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Feb 14, 2012

"Veluntinus, Food For Thought"



Valentine's day is a day of ribald revelry.  It is day when crystalline champagne flows through the soul and creates an effervescence of the spirit.  On this day legions of chocolate fountains pay homage to the great prophet Hershey, and untold millions of blood-red roses form a sanguine tapestry that celebrates the color of life. It is a day when lovers and lunatics come to crave the raging irrationality and forceful strength of love.  The word Valentine itself derives from the Latin Valentinus and means literally strength.  Valentine's day is strong meat, and the church's attempts to gloss over this fact have been futile.  From a recent historical perspective, it was also the day when a dozen hoods bumped off a dozen other hoods in The St. Valentine's Day Massacre.  The result was a dozen blood-red hoods.  In truth, this day was intentionally chosen to carry out this hit as a sacrifice to the entity whom gangsters and plutocrats worship as their one true, sociopathic deity.  
The truth about Valentine's day is that the name is quite apocryphal.  The church fabricated a story about a kindly priest named Valentinus in an attempt to expunge the original celebration, which was the Bacchanalian Lupercalia, The Day Of The Wolf.  The Lupercalia was part of the mythos encompassing the origin of Rome itself.  The legendary founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, were said to have been born of the god Mars and the archetypal Vesta, the eternal virgin.  Vesta feared that Romulus and Remus would be murdered, so she put them in a basket on the Tiber.  The she-wolf, Reminus, found the infants and raised them.  Their feral survival marked the beginning of the eternal city, Rome.  The pre-spring rites of passion and catharsis came to be celebrated in honor of Romulus and Remus and the great wolf that raised them in the den of strength, the Valentinus.  The Lupercalia was a prelude to the dance of spring, and it was filled with numerous rituals of blood and terror; rites that would seem incomprehensibly barbaric to the modern eye.  However, they were attempting to purge their society of all the negative forces that plagued it, and such a titanic catharsis requires the invocation of The Great God Pan, god of primordial nature.  This celebration was originally a week long Rite Of Spring but was later reduced to the evening of February 14th and the day of the 15th.  
An element of this mythos that is particularly striking is the concept of a wolf raising human infants that had been abandoned by humanity.  They had been thrown to wolves, and these wolves nurtured them.  Over the ages there have been a number of fairly well-documented incidences of cast-off human children being raised by wolves.  Possibly humanity can learn something about its own humanity from these wolves that would take in the defective children of humanity.  In truth, the human race is tremendously indebted to these totem animals that taught our Paleolithic antecedents the art of the hunt and who showed them that passionate, primal nature was to be revered, which was the origin of the Great Lupercalia.  
The recent donations to Angels In Waiting have been quite sterling and have enabled our organization to keep the wolf from the door.  



Dec 19, 2011

The children who cling to The Spirit of Christmas Present

All Proceeds Go Towards Angels In Waiting
All Proceeds Go Towards Angels In Waiting

By Tim Arnold

Angels In Waiting is now soaring through the winter holiday season and approaching the winter solstice, when the sun is reborn.  It is a time to recall that this titanic "Heart Of Fire" is born again each year and continues to radiate the warmth and illumination that make life possible.  It is the true savior of humanity, sacrificing its essence so that human race can perpetuate itself and thrive.  This solar force gives each individual the great expectation of being reborn with the sun and rekindling his or her own heart of fire.  

This is, of course, the Dickensian time of the year.  Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" has become the archetypal fable for the holiday season; a great morality play that casts a dark light on the usurious character, Ebenezer Schrooge, and on the penurious plight of unwanted children.  "This covetous, old sinner" only existed to extort usurious interest from the destitute upon whom he preyed.  Marley, his partner, only came to realize after death that "mankind was my business."  Vulturous money lenders like Schrooge were as numerous as old gin bottles in nineteenth century England, and they created usury addicts just like opium suppliers created laudanum addicts.  As a youth, Dickens himself had been victimized by this loan shark horror.  He was compelled to work seventy hour weeks in a boot black factory until he could buy his family out of debtors' prison. Characters such as Oliver Twist and David Copperfield were based upon these experiences.   Additionally, the opium addicts spawned the premature, opium addicted infants.  These are the children who cling to The Spirit of Christmas Present for protection because "humanity will not have them." 

