Help marginalized Mexican Children to study

Feb 12, 2014

February Update: Goodbye Chiapas, Hello Coahuila!

Students with their "I want to, I can" materials
Students with their "I want to, I can" materials

Our program “We want to stay at school!” has come to an end in Las Margaritas, Chiapas, and will continue in the state of Coahuila. We have achieved great success in Las Margaritas, and surpassed our original goals. We have contributed to the personal development of in total 704 persons: 33 teachers and educational authorities, 90 parents and caretakers and y 581 middle school students. The project was funded by MetLife, but without the additional support of our GlobalGiving donors, we wouldn’t have been able to reach as many children. For that, we offer you our deepest thanks!

The program had very positive results: the students have developed their life skills, increased their motivation to study and their capacity of solving problems and have now more positive attitudes a towards mathematics. We also found that the students have learned to get along better with their family members, teachers and other students. Their qualifications in mathematics have also improved thanks to the program. As two students put it:

Before I didn’t like so much to go to the school, but after (the program) I started to like it a lot more, now I have good grades and all… Now I feel like it’s me who wants the grades and not my parents.” (Girl, 2nd grade middle school student)

Before I didn’t communicate with my parents and my siblings but since we had the sessions on family coexistence, now we live more like a family, we talk… My dad took the workshop and since that we also started to communicate better.”  (Boy, 3rd grade middle school student)

The teachers that participated in the program have increased their life skills (especially self-knowledge, personal agency, empathy and communication with their students). Teachers have been very content with the program, as this testimony shows:  “I’m happy because the program has helped me personally, here at the school and as a person, with my family and my social surroundings…  and also outside of school, it has helped me a lot.” (Teacher, 34-year-old woman)

The parents that have participated in the program have increased considerably the interest in the academic achievement of their children and participate now more in the activities of the school: “He (the son) has changed, he has put more attention to his studies and he has become more responsible already, and I as her mother have been there with him doing the homework and I know it has been difficult for him as he is restless, but he has committed a bit more… I tell him look, everything can be done if “I want to, I can”, no one is dumb, we are all intelligent.

We want to thank everyone who has donated through GlobalGiving and made the program possible. Even though the program in Chiapas has ended, we continue our work so that marginalized Mexican children get better education. Currently, we are working in the state of Coahuila, in the North of Mexico, and we need some additional support from our donors at GlobalGiving. We will train 26 primary school teachers that will replicate the program with their 780 students.

Please help us to continue to provide support to children in Coahuila! Our work there will help children to continue their studies, improve their school achievement and learn about themes related to health and nutrition, prevention of obesity and diabetes and prevention of violence. 

Students that participate in the program
Students that participate in the program
Teachers taking a workshop
Teachers taking a workshop
Training for teachers
Training for teachers
One of the participating schools in Chiapas
One of the participating schools in Chiapas
Oct 23, 2013

October Update: Great results in Chiapas

Hi! I would like to tell you how well we are advancing in our program “We want to stay at school!” in Las Margaritas, Chiapas. As part of the program to improve school performance and to prevent school drop-out, we designed and implemented a special module “I want to, I can  think mathematically”  to enhance mathematical skills through life skills development. Mathematics is often a difficult for the students and teachers alike, and this can even affect the children’s capacity to continue their studies further.

The piloting of the module “I want to, I can… think mathematically” in Las Margaritas, Chiapas, went great. The teachers received educational materials and intensive training in mathematical thinking and in the methodology so that they could replicate the contents successfully with the children. The module includes exercises that promote the creativity, analytical thinking, problem resolution, concentration and abstract reasoning. The exercises show in a simple way how mathematics is everywhere and how everyone can learn mathematics.

The evaluation showed that the module “I want to, I can… think mathematically” has had a significant positive effect: after taking the training, the children have had better grades in mathematics. They also showed more positive attitudes towards mathematics than before. This confirms that it is necessary to keep on working to implement this program also in other schools.

The evaluation showed also that more generally, the program “We want to stay at school!” helps the children to develop their life skills and more positive attitudes and conducts towards studying, mathematics and problem solving. The children are also more motivated to study. This way, the program increases their possibility of continuing their studies.

We want to thank all the donors of GlobalGiving for helping us to make this happen. Your support is very important to the children of Las Margaritas! Please consider telling you friends and family about the project, so that more people add up to the cause and more marginalized children can keep on studying for the better future!




