 2014. 
Class-12 Results Highlights
  1. Out of 189 students 97% of the students cleared their examination with an average marks of 82%
  2. 80% of the students scored distinction in their exams
  3. Twenty students scored 100 out of 100 in main subjects 
Achievers Profiles of Class 12: (Small Video) : http://youtu.be/T3uKdkld0zc
Class 11 Result Highlights
  1. All the 292 students successfully cleared their Examination
  2. Thirty students scored more than 90% marks in the exams
  3. Overall average percentage is 76%
Achievers - of Class 11: http://youtu.be/Y_D_sW93eG8
We are currently in process of inducting Class-10 completed Meritorious Economically Challenged students for our Nurture Merit Program. Please refer them to apply online @ www.vidyaposhak.org.in
Thank you for your continuous support. Kindly please give your suggestions & feedback to improve our quality of services to Youth in Need.


Mar 17, 2014

Vidya Poshak - Updates 2013-14

Vidya Poshak – Overall Updates 2013-14
Dear  Well wishers
Highlights of Vidya Poshak Program 2013-14
  1. Number of students supported for Class XI & XII = 507
  2. Number of Class XI & XII students supported = 507
  3. Non Professional Degree Students supported = 1146
  4. Professional Courses students supported = 662
  5. Total = 2315
iPomo CET Meter Test
Vidya Poshak in Association with iPOMO technologies conducted mock CET test in 7 districts for the benefit of the students aspiring for the Professional education. The CET Meter test is a one hour test modeled as per the Common Entrance Test (CET) for the admission of Engineering and Medical courses. The test is conducted through a handheld devices which is provided by iPOMO. The students were provided with the results and their preparedness for the CET exam & their expected CET Rank instantly. More than 1200 PUC-II students got benefitted from the CET Meter.
Youth Center Activities
  •  14683 students utilized library services including the computer facilities 
  •    8980 books were issued to students for home use.
  • 5700 new books were procured & 536 books were received as donation. Now we have more than 64,000 books worth INR 9.0 Million.
  •  Job Alerts & Interviews: The youth centers facilitates off campus interviews for youths who are looking for jobs. A database of youths who are looking for jobs in local areas or big cities is maintained and shared with employers and campus interviews would be facilitated. Job alerts are provided to the students through free SMS system.
  • www.gfsjobalerts.blogspot.in 
  • http://be-walkin.blogspot.com 
  • http://mbawalkin.blogspot.in
 Pragati Poshak
·         Graduate Finishing School program is continued under the new banner “Pragati Poshak”.
  •  In 2013-14 320+ students were trained and placed. 100% placement achieved in all the training batches with an average salary of INR 10,000 per month.
  • Till date more than 1800 students have been trained and placed in more than 100 top IT&ES companies.
Volunteer Contribution
  1. More than 300 senior volunteers and 250 Student volunteers donated their valuable time for reaching the programs to the doorsteps of the student community.
  2. The district co-ordinators took the lead role in every Vidya Poshak branches & Libraries to guide the staff towards serving the youths better and better. 
  3. 100% of the House visits to evaluate the economic need and selection of new students was completed by the team of 70+ facilitators across 10 districts covering more than 50 taluka towns and 1000+ villages.
  4.  All the book bank centers in 28 taluka were maintained by the volunteers in their home. They have provided their service to make sure the books reach to thousands of students on time without any delay.
  5. Under the guidance of senior volunteers more than 250 students volunteers were engaged in several programs of Vidya Poshak.
  6. Social awareness programs & house visit of course completed students were
Vidya Poshak Community
  • Totally 94 VPC members contributed with more than 6.5 Lakhs during the year 2013-14 for the Nurture Merit Program. 
  • Mr.Mounesh Badiger helped Vidya Poshak to raise more than $2500 US Dollars within a days through his collegues for the Global Giving Campaign.
  • With the support of more than 200 VPC members and their friends Vidya Poshak was able to raise INR 1,50,000 from Give India Campaign in the month of October 2013. 
  • Vidya Poshak was able to reach out to CSR groups of companies like Ballys Systems & Mindtree technologies with the support of VPC Members.
Vidya Poshak has supported thousands of students to attain their dream of graduation. More than 90% of VP Scholars are from a rural background and are financially challenged. The colleges do not equip them with Job readiness skills or they never get to face any campus recruitments.
As a step in this direction, Vidya Poshak has launched ERP program to help the final year graduating students to gain skills that would make them employable.  The program was launched with a target of 408 non-professional course students who will complete their graduation in 2014. For more Details and activities report please click the below link : http://vpstudentprofiles.blogspot.in/2013/12/vidya-poshaks-employment-readiness-camp.html
ELAAP program directly impacted more than 5,000 professional degree aspirants & indirectly provided awareness & helpdesk support to more than 10,000 students. The program provided awareness among the rural students regarding the Indian Government’s policy of providing Education Loan and Loan for Vocation Education and. Vidya Poshak is proud to see more than 1500 students availed loans in PSU banks to continue their Professional education through the small initiative by Vidya Poshak.  For more details kindly visit our website http://vidyaposhak.org/index.php/programs/elaap
  1. Vidya Poshak is adjusted as winner of eNGO award for Organizational efficiency among 280+ contestants from south asia. http://www.engochallenge.org/vidya-poshak/ 
  2. Vidya Poshak is the winner of Manthan Social media & empowerment award for 2013. http://manthanaward.org/section_full_story.asp?id=1309    
New Associations
  1. Vidya Poshak got listed in Global Giving an online portal for raising donations online. We have raised more than $12,000 during the year 2013-14 : http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/nurturemerit/ 
  2. Vidya Poshak Particated in the Joy of Giving online campaign and raised more than INR 1,50,000 through GiveIndia during the Joy of Giving Week. http://www.giveindia.org/m-130-Vidya-Poshak.aspx
Social Media
·         YouTube Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/vidyaposhakdwd
·         Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/vidyaposhak
·         Blog - http://www.vpcareeroptions.blogspot.in
Venkatesan. N 
Mobile: 9845038017 
Dec 31, 2013

Vidya Poshak Nurture Merit - Year End Report

Greetings from Vidya Poshak Family!

