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We're collecting stories from the actual people who benefit from the projects on GlobalGiving to identify problems and potential solutions. Here are some of the stories that we've collected from communities that have benefited from projects similar to this one. Learn more.

Note: These stories talk about the same issues that this project addresses, but are not necessarily about this specific project.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

By a female, under 16 years old, in Nairobi City, Kenya
Map of PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE In Western Kenya, most have had this problem for a long period of time ,not only the childrens ,adults ,but also the old aged.They all knew that all hope is lost .Suddenly , a lady came with a heart of gold decided to help those infested with the parasitic animal jigger .Since the children's parents were unable to buy them shoes the went barefoot, this increased the high chances of being affected by jiggers.The jiggers live in tropical regions and lay eggs under a persons skin causing painful areas on the skin .She travelled to most of the villages in western Kenya soas to help those who were infested with jiggers.Cecilia Mwangi is still continuing with the aiding those with jiggers .She showed many how to prevent having being infested .Her services were roaming all over the country .She was posted on billboards .Since in Western Kenya , health centres were scarce,she then decided to offer her services to prevent many from being infected by jiggers and other parasitic insects.Truly the witty men wer not insane when they said prevention is better than cure. Read more.
Related to project keywords: tropical, truly, regions, skin, causing

Out Break Of Diseases

By a male, under 16 years old,
Map of out break of diseases Recently in the village of majengo there break out of disease known as small pox.The disease was very dangerous.It affected mostly the young children of my age.It's symptoms were severe.They included skin rashes. The whole body was filled with the rashes. in children the skin shrinked off.most of the children in my village suffered to an extend that they could neither sleep or sit.Young children kept on crying from morning to evening. The out break of these diseases delayed many thing.for example children could not go to school. more so some of economic activiteis e.g farming could not take place.The disease became extreme such that there arouse crisis. The government heard it and reacted toward tried shelter skelter to ensure that maximum medical operation were carried on. we were thankful to our government to recognizing us ones of its citizen by having us get our rights. Read more.
Related to project keywords: severe, skin, disease, farming, affected

Hiv/aids Pandemic

By a male, 16-21 years old, in Kisumu, Kenya
Map of HIV/AIDS pandemic This is a story about a woman who was severely affected by a pandemic HIV/AIDS she was facing difficulties i.e is such as luck of funds, depression. She was feared in her community because of her disease. this brought even enemity between and her members of her community Her husband Kizito kept beating her and calling her various unneccesary names such as prostitute she faced hatred even among hios children who even perported to abandon their home because of her ill health. The HIV/AIDS made her weak and eventually she died and was buried gracefully but her family members were not close to her they even absconded her burial ceremony and went away to a far away land never to be seen again. Her matrimonial house was set ablaze and all her things burnt up and went into flames. This story creates a valid description of a modern society of strife and hatred between family members which creates enmity. Read more.
Related to project keywords: abandon, disease, affected, various, set

Plastic Bags A Threat.

By a male, 16-21 years old, in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of Plastic bags a threat. plastic bags has been a problem in the whole country especially my region where nobody cares on how they are desposed or kept. Paper bags have done alot of harm to peoples soils as most of them have been burried in the earth and thus affecting soil fercility.In the previous years peoples farm production has reduced drastically and the cause is the non-biodegrade able materials which are buried underground.Something needs to be done to atleast recircle this bags within the region so that people do not dispose them off carelessly.It may creat jobs opportunities among youths if all bags that are wasted are collected. The enviroment will also be clean and no much work will be done by the municipal council in cleaning the town.The moves by the youths to collect garbage will help in ensuring this is the achieved hope all will be a success. Read more.
Related to project keywords: years, farmers, region, soil, success

Act Of Compassion

By a female, under 16 years old, in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of ACT OF COMPASSION Compassion international was developed in the early years of 1990's it is on organisation which involves European countries and they aid childrens in Africa who are needy and ophan.These aiders are commonly known as ''sponsors''.this is because they help the children from the age of five to twenty two offer the children sponsored to universities and college. In this organization main aim is to show compassion in whatever they do.these sponsors are not financially stable but they share the little they earn ,so as to help children enroll in their education and putting smiling faces in these children.these sponsors give money to buy uniforms for going to school ,money for paying school fees and give gifts such as christmas gift,birthday gift and other various presents from their own country. These children share their concern in what they are given by writing letters to them and as well the sponsors reply the ;letters,wish cards or the photo and names. These organisation has helped many students to enrole in their Education and even raise the standard of living for their families an gadions as well.After twenty two years in this organization many come out to be very important people in the society. Read more.
Related to project keywords: years, given, families, various, countries

Helping Those In Hunger

By a male, 22-30 years old, in Hola, Kenya
Map of Helping those in hunger In North Eastern people were in need of food and could not access to any means of food. As i was in the national youth service wee given the mandate to take their aid. We were there helping those people with food and also water. Some doctors could treat those who were not in normal condition and were sick. Though this programme we save lives of many who were in danger and in need of food. we made them realize that we were readily to help themby every means. After some time many were in full knowledge atleast to involve themselves in for irrigational farming. Read more.
Related to project keywords: take, given, farming, condition, means

Water For Health

By a male, 31-45 years old, in Hamisi, Kenya
Map of WATER FOR HEALTH In the year 2008, the water spring of Shikhumo in Senende village in Hamisi constituency was proposed to be developed and protected to ensure the community get clean water for their domestic and watering of animals.During the year ,the organization known as Africa now initiated the project through funding from BLF and protected the spring together with the community .Previously the water from the spring was in a pathetic condition and the village was having a challangeof water bone diseases.The children were always hospitalized and it was a challange to the families as it always drained family resources .After protection,the community was drained and prevalance of water bone diseases contained. Read more.
Related to project keywords: family, families, condition, resources, developed
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