Excelentes resultados en Chiapas

¡Hola! Me gustaría contarles de los excelentes avances que hemos hecho en nuestro programa “Yo quiero, yo puedo… seguir estudiando” en Las Margaritas, Chiapas. Como parte del programa para mejorar el rendimiento académico y prevenir la deserción escolar,  desarrollamos e implementamos un módulo especial, “Yo quiero, yo puedo… pensar matemáticamente”. El objetivo de este nuevo módulo es mejorar las habilidades matemáticas de los niños y niñas a través de desarrollo de habilidades para la vida. Las matemáticas pueden ser difíciles tanto para los alumnos como para los docentes, y esto puede afectar la capacidad de los niños y las niñas de seguir con sus estudios.

El piloteo del módulo “Yo quiero, yo puedo… pensar matemáticamente” en las Margaritas, Chiapas, funcionó muy bien. Los maestros recibieron materiales educativos y formación intensiva en pensamiento matemático y en cuestiones de metodología para poder replicar los contenidos exitosamente con sus alumnos. El módulo incluye ejercicios incluye ejercicios que promueven la creatividad, el pensamiento analítico, la resolución de problemas, la concentración y el razonamiento abstracto. Los ejercicios demuestran de manera sencilla que las matemáticas están en todas partes y desensibilizan hacia la idea de que solo unas cuantas personas pueden aprenderlas.

La evaluación muestra que el módulo sobre matemáticas ha tenido un efecto positivo significativo: después de haber participado en la formación, los alumnos mejoraron sus calificaciones en matemáticas. También mostraron una actitud más positiva hacia el estudio de matemáticas que antes. Esto confirma que es necesario seguir trabajando para poder implementar este programa también en otras escuelas.

La evaluación mostró que más generalmente, el programa “Yo quiero, yo puedo… seguir estudiando” ayuda a los niños y las niñas desarrollar sus habilidades para la vida y tener actitudes y conductas más positivas hacia permanecer en la escuela y hacia matemáticas y resolución de problemas. Los niños y las niñas que participan en el programa, también mejoran su motivación hacia el estudio. De esta manera, el programa aumenta sus posibilidades de seguir estudiando.

Queremos agradecer a todos los donantes de GlobalGiving por ayudarnos a realizar estos éxitos. ¡Su apoyo es muy importante para los niños y las niñas de las Margaritas! ¡Esperamos que usted pueda comentar sobre el proyecto a sus amigos y amigas para que más personas se sumen a la campaña y más niños y niñas marginados puedan seguir estudiando para un mejor futuro! 

Jul 29, 2013

July update: Learning to think mathematically

Hi! I would like to tell you about the advances we have had in our program “We want to stay at school!” in Las Margaritas, Chiapas. In our school-based programs, we have noticed that mathematics is a challenge for Mexican children – and their teachers. This tendency is reflected in international studies, such as Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), that show that 50% of Mexican students don´t have the basic mathematical knowledge and skills. The lack of these skills can affect these children later in life, when they want to continue their studies or work.

This is why Yo quiero Yo puedo (IMIFAP) decided to develop a program to enhance mathematical skills through life skills development. We designed and printed educational materials for teachers and students and implemented the first “I want to, I can… thin mathematically” workshop in Las Margaritas as part of “We want to stay at school!” program.

In the workshop, the teachers learned new ways of teaching and thinking mathematically. This is important, especially because many of them haven’t studied to teach mathematics but end up teaching the subject because there simply are no qualified math teachers at their schools. The teachers also learned new strategies to make mathematics more interesting to their students. With our exercises, both students and teachers have fun learning mathematics.   

The workshop has already shown positive results in Las Margaritas, and we want to implement it also as part of our other school based programs.

Thank you for continuing to support the studies of the children in Las Margaritas and helping us with this important work!


Aprendiendo a pensar matemáticamente


Hola! Me gustaría contarles un poco sobre los avances que hemos tenido en nuestro programa “Yo quiero, yo puedo… seguir estudiando” en Las Margaritas, Chiapas. En nuestros programas escolares, hemos dado cuenta que las matemáticas representan un reto para niños y niñas mexicanos – y sus maestros. Esta tendencia se refleja en los estudios internacionales como el Programa Internacional para la Evaluación de Estudiantes (PISA) que muestra que 50% de los estudiantes mexicanos no cuentan con el conocimiento y las habilidades matemáticas básicas. La falta de estas habilidades les puede afectar a estos niños y niñas en su vida posterior, cuando quieran seguir estudiando o trabajar.

Por eso Yo quiero Yo puedo (IMIFAP) ha decidido desarrollar un programa para promover las habilidades matemáticas a través del desarrollo de habilidades para la vida. Diseñamos y imprimimos los materiales educativos para docentes y alumnos y implementamos el primer taller “Yo quiero, yo puedo… pensar matemáticamente” en Las Margaritas como parte del programa “Yo quiero, yo puedo… seguir estudiando”.

