Haiyan Response: Training Filipino Aid Workers



RedR received a number of requests to respond on-the-ground to the disaster in the Philippines. Aid workers that have arrived this week in the Philippines have contacted RedR directly to stress the need to build the capacity of the humanitarian response by training aid workers - particularly Philippine nationals. RedR is ready to respond and intends to send out a training team as soon as possible. But we need your support to do so.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Reports from the media and aid organizations highlight the urgent need to provide shelter and water and sanitation. 11 million people have been affected by the disaster, including many who have had their homes swept away by ferocious typhoon winds. Widespread destruction means that clean water supplies are in short supply. Damage to infrastructure means that delivery of aid is a challenging operation. Only skilled, trained aid workers and responders can overcome these challenges.

How will this project solve this problem?

When people know what they're doing, they get the job done better. And that's what RedR hopes to do: give basic, but vital, quick-turnaround training to community organizations and local responders so they can immediately get involved and better support the relief operation. We are liaising with aid agencies to carry out a remote needs assessment and subsequently plan to send out a team of experienced trainers to deliver rapid training, enabling more people to effectively support relief efforts.

Potential Long Term Impact

RedR's experience in response to other large-scale disasters like Haiti has shown that training nationals in countries hit by disaster can dramatically increase the capacity of relief efforts, as well as improving the effectiveness of the response. By training Filipino individuals and community-based organisations in disaster relief and recovery, RedR will be helping prepare the country to be ready to respond quickly and effectively the next time a disaster hits.

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