Help Tiger Rehabilitation Center in Russia


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Conserving Trees

By a male, 16-21 years old, in Tranzoia East, Kenya
Map of Conserving trees The planting have become an important a sept and in our community today many people are planting trees because trees are source of every thing in this would planting of trees have rescued to high production of food and protection of habitat for animals living in the forest Meanwhile protection of water catchment areas has brought many rain and have made to increase of production of production of agricultural good and the climate which is suitable for main to live planting of trees also have contributed to protection of the soil erosion which take the top most fertile soil. But other people do not know the important of planting trees they, cut trees and burn fuel every where heading to forestation which is cutting of trees without planting the knew ones. We can disparage this deforestation by educating people on what the important of trees in the country and the government in general cous gotten from who saying that he was helped by organisation. Read more.
Related to project keywords: habitat, suitable, living, animals, important

A Man Fights A Leopard

By a male, 31-45 years old, in Hoima, Uganda
Map of A man fights a leopard Ddungu was a well known hunter in Kinkizi village in Hoima district.One day a leopard attacked this village and started killing animals like cows,goats,pigs,sheep and others in the village.The leopard had even killed a young man who had gone for water during the night.Ddungu who had come from the central region and went in north purposely to hunt said he would kill this wild animal.He thus made an ambush one night and fought the leopard but unfortunately in the morning two dead bodies were found,one a leopard and the other of Ddungu.Ddungu tried to fight for the good of the community.It was however expected that the leopards were two fighting the man. Read more.
Related to project keywords: hunt, leopards, region, wild, unfortunately


By a female, 31-45 years old, in Jinja, Uganda
Map of AGRICULTURE In my village wabulenga B majority of the people are farmers,some people dig others rare animals. Those who dig,try their level best to dig at large scale and plant a variety of food.Whenever there is high yield,there is low market.This has discouraged many farmers.Those who rare animals are also many They have tried to rare pigs,cows and hens but some times they are attacked by diseases and there is no help from the extension works from the sub parishes as they also need money which the villagers dont have. So the villagers wonder how they can develop themselves if they are not helped on these issues. Read more.
Related to project keywords: rare, variety, animals, diseases, low

The Flood

By a male, 16-21 years old, in Narok, Kenya
Map of THE FLOOD It was around 7.00a.m when the villagers woke to prepare to go to their garden to sow what they had planted. some sowed the best but some did not.they had to pray day and night for the rain to fall but it was nowhere to be seen After some weeks the signs of rain started showing up.In a wink of a second the rain started falling.This made the villagers as happy as a king. in a minute,the rain increased more than it was came as a destroyed all the houses and the crops in the garden living the villager as poor as a church mause.they tried to save the things but their effort were heapt in the bad some villagers were washed away but same were as lucky as a duck.The happiness of the villager changed and became sadness.Tear was ralling down the villagers chick.They could not believe ear on what they heard and they saw in a twinkle of an eye the flood stoped living the villager in abee of an hour the villager had finished their arrangement immediately one of the villagers called the doctors.They doctor did not waste a twinkle of an eye-They came immediately and took the affected ones After one month the sick were treated and were all brought back home.After all this the happiness could be seen again is the villagers faces all this si the day i will never forget till a visit the land of no return. Read more.
Related to project keywords: hour, living, affected, best, sick

Orphans Life

By a male, 16-21 years old, in Mubende, Uganda
Map of orphans life I m called Kojanvier,long time ago I met two young kinds Sharon and Benson at the place called Medical house,those two kinds was the refugees children from Democratic Republic of Congo and orphans.I tried to talk to their steep mother ,and said that Sharon have HIV and tube which was affected with her mum.I always talk to Sharon and Benson they tell me that the don't have any chance to so servive. few week after they sent us in refugee camp with them and her step mother got a chance to live the refugee camp and went in USA.but I tried to talk to her before but she say nothing to do because Sharon was sick. through Sharon and Boy I learned something that I must to work on childrens orphans as now I have a project"orphans right."and aim is to provide something to them and teach.I always want things about this. I am Kevin Javier email:orphansright Read more.
Related to project keywords: orphans, work, provide, affected, teach


By a male, in Kakamega North, Kenya
Map of INFIDELITY today many farmers do not make it long together as our grandfathers and mothers did.They started long forever till death did them part as they vowed. Many families and or young couples fall into laove without big reasons to justify their love which latter brings conflicts raising due to infidelity within the marriage. Couples move out of their marriages to engage insexual activities out of marriage.most of them are carried away by old men who tend to provide more goodies such as money among others. some of these cases have lead o death because one of the couple may not need explanations hence angry and easy to kill. There is need to carry out a thorough counselling on newly married please help curb these. Read more.
Related to project keywords: conflicts, big, provide, death, mothers

Light Unto Women

By a male, 16-21 years old, in Mwakingali, Kenya
Map of Light unto Women It was last year when the Women self help group visited our village and saw what women were passing through. They were living mostly as housewives with nothing to do except house chores. Some did extra work but in vain since they never knew how to. At this time, all women are self dependant and able to sustain their families, this is because the women self help group taught them different skills, weaving, pottery and some even reared their own animals. They benefit a lot from them, they also have an account each where they deposit money, this helps them save enough money for future use. Right now all women are living comfortably in Milima village, non depends on provision from other people, they are self dependant. This makes us thank the 'Women self help group' profusely for what it did, since children can now be paid for fees by their mothers. This is light unto the village. Read more.
Related to project keywords: living, animals, year, work, lot
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Phoenix Fund

Vladivostok, Primorski Krai, Russia

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Sergei Bereznuk

Vladivostok, Primorsky krai Russia

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