"Lobbying for animal cruelty bylaws formulation"

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Irrespective of the massive campaign against animal cruelty, it still remains a concern in my country. Funding this initiative will provide the basis for devising animal cruelty prevention mechanisms that will substantially reduce animal cruelties and also improves their health. The community members too will benefit form this project. For instance, the award of scholarship to their children as a way of encouraging them to be kind to animals will help provide the child's right to education

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Human cruelty to animals in the form starvation, unnecessary killings,torture, sometimes to death, removal of body parts for ritual purposes, and sometimes buried alive is still a concern to CCA-SL. Pets are often victim of such hideous acts. Livestock have suffered in the hands of men when conflict erupts between their owners and crop farmers when caught destroying farm lands. This results to huge loss of money by the livestock owners and the crop farmers as well

How will this project solve this problem?

First, the project will solve this problem by providing the avenue for animal cruelty bylaws formulation. The enforcement of these laws will create fears in community members and as a result will refrain from such unethical acts particularly when precedence is set against defaulters. Community members having realised the benefit attached to this project, award of scholarship to their children for example will highly motivate them to take good care of their animals.

Potential Long Term Impact

The long suffering of animals in the hands of humans will be no more. There will be huge reduction in the number of stray animals in the streets. Rabies spread and other related diseases will hugely reduce. A culture of animal loving society will gradually emerge. Community disputes for example conflicts between crop farmers and animal/livestock farmers that sometimes transforms itself into other forms of violence, political violence for example, would be a language of the past.

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Bo, Sierra Leone

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