Healthcare to130 HIV/AIDS infected orphans-orphan


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Women And Children Health Care

By a male, 16-21 years old, in Kakamega, Kenya
Map of WOMEN AND CHILDREN HEALTH CARE A woman who is probably a house wife in my community has very weird thoughts about giving birth in a hospital i met a woman who explained to me how she had given birth to all of her five children. She said that all of her five children have been born at home by assistance from midwives. On the contrary she had never taken any of her children to hospital for immunization or have the children have any serious sickness falling on them. The first born who is around ten years old says he cant remember when he was sick. Though they live in a very depressing environment engulfed with poverty and struggling with life , the children consider themselves safe health wise. My main concern was that how many women in the village escape medical attention at birth yet they deliver safely and children have no sickness. What about the day when there will be an outbreak amongst these children. These women need to be advised because this may cause total sickness for their children in future. Read more.
Related to project keywords: children hospital, children women, life children, years old, health care

Help That Was Timely.

By a female, 16-21 years old, in Kakamega Central, Kenya
Map of HELP THAT WAS TIMELY. My name is Lucy Aquilina formally of Namirama Girls High School. I was supported to learn there by Orphan Child Care Centre as a result of the demise of my parents. Together with me was my sister with whom we joined this orphanage in 2000. We were given full basic needs ( care, and education , from Primary up to Form 4 secondary level . I worked hard but did not do very well as I hoped to. my wish was to repeat Form 4 , score much better then go to University so as to pursue a degree in Medicine but I have been unsuccessful in finding further assistance . This Orphanage has so many children and does not allow in any people above 18 years . I pray that I may get a sponsor to help me mould my future through college. Read more.
Related to project keywords: orphan child, pursue, given, medicine, child care

Hiv/aids Project

By a male, 22-30 years old, in Marsabit, Kenya
Map of HIV/AIDS PROJECT A lot has been said and done about AIDS but what drew my friend to do the project about AIDS was the fact that AIDS still has a stigma attached to it. This must sound cliche but right now more in the marrieges are dyieng due to this. She involve herself by visiting people with AIDS and assisting them by cleaning their homes and cooking for them because they have no one to help them. She also creates awareness about the disease by talking to young girls. This kind of outreach has made it good for the community now that others are getting sensitized and the ideas change more away from the stigma. Read more.
Related to project keywords: attached, stigma, hiv/aids, due, lot

A Philantropic Example To Be Emulated

By a male, 31-45 years old, in Kakamega North, Kenya
A family in Kakamega North has been philanthropic enough to be supporting the less fortunate.They have picked u orphans whom they stay with and are supporting to attain education and are committed to ensuring that they pursue their goals to the full. A girl who was orphaned was assisted by this family until now she have qualified to go university this family has set a very good precedent in the community.The girl's name is Anne Misiko,who now plans to do medicine.She has inspired others who are in similar conditions of poverty to hang on to hope and their dreams. Read more.
Related to project keywords: similar, pursue, orphans, hope, medicine

Motivation Is Great Stimulus To Success

By a female, 31-45 years old, in Kakamega East, Kenya
Map of MOTIVATION IS GREAT STIMULUS TO SUCCESS I have been in the charitable system for a while now. Since 2001 I have experienced a lot in relation to pain with regard to the less fortunate, neglected members in our society. As a social worker, it makes me fulfilled in contributing a lot to the burden of such children. Sometimes, I just by imagining that I could be in their position, I find a drive that directs my sacrife towards the needy. I particularly chose to join Victorious Children’s Home 6 years ago where we are currently supporting over 70 children. Some of them are in Universities, Colleges, Secondary and Primary schools. To us as the staff our motivation is the response and dedication by some of our children to work as hard as they do to achieve meaningfully in their own lives. We are able to cultivate hope sometimes in very dead and possible cases. Ruth- Social Worker at Victorious Children’s Home. Read more.
Related to project keywords: neglected, staff, contributing, hope, great

I Was Abandoned By My Parents

By a male, under 16 years old, in Kakamega, Kenya
Map of I WAS ABANDONED BY MY PARENTS My name is Emma Sitiavai. I was abandoned at a very small age and do not even know how my two parents looked like. May be they even died or may be they are just somewhere enjoying themselves. But they exposed me to a lot of suffering before a charitable Home by name Home of Grace came in hardy in 2008 to try to help me. I was taken to nursary although I was very big( iam now 12 years old.) I was 9 years old and with a big bodywhich made other smaller children hate me. I was also attacked by chicken pox from time to time and home could be forced to spend alot on me. At school it was feared that I could infect other children. The Home therefore greatly assisted me for me to overcome the many challenges and even to accept myself as a normal human being. I now continue on well with a great dream of succeeding since the Home supports me in education, basic needs of food, shelter etc. Read more.
Related to project keywords: accept, continue, great, years old, lot


By a male, under 16 years old, in Sabatia, Kenya
Map of MALARIA Malaria has been a great disaster in this district for the past twenty years. Children are especially the most who were encountered. Every day thousands of children died of Malaria. It has greatly been noted that this disease is influenced by a parasite called plasmodia which is transmitted by mosquito. Apart from mosquito the Ministry of health has given several issues concerning the spread and the life circle of mosquitoes. It has proved that mosquitoes breed in areas where we have stagnant water, where there is long grass and bushes, they can also breed in containers left open. Despite the fact of considering this breeding sites, it has also given away foward of overcoming it. First, to overcome the spread of malaria to destroy the breeding of the mosquitoes. This is done by draining stagnant water or applying oil on it. Apart from that the ministry has greatly provided mosquito nets through a malaria campaign. This has greatly reduced the spread of malaria and deaths of thousand childrens every day. This has greatly help Individuals through it's motto "Lala ndani ya Neti Zuia Mlaria". Read more.
Related to project keywords: given, great, disease, individuals, apart
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