 This nineteenth century dystopian horror is not dissimilar to our dehumanized twenty-first century in which toxic drug usage has proliferated and drug-addicted infants have increased like the interest on Schrooge's loans.  In truth, the usurious banking system of our modern world is exponentially more horrific than Schrooge's quaint, little shop of extortion.  Today's banks can lend out twenty times their assets, making credit addicts out of myriad more desperate people, who pay enormous quantities of interest on "money" that doesn't even exist. Usury originally meant charging any interest on money. Schrooge means literally "to squeeze," and these contemporary Schrooges have squeezed humanity to the point of desiccation.  One percent of the interest collected by banks on phantom "money" could easily, fully fund all the humanitarian organizations in the world.  Perhaps these modern money lenders might look to their souls before it is too late.  Possibly their next incarnations might be as drug-addicted infants.  

In the meantime, Angels In Waiting is looking toward a large, federal grant fund to carry on Its Spirit Of Christmas Present work.  The grant is focused on reducing medical costs incurred by the government.  Innovative programs are being sought after in order to diminish the horrendous impact of medical costs and the abominable health of a very significant percentage of the populace.   In order to work toward creating solutions to this financial and physical dilemma, Angels In Waiting’s founder has created a cognate organization called Nurses For Safer Access, which is dedicated to using herbal decoctions to decrease the usage of potentially dangerous synthetic drugs.  These drugs can have a gamut of adverse effects that potent herbal extracts can ameliorate.  In this manner, the expense of treating a wide range of disorders can be significantly diminished, and individuals can gradually reduce the need for synthetic drugs.  

The UCLA Medical Center is sponsoring Angels In Waiting in its efforts to restore methamphetamine and heroin addicted medically fragile infants and children to health and is working diligently with AIW to garner a significant share of this federal grant money.  It is a very revealing comment on the culture of the United States that more funds will be paid to keep a person imprisoned than to restore the heath of a drug impacted infant.  

We should take quite seriously the prophetic statement of The Spirit Of Christmas Present when he warns mankind to beware of the children clinging to his robes because they are "want and ignorance."  A society where children grow up in extreme want and ignorance is a society that is precariously close to the black sun of oblivion. 



Timotheus has a background in theater and has been a professional actor and singer who has also written for the theater.  He has composed a diverse array of articles, short stories and a novel.  

Our Bio- Medical Management Plan for Autism
Our Bio- Medical Management Plan for Autism


Sep 5, 2011


Nurses For Safer Access
Nurses For Safer Access

Like most mothers of a toddler, when Linda West plays with her adopted daughter, she models behavior, such as how to catch a ball, mixing instruction with congratulatory hugs and praise.

But there is nothing ordinary about their relationship. Three years ago, the four-month old preemie baby, a victim of her birth mother’s methamphetamine binges, became a ward of the state due to her mother's drug addiction. Shortly after, the local authorities became concerned for the infants safety after learning her mother has a history of allegedly trying to sell her newly born infants in parking lots and off of the internet.

Thanks to the nonprofit Angels In Waiting, this little girl and other “medically fragile” foster children receive a chance to overcome physical and developmental obstacles in an unusual, government-approved placement arrangement. At-risk babies go home to the comforting and knowledgeable arms of licensed vocational or registered nurses like West, who are registered foster care providers and paid for their care-giving through Medicaid.

Just as a methamphetamine epidemic among young women is creating an ever-increasing number of fragile newborns in need of care, donations to Angels dropped by half during the recession, clipping West’s efforts to recruit other nurse care-givers.

Now, West is trying a different tactic to help salvage her passion with another charity, Laguna Beach-based Nurses for Safer Access, 1968 S. Coast Highway. The storefront, which opens Sept. 7, will offer botanically-based health supplements to be distributed to customers under the supervision of a registered nurse where appropriate.