En el taller, los docentes aprendieron nuevas maneras de enseñar y pensar en matemáticas. Esto es importante, sobre todo porque muchos de ellos no han estudiado para enseñar matemáticas, pero terminan enseñando la materia simplemente porque no hay maestros de matemáticas cualificados en sus escuelas.  Los docentes que participaron en el taller, también aprendieron nuevas maneras para promover el interés en las matemáticas. Con nuestros ejercicios, tanto los niños como los maestros se divierten aprendiendo matemáticas.

El taller ya ha mostrado resultados positivos en Las Margaritas, y en el futuro,  lo queremos incluir también en nuestros otros programas escolares.

Muchas gracias por seguir apoyando a los estudios de los niñas y las niñas en Las Margaritas y ayudarnos con este labor importante! 

Apr 5, 2013

April Update: Going strong in Chiapas

Our program “We want to stay in school!” in Las Margaritas, Chiapas, is going very well. In the last months, we have continued with the training of approximately 25 teachers in workshops on life skills (decision-making, self-knowledge, assertive communication, critical thinking, self-efficacy etc.), reduction of psychosocial barriers (fear, shame, guilt, resentment) and themes related to school performance. We have also given the teachers educational materials, such as “I want to, I can” textbooks and guidebooks.   

After participating in the workshops, the teachers have started to implement the program with approximately 600 pupils with the help of GlobalGiving and Yo quiero Yo puedo (IMIFAP). In this process, the facilitators of Yo quiero Yo puedo (IMIFAP) have made accompaniment visits to the teachers in order to support them, give them feedback and help to solve doubts so as to guarantee the quality of the implementation.

The teachers that participate in the program are very pleased with the program and the educational materials Yo quiero Yo puedo (IMIFAP) has developed for teachers and pupils in order to support the learning process. They have commented that the training and the materials have given them new educational strategies and didactic tools to work with their students and that they complement the Official Program of the Mexican Secretary of Education (SEP). There has also been synergies between schools in order to implement the program in an integral way that involves educational authorities, teachers, children and parents.

In this process, the support of the donors of GlobalGiving has contributed in an important manner in the continuous training and actualization of more teachers. This means that more children have been able to continue their studies and develop their life skills, a protective factor that helps to prevent many risk situations.

Thank you for helping us to construct a better future for the children of Las Margaritas! Together, we can make the world a better place.



Nuestro programa “Yo quiero, yo puedo… seguir estudiando” en Las Margaritas, Chiapas, va en buen curso. Hemos continuado con la formación de aprox. 25 docentes en talleres sobre habilidades para la vida (toma de decisiones, autoconocimiento, autoeficacia, comunicación, manejo de emociones, etc.), reducción de barreras psicosociales (pena, miedo, culpa, resentimiento) y en temas relacionados con rendimiento escolar. Hemos entregado a los docentes  materiales de apoyo como libros de texto “Yo quiero, yo puedo” y guías de trabajo.

 Los docentes, una vez formados,  han iniciado con la implementación del programa con aprox. 600 alumnos con el apoyo de Global Giving y Yo quiero Yo puedo (IMIFAP). En este proceso, los facilitadores de Yo quiero Yo puedo (IMIFAP) están realizando visitas de acompañamiento a los docentes durante la implementación para apoyarlos, darles retroalimentación y resolver sus dudas para garantizar la calidad de la réplica. Los docentes nos han comentado que están muy contentos con el programa y con los materiales educativos que Yo quiero Yo puedo (IMIFAP) ha desarrollado tanto para docentes como para los alumnos para apoyar el proceso de aprendizaje. Dicen que les brindan nuevas estrategias educativas y herramientas de trabajo para llevarlas a cabo con sus alumnos y complementan el Programa Oficial de la Secretaria de Educación Pública (SEP). Asimismo se han creado sinergias en los planteles educativos para llevar el programa de manera integral que involucra a autoridades educativas, docentes, niños, madres y padres de familia.

En este trabajo, el apoyo de los donantes de GlobalGiving ha contribuido con una parte importante para seguir formando y actualizando  a más docentes y de esta manera poder ofrecer a más niños y niñas y tengan oportunidad de seguir estudiando y desarrollar sus habilidades para la vida como factores protectores para prevenir situaciones de riesgo.

¡Gracias por ayudarnos a construir un mejor futuro para los niños y  las niñas de las Margaritas! Juntos podemos construir un mejor mundo. 

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