Research and treatment of child cancer in Brazil

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GRAACC conducts research, trains new professionals and attends children and adolescents with cancer from Brazil with the most advanced technologies and quality of life, offering them real chances of a cure. Annually, we performed about 25,000 attendances. Persistent investments in research improve existing treatments and increase chances of a cure. We need your help to maintain our Hospital working and attending children and adolescents.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Cancer is the second largest cause of death among children in the world. In Brazil, around 11,000 cases are diagnosed annually; many of them are extremely complex and their treatment is expensive. Some types of childhood cancer still demand lots of research on their cure. Offering treatment is not enough; we must also invest to improve cure rates, which are now of approximately 70%. GRAACC is tirelessly investing in research to find the cure of cancer, having achieved remarkable results so far.

How will this project solve this problem?

Research on the disease is essential to improve chances of cure as well as the efficiency of existing treatments through the minimization of their side effects. Survival rates found at GRAACC are similar as those found in the United States and Europe, and investments in research have much to do with that. Our research results will benefit the whole world, since they can be applied anywhere. In order to allow us to keep investing to find the cure, we need help to maintain our Hospital working.

Potential Long Term Impact

Investments in research contribute to increase cure rates while making treatment less painful. GRAACC's results on osteossarcoma and retinoblastoma are impressive. A new procedure to treat the last one has been adopted by other centers of reference in the world. Thus, the benefits of investing in research are not restricted to GRAACC: we're searching for the cure of cancer, and cancer is present everywhere. The impact of our research can not be numerically measured; it transcends any borders.

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Tammy Allersdorfer

Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo Brazil

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