West sought natural remedies as substitutes for some of the myriad pharmaceuticals with their side effects prescribed for her own medically fragile children. The alternatives provided great results.

Now, West hopes to both raise funds for AIW and promote the use of herbal remedies with Nurses for Safer Access. Her 20-year-old nephew, local resident Blake Chapman, has joined her in launching the nonprofit to distribute herbs, nutritional supplements, vitamins, and teas costing from $6 to $100, which are largely unregulated by the Food and Drug Administration, including high potency supplements that are only sold to health care providers.


West and Chapman don’t wish aim to provide safer access to Eastern-style remedies where practicable. “I have no problem integrating Western and Eastern medicine as a nurse,” she said.

Currently, West’s Angels number 45 nurses, mostly in Southern California. They operate independently and have obtained credentials to provide in-home care to medically fragile foster children, an alternative to discharging tiny patients from ICUs to nursing institutions or group homes. So far they have cared for about 110 babies.

According to Terry Lynn Fisher, spokeswoman for Orange County’s Social Services Agency, even though the agency’s goal is to keep children with their birth parents whenever possible, they always have a need for more foster parents qualified and willing to care for medically fragile and disabled children.

Care by a single individual rather than a rotating staff fulfills a child’s need to bond, said consultant Jackie Peebles, also of Lake Arrowhead, an early intervention specialist, who established Special Discoveries Educational Services, Inc. in 2002. Infants deprived of nurturing may fail to thrive and face developmental challenges, she said.

For autistic children and drug-exposed babies, early and meaningful intervention will decrease negative behavior and increase developmental milestones, said Peebles, who works with AIW nurses. “We are able to mitigate a lot of the severe problems that these children have.”

Working in hospitals in San Bernardino County where meth addiction has soared, West and other nurses were frustrated that their work schedules didn’t allow time to hold and comfort the compromised infants. The mantra, “if only I could take you home…” was often wistfully uttered. Then West thought, why not? Why can’t we take them home?

Determined to find a solution, she unearthed a Medicaid program called “In Home Operations” created in 1967 so that infants would not be institutionalized. West figured out the process that allows licensed nurses to become credentialed as foster-care providers for medically fragile children and bill Medi-Cal for their nursing. She founded Angels In Waiting in 2005 to promote the concept.

Ninety percent of AIW-recruited nurses adopt, partly because they become so attached to their children and sometimes in part because they may have reservations about the quality of care they’ll receive in other homes, West said. Foster parents for medically fragile children receive a monthly stipend of $1,200 from California Children’s Services.

“Once they call you ‘mommy,’ it’s all over,” said West, who lives in Lake Arrowhead, with her daughter and her new brother Sammy, now 8, another meth micro preemie who West also adopted.

Nurses for Safer Access will initially be open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week and can be contacted at 949 715-7757.


May 9, 2011


Happy Mothers Day, To All Of Our Dedicated Mothers
Happy Mothers Day, To All Of Our Dedicated Mothers

The glorious month of May brings many blessings, warmer weather, the fresh smell of rain from May’s spring showers, the abundance of fresh new life growing all around us, blustering with the intent of meeting its God-given full potential.  In addition, the month for May also honors Foster Care Awareness, Nurse Appreciation, and of course, the most important tribute- Mother's Day!   

 The correlation of all the events in May did not strike me as peculiar, until it was brought to my attention by an interview…  I was nervously getting ready to do a live online interview for Angels In Waiting with a large, widely listened to online syndicated radio show called “Online with Andrea.”  Andrea’s, special guests for her Mother’s Day Special included Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, and several other very high-ranking congressional–linked nonprofit organizations. Organizations who are reaching out to help address the issues within our foster care system, and other nonprofits helping the staggering number of, 163 million orphan children throughout our world… 

163 million faces needing to find love, dedication, and a Mother.  I was literally emotionally shocked, with that mine boggling statistics. Sicken to think, universally across our globe millions of women no longer value “Motherhood,” let alone the innocent and the precious lives they gave birth to.

