Keep tsunami-stricken isatomae community alive


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Changing In Living Style

By a male, 16-21 years old, in Katito<kisumu>, Kenya
Map of CHANGING IN LIVING STYLE The Kenya Hydro-electric power company has forged ahead to the current time we are in with many stations put in place. In the recent times the technology was not well improved in the country and people had to face hard times.Rapid finacial use was spread in the act of providing agents. Similarly a place known as Katito has becoem a big town dut to the project of hydroelectric power supplied abundantly from the Sondu river where its generation takes place.Many firms have been establiched due to continuous supply of power to boost continuous use of the firms. These have led to a large market base where goods and services are supplied to many from within adn even from outside. Good security is enhanced in the area since then is light provided tonight for clear vision in comparison to the past where the evil doers could not ne seen at night due to dusk scattered allover the place and even the whole world. Place gets built up day by day due to the good work done by the company to the people. Read more.
Related to project keywords: enhanced, base, due, place, world

Togetehr Forever

By a female, 22-30 years old, in Kakamega, Kenya
Map of Togetehr Forever Groups such as women, men, youth keep people with a particular goal together for a purpose they wish to achieve. These groups be it formal or informal have in a big way changed the lifes of some people in a particular way be it behavior, social or economically. When people have a vision to carrying out some project or activity, they come together, brainstorm and forge the way forward. These is what a department of gender & Governance from an NGO-WEWASAFO has done to so many such groups by training members on group dynamics and cohesiveness hence putting & maintaining together the group. Budgeting was also taught and hence becoming responsible and meaningful to whatever small. These was great to beneficiary like me. Read more.
Related to project keywords: dynamics, maintaining, small, way, keep

Success In Life

By a female, under 16 years old, in Kakamega, Kenya
Map of Success in Life In our community there was a women group called self help. It rises life of people who are of low standard of living. In our community there lived a woman who doesn't have anything. Due to this group she came up quickly. The group taught her how to live and succeed in her life. Surely the community did not believe the way that woman life changes. They believed that the group or forming an organization help people. The standard of that woman came up in a style. The woman changes her homestead you could think is a palace. She open up big shops, randal houses and so many things. Furthermore she started schools where education takes place. She is among the richest person in our community. She had never turn back for the past life and situation of hardship. She had improved and she never think about turning back. She thanks the group and she encourages the people to form small self help groups. They must make use of them to improve in their life. Read more.
Related to project keywords: shops, due, started, small, way

Help From Developed To Developing Country

By a male, 16-21 years old, in Makueni, Kenya
Map of HELP FROM DEVELOPED TO DEVELOPING COUNTRY The Japanese government has extended a sh 2-4 billion grant to kenya to support projects in water,health and education sector,Kenya has received some funds to mitigate effects of climate change and better livelihoods to vulnerable kenyans. Some finds has used in Rural water supply projects,reinforcing vaccine storage and some of the remaining amount will be used in upgrading the centre for mathematics,science and technology Education in Africa.The rural water supply projects aims at providing 58 water supply facilities,including boreholes and pumps for 65 communities in makueni and machakos counties. Read more.
Related to project keywords: japanese, support, communities, including, facilities

Innovation And Technology

By a female, 46-60 years old , in Busia, Kenya
Map of INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY In the 21 st century,communication and technology have moved a knotch higher and things are different from the other centuries. Innovation has been a daily topic and people are developing a new ways adesa and technology in making communication and other daily activities easier and cheap. With all these happening the people in my community were still in the olden days of communication where messengers were sent to deliver information.The age of computerization had not yet come clear to their mind. I remember only one man who had a television and almost every person wanted to get into his house to watch what people walk and talk they called a 'box' In the wake of an idea, my son came up with the idea to open a cyber cafe around the area and a computer school plus offering other computer services like typing printing photocopying etc. With time students enrolled in the computer school they were taught and the business started to pick up and within two years the entire village came to term with the age of computerization and effective communication with a few who were abroad and that became the exodus of the entire community to anew era of computerization and effective communication. Read more.
Related to project keywords: century, open, mind, developing, technology

Just A Drop Of Peace

By a male, 16-21 years old, in Pokot District, Kenya
Map of Just a drop of peace Tewa loroupe is a renown world marathon champion for several times. She has dedicated her time and finances to bring peace in the society among communication that are traditionally rival. She has organised peace races to mobilise then local on the important of staying together and discovers their talents. This marathon competition has been a stepping stone to many athletes who have rose to the international arena. Loroupe has financial support of well-wishers to fighting communities. It is the truth that tewa has dedicated her life, time and resources to the peace and well being of the society. Read more.
Related to project keywords: society, just, world, local, communities

Conservation Of Forest

By a male, 31-45 years old, in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of CONSERVATION OF FOREST When people cut down trees, they often do not stop to think what harm they could be doing to themselves and others. Just think for a moment how the world would lood without trees. It would be and empty, urgly place. But trees are not valued for beauty only. Through them we are able to get enough oxygen. Human. Human beings cannot live without oxygen. We breath out alot of carbon dioxide, and carbon dioxide is harmafull to us. Trees come in to help us. Their leaves purify the air around us by taking in carbon dioxide and giving us oxygen. Rain is very important to al forms of life on earth. To stop this, we should do a number of things. We sould actively plant trees instead of simply just talking about the importance of trees. Read more.
Related to project keywords: simply, place, just, world, human

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