Wishing you a great year ahead. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting us in our mission of Empowering Youth. We are pleased to inform you that your valuable donation has helped many a students to avail our Nurture Merit services which includes financial assistance, library facilities & residential bridge camps. 

To keep you updated on our activities, we are happy to share the following information.


  • 2152 students were supported with Financial assistance amount of 110.0 Lakhs Indian rupees. 
  • 4700 new books were procured + 536 books were received as donation.
  • Completed 15 residential bridge camps covering 800 students 
  • Vidya Poshak is adjusted as winner of eNGO award for Organizational efficiency among 280+ contestants from south asia. http://www.engochallenge.org/vidya-poshak/
  • Vidya Poshak is the winner of Manthan Social media & empowerment award for 2013. http://manthanaward.org/section_full_story.asp?id=1309
  • Through Global giving Vidya Poshak has raised $8077 from 135 unique donors.
  • Some of our achievers profiles is attached in the word document.

You could reach me anytime for further details at venkatesh@vidyaposhak.org or mobile 91-9845038017

Thank you


Oct 3, 2013

Report on Residential Bridge Camps

Camp Group Photo
Camp Group Photo

About Vidya Poshak

Vidya Poshak, an NGO, has been serving the meritorious and financially disadvantaged student community since 2001.  The organization, in the last 12 years, has disbursed over Rs. 13.0 crore of financial aid to post – Class 10 students through fees, text books apart from various training programs organised for the benefit of the student community.  More than 12500 college students have been benefited across 20 districts of Karnataka and 3 districts of Maharashtra.  More details are available through our website www.vidyaposhak.org.

Theme Based Camps

Vidya Poshak students, despite being academically bright in college, have difficulties upon graduation in making a right career.  They have immense potential but a platform and environment for fostering this potential is not always available. 

Students face challenges such as language barriers, lack of aptitude skills, and lack awareness about interview related skills. There is a wide gap between what is learned in the academic system and what is really needed to be successful in starting their career. 

Vidya Poshak has come up with theme based Residential Bridge Camp curriculum for the students pursuing their Second Year and Final Year Degree courses. The whole camp would be based on the particular theme. The camp would be more practical and activity oriented instead of lectures.

In the following four themes the RBC’s are being conducted for Degree students.

Interview Readiness

Aptitude Readiness

English Language Readiness

Competitive Exams and Career Options

Unique Aspects of Camps in 2013-14 

In 2013-14 about 502 students of Vidya Poshak are studying in Final year of their degree courses. By the time they complete their respective courses they should be ready to face interviews and start their career. Vidya Poshak arranged for a 6 day Career Readiness Bridge Camps in the month of Aug & Sep

A total of seven camps were held at Shri Shankar Mutt Siddapur & Devarahubballi Dharwad between 1st Aug 2013 till 2nd Oct 2013. 

A total of 380 Vidya Poshak scholars attended the camp.  All these Vidya Poshak scholars were studying in Final year Degree Arts, Commerce and Science.  A large majority of these students hail from rural backgrounds and vernacular medium schooling.


Day-1 : Individual Counseling by Team of experts to know the career aspirations of the students. 

Day -2 : Aptitude Preparation

Day - 3 : Aptitude Preparation

Day - 4 : Group Discussion, Resume Writing, Presentation Skills

Day - 5: Interview Preparations

Day - 6 : Mock Interviews

This group of students, no doubt has mastered their academic skills – they have been the top performers in high school and on the way to doing well in college. All the students have attend two Vidya Poshak’s RBC which  focused mainly on confidence building, study skills and academics, English, computer basics, and career awareness.

However these students were lacking the finishing touch in the “soft skills”  which needed for starting a successful career and to be able to work effectively with people, in organizations and in diverse situations.  Hence to polish  these intelligent students and make them valuable diamonds this camp was planned around an “Interview Skills” theme.

Impact of the Camp

  1. The students were not aware on how to write a simple resume or a job application. After attending the session the students wrote their own resumes without any mistakes
  2. Students were not knowing about the different rounds of interview , interview etiquettes how to face interview and after the camp the students were confident of facing interviews.
  3. The students can now solve different problems of Numerical Ability, Mental Ability, Quantitative Aptitude & General English which are related to Analytical Skills
  4. The students now are aware about the Do’s and Don’t of Group Discussion & Tips for being successful in a group discussion.
  5. After continuous practice of On the spot presentation for all the days the camp students were confident in giving the Interviews at any time.
  6. The students are now aware of corporate etiquettes and the corporate culture.
  7. Awareness about the Telephonic Interview Etiquette’s & Email writing etiquettes were provided for the students.

Quotes by students

Below are statements provided by students through the feedback form on the final day.

  • Regarding Inteview Communication class:  “Now I am confident to go and give a an interview without any hesitation”
  • “Overall experience was that camp allowed me to work in a team and become a leader which I enjoyed the most.  As we all worked together, the unity among us has increased a lot.
  • “Before this class, I had lack of body language, now it has improved.”
  • “I liked very much all the practical activities.  I want to learn from my mistakes.”
  • I learnt how to write one resume by using different methods in correct way and I improved my resume writing technique.

Post Camp Follow-up

All the students are having access to Emails, Hence weekly two online tests have been sent to them through email. Also a blog containing all career related training materials have been created for the use of the students.  http://vpcareeroptions.blogspot.in/

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