   I was pondering while I was also rehearsing for my “unknown questions and unpolished answers segment” for the online interview: How and Why women collectively have lost their ability to properly “mother”?  To effectively “mother” is any species most sacred possession for optimal survival…  But then the musical intro for the online syndicated radio show; “Online with Andrea” started and these inspirational Mothers, gave me hope, and showed me motherhood is thriving, and the ability to deeply love, and lay down our life for our offspring or somebody else’s offspring …is alive and well!  Happy Mothers Day! To All of The Nurturing, Loving and Dedicated Mothers! The Link:


Jan 28, 2011

The Angel Who Inspired Angels In Waiting

Sammy and His Sister Autumn
Sammy and His Sister Autumn

Sammy's Story

Sammy is a true medical miracle! Sammy is not my biological son. I know the deep piercing bond a son 
from my womb can bring. I love my Sammy just as deeply.

Sammy was born a full four months early at the fragile weight of 17 ounces when his birthmother's placenta burst due to her addiction to methamphetamine s and landed her in the hospital. When he tested positive for 
methamphetamines, Sammy was taken into the custody of Children's Services; his mother's rights suspended 
until she tested negative for the drug. His premature delivery meant his organs were not developed enough 
to sustain his life. His lungs were so underdeveloped; he couldn't take his first breath. His brain and nervous 
system were so undeveloped they couldn't remind him he even needed one. He survived for the next 14 months in the hospital under the care of medical personnel utilizing mechanical ventilation and IV drips, while he fought his 
mother's drug addiction. He rapidly produced hundreds of hemangiomas on the outside of his body and thousands more on the inside that impeded the natural function of all his organs. This subjected him to several years of chemotherapy.

To the amazement of hospital staff, he endured seven abdominal surgeries and survived four close-call 
resuscitations. Sammy was continually pricked with 
needles. He was so troubled he slept sitting up. Afraid to relax into dreamland, he posed for his next onslaught of cold painful medical procedures delivered by sterile hands and blue scrubs. (see Photo at web site

Against extraordinary odds, Sammy continued to fight for his life, alone, without the emotional support of a 
nurturing mother. The severity of his illness and grim prognosis prompted doctors to request a Do Not 
Resuscitate Form be signed by the appointed court judge. Thankfully, the judge refused, and Sammy 
continued to make use of the hospital's personnel heroic resuscitation efforts. Miraculously, and to the 
continued amazement of the nurses, therapists and physicians charged with his care, he stabilized enough to be discharged from the hospital.

He was placed in a group home for medically fragile children where he was able to bond with other children who were fighting incredible fights of their own (see Alexia's Story from our web site). Six months later, after a long career in child care, the owner of the group home was to retire. She was frightened that if Sammy ended up in the local institution he was slated for, he would shrivel and die.

She called me on Thanksgiving Day when she'd heard I was a veteran NICU and pediatric nurse and now 
certified as a medically fragile foster parent. Convinced Sammy wouldn't make it without a vital infusion of love and heartfelt dedication, she urged me to take him into my home. Several days later, he crossed the threshold of my doorway and into my heart, infusing me with the wonder of his survival.

In less than three years, Sammy has moved from indwelling catheters, feeding tubes and numerous daily 
medications to being tube and medication free. He is a brilliant, cognitively gifted and active seven year old boy 

who enjoys and celebrates,every aspect of his precious life Sammy has an exceptionally gentle soul.

In 2007, my husband and I adopted Sammy, securing his promising future and enriching our lives beyond 
the expectations we mused over when we started this journey of safe-housing tender souls.

Sammy is doing Wonderful he will turn 8 years old on the 31, He is Happy and Healthy.There are so many other 
little boys and girls just like Sammy. While we cannot adopt all of the little Sammy's in waiting, we have opened our home to heal as many and love as many as we can and help them move on to loving homes of their own; and so the birth of Angels in Waiting and our determination to affect as many lives as possible.

Thanks for reading.

Linda West Conforti RN ( Sammy's mommy)
Founder, Angels in Waiting


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