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Transform Of Life

By a male, 22-30 years old, in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of TRANSFORM OF LIFE Kanyeki was a student at Olkesuke primary school,he then graduated and called to one of the perfoming schools in Rift valley known as Olkejuado High school.Due t financial instability her parent would not afford the school fees for his course at high school,so every time he was usually sent home for fees.By the third year course he had a balance of fourty eight thousand,which the school wouldnt withstand with him with a such balance.He was sent home,where he had only a single parent cause the father had died long ago since he was in primary level.due to this her mother was forced to go and smarsh stone,which she sold to pay for kanyekis fee. During the finalyear Kanyeki was unable to be paid for the fees for the fourth course.He therefore explained the prolem to the class teacher and the class teacher told the principal,by which the principal refused and after this information came to the recognisaton of the teacher,he was contributed for those fees. After the results Kanyeki emerged the top in the Rift-Valley province which in our surprise was all away from school.Now Kanyeki has been taken By equity to work before proceeding to a more higher learning institution. Read more.
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How Our School Has Developed

By a male, 16-21 years old, in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of HOW OUR SCHOOL HAS DEVELOPED Our school used to be made by mud, When you are reading you could only hear Puf! the stone has anything. Our playground as big as an elephant but with no green grass. Now Ann Gloag helped us now we are good classrooms and toilets. It smells good like rose. We are now having clean uniforms and they are smart. Our teacher now are new and teaching us very-well. Now we drink and eat up to when our stomach is full of food. We go for games and bible studies so that we can no more about bible. Also they have fields because all work without pay make jack a dull boy. We thank God for bringing Ann Gloag to help us. Read more.
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