Maternal Mortality Reduction Project with PIH


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Good Advice

By a male, 46-60 years old , in Busia, Kenya
Map of good advice In one of the families the husband suggested to his wife that it were better if they waited for a while before having their first child . The wife responded ''But how will we explain to my mother ? she says that without children a woman is nothing ". The the husband replied that his friends will make fun of him as well saying things like i guess you are not a man enough. That is why you have no children'' But husband says he does not care what people say . what matters to him is happiness for himself and his wife and that there are advantages of waiting. He gives some of the advantages for example that by waiting there will be less chances of complications in pregnancy. Taking courage from him his wife also gives some of the advantages of waiting for example that they will have more time to share money and improve their house more and also spend time together. The two agree to wait and plan to visit the local health clinic for advice and assistance. Read more.
Related to project keywords: complications, care, visit, pregnancy, assistance

Friendship Is Important

By a female, 22-30 years old, in Dodoma, Tanzania
Map of friendship is important My aunt usually tells me as an adult,when i end my relationship with the opposite sex,i should do it maturely and ensure that none of us ends up in grudge.this statement has helped and true last year. My aunts husband to be off Kenya to a job interview in Tanzania.the day he arrived he called to confirm he was doing fine.the next day he went to the interview and return to his hotel room.he later called my aunt and told her he was going to watch a football match at the hotel restraunt.he also told my aunt how he had met two guys who'd told him if he was new in the area to be careful as people use drugs to steal from new he said that my aunt told him to remain in his hotel room but he refused. Few hours later my aunt called him to check how he was doing but she didn't get him on the line.we all got worried when for a whole day he didn't call.later in the day a hotel servant called my aunt and told him that my uncle had been drugged and couldn't talk.they got him in his room when they wanted to clean the aunt didn't have cash to go to Tanzania but she remembered that her former boyfriend came from the some area my uncle was drugged.she called him and was able to take my uncle to hospital and brought him to Kenya .if it weren't for him my uncle couldn't have survived. Read more.
Related to project keywords: hours, remain, hospital, new, ensure
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Charles Howes

Development Team
Boston, MA United States

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