Help 200 women in Cameroon feed & educate children


This project is located in Cameroon and can also be found under Women and Girls.

Kumbo headquarters of Bui Division in the North West Region of Cameroon ( Project will take place here
N 11, Kumbo, Cameroon
(6.20684, 10.68909)
sub divisional headquarter of Bui, 28km from kumbo along N11
N 11, Jakiri, Cameroon
(6.08261, 10.63725)
Tobin Administratve quarters of Kumb
N 11, Kumbo, Cameroon
(6.20104, 10.66677)
Meluf, a district in Kumbo where the project will take place. about four kilometers from Tobi
N 11, Kumbo, Cameroon
(6.20445, 10.65064)
Oku a tourist resort in Bui Division about 30km from Kumb
N 11, Kumbo, Cameroon
(6.22425, 10.56275)
capital of Ngohkitunja division and shares boundary with Bui Divivion, 70km from Kumbo and found along N11
N 11, Ndop, Cameroon
(5.98046, 10.36188)
Regional Headquarters North West Region, 113km from Kumbo
Food Market Rd, Bamenda, Cameroon
(5.95933, 10.14957)
Economic capital of Cameroon about 500km from Kumbo
Rue Kotto, Douala, Cameroon
(4.06666, 9.71393)
Administrative capital of Cameroon some 478km from Kumbo
Avenue Konard Ardeneur, Yaounde, Cameroon
(3.88037, 11.51529)
Mensai, Another point where part of theproject will be carried out
N 11, Cameroon
(6.16759, 10.67089)

For more information about Cameroon, read the Human Development Report on Cameroon or the Wikipedia entry for Cameroon.

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Project Leader

Ngong Nkainin

Kumbo, North West Region Cameroon

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Map of Help 200 women in Cameroon feed & educate children