Healing Innocent Victims of War: Afghan Children


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Volatile war area where many children are victims of violence. Farid lost an eye and 3 of 4 siblings in a rocket attack here. This project can give her a prosthetic eye and a chance to be a child.
Helmand Province, Afghanistan
(30.52000, 64.63378)
Running from incoming rockets with her family, Lida fell and likely fractured her leg. When she arrived with Solace a massive bone infection had set in. She is now healed
Balkh Province, Afghanistan
(36.52318, 66.78710)
An airstike in 2007 left 7 year old Saidq without a leg. Our troops on the ground tell us to help Saidq is to help them. This project will make dangerous areas safer for our sons and daughters.
Helmand Province, Afghanistan
(30.82238, 63.35937)
Eight year old Nargis suffers from debilitating headaches and nosebleeds. With her familiy and her area devastated by the war, this project is her only hope for help.
A01, Afghanistan
(34.48423, 70.43456)
So many children suffer from burns in AFG. Sweet Feroza was burned beyond belief. Burn reconstruction surgeons partner with Solace through recent projects to remove her physical and emotional pain.
Bamyan Province, Afghanistan
(35.02580, 67.75390)
With no adaquate facility, as hard as our military doctors tried they could not heal Raham of his terrible burn wounds. With your help, he is regaining health in a Solace Community.
Kandahar Province, Afghanistan
(31.76118, 65.77636)
The children of Farah Province life in fear of violence. With 1 physician for each 50,000 citizens, simple medical needs must go untreated often leading to complex life threatening conditions.
Farah, Afghanistan
(32.02236, 61.82128)
The absolute absence of adequate medical resources leaves children in Parwan Province helpless and completely vunerable to the affects of war.
Parwan Province, Afghanistan
(34.70128, 68.50097)
Nine year old Shabir, with both feet clubbed and his deaf brother pull a cart filled with small items to sell to support their family. Taliban have made sure his father is unable to work.
Nimruz Province, Afghanistan
(30.33053, 61.90917)
Acid burns steak her face - a horrible warning that girls should not go to school. After loving treatment to reduce scarring affects, safe transportation can be provided by Solace partners.
Kandahar Province, Afghanistan
(31.49926, 66.56738)
Najib and his brother were on a bicycle when the rocket made a direct hit killing his brother and severely injuring his eye. After one trip for care it is stablized. He must return to compete care.
Helmand Province, Afghanistan
(33.47849, 65.03906)
Ten year old Shaki's lives in a small village in Bamyan and faces blindness likely due to cataracts. She studies through the pain, for fear of the time she will no longer be able to see to study.
Bamyan Province, Afghanistan
(35.20194, 67.39014)
Described as an brave, outspoken, gracious young man, who would guess he has a hernia the size of 2 fists. This boys family is deeply thankful the chance of treatment for their son!
Helmand Province, Afghanistan
(31.19067, 63.76465)
Badly burned with no hope of healing in AFG, 11 year old Abdul is now in a Solace Community in treatment due to you!
Nimruz Province, Afghanistan
(31.89290, 61.22681)
Sham must have very serious surgery, yet now he can safely wait in Kabul now for departure thanks to you! His mother can return to farm to provide for 3 other children.
A76, Afghanistan
(34.75646, 69.26880)

For more information about Afghanistan, read the Human Development Report on Afghanistan or the Wikipedia entry for Afghanistan.

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