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GGM Kosovo Reporters
GGM Kosovo Reporters

GlobalGirl Media has been quite busy this spring with our efforts both in the U.S. and abroad.  We successfully opened our newest bureau in Kosovo this May, and are planning on opening another in London by early fall.  Our GGM reporters in South Africa, Oakland and Chicago have continued to create great content this quarter and put girls at the center of the story!

Kosovo is LIVE!

GlobalGirl Media, in partnership with KosovoLive, has opened our newest program in Pristina, Kosovo.  Amie Williams, GGM’s Co-founder and Executive Director, spent two weeks in Kosovo spearheading the training aptly named “Girl Be Heard”, which centers on workshops in digital journalism, leadership and production.   

The girls were not only eager to learn, but quite talented as well, having created three remarkable videos during the training. Saranda’s Story centers on a brave young woman who survived the massacre of her family during the war, and Krushe e Made is a short film about a village of widowed women in Kosovo, the latter having already won a Comenius EduMedia Award, an honor bestowed to educational media from European countries.  And rounding out the work is a video the girls made called My Voice, a short piece about why their voices are important.

We are looking forward to what comes out of this fledgling bureau, as over the next year, GGM Kosovo reporters will continue producing content (to be featured locally and internationally) every month under the guidance of KosovaLive.

 Super Bowl 50 Host Committee Playmaker Award

GGM is happy to announce the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee chose to award a Playmaker grant to GlobalGirl Media! The funds will help our Oakland bureau by supporting our training program and mentoring with Bay Area media professionals this summer. Amie Williams was also honored as a Playmaker.  As E.D., Amie not only runs GGM’s day-to-day operations, but also spearheads our Oakland news bureau. 

The Committee created a short segment on Amie and the Oakland Global Girls – watch their video here.

GGM Oakland

On May 4th, our Oakland bureau was honored to sit down with Nobel Peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee.  GGM Oakland reporter Kasie Gonzales interviewed the peace activist and discussed everything from the war in Liberia to women in leadership, #BlackLivesMatter and girls and technology.  Many thanks again to Madame Gbowee.  Watch Kasie’s interview! 

GGM Oakland also launched a social media campaign called #SHESPIRE with the help of two Marin Academy high school students, Chloe and Isabel.  The campaign was their senior project and encouraged users to shoot a short video to answer the question, “what woman in your life inspires you”?  See a video of several #SHESPIRE responses here.  

In honor of Mother’s Day, GGM Oakland reporter, Heyab Tadesse, spoke about her mom for a Story Corps interview during a special community screening of her Mother/Madre film at the California Endowment's event, Breaking the Silence: Healing Through Our Mother's Narratives, in downtown Los Angeles.  The event was very well received and involved the screening of all six videos in the series as well as a panel discussion and Q & A.

GGM Chicago

We are so proud of GGM Chicago reporter, Aimee Rodriguez, who won a full scholarship to the Girls Gearing Up International Leadership Summer Camp in Berlin, Germany.  The only item that wasn’t covered was her plane ticket to Germany.  But that didn’t stop Aimee – she raised the funds for a flight through a Crowdrise campaign with an innovative stop-motion animated video.

This spring, GGM Chicago delved into the topic of feminism from a male perspective.  Because the voices and opinions of young men are needed to help forge solutions and change, our Chicago reporters conducted street interviews to find out what the other half had to say…spoiler alert, all men interviewed saw themselves as feminists!

GGM South Africa

Strong community leaders can be a lifeline for girls everywhere, especially in parts of South Africa.  With funding help from the Government of Canada, our SA reporters were able to create a short film titled, Anchor of My Heart.  In the piece, the girls profiled three inspiring community leaders who are helping improve the lives of girls and the communities they live in through mentorship and leadership training. 

GGMSA has also started a new project this May – the creation of a photo newsletter. We thought it best described in their own words, so we have included the following blog, written by Zi Keswa, a GlobalGirl SA reporter.

“GlobalGirl Media gives Birth to Rammolotsi Photo Newsletter, Rammolotse My Kasi My Story”

“GlobalGirl Media South Africa is an NGO which was founded in 2010 and is dedicated to educate and empower young girls through media, leadership and journalism. On the 25th of May, 2015 GlobalGirl Media South Africa started training twelve interesting girls at Rammolotsi Riet Pan at the Dramatic Arts Art Centre.  This training is different from all the previous trainings GlobalGirl Media South Africa has ever done because the Rammolotsi girls will be creating the first photo newsletter. The photo newsletter is produced by the Rammolotsi Global Girls for the Rammolotsi Community, also focusing on local matters arising within the Community itself.  The girls come from different sections of Rammolotsi, and they came together to be the voice of the Rammolotsi Community as a whole. GlobalGirl Media is currently training the girls on how to write, take photographs, conduct interviews and put together their photo newsletter. Not only do the girls gain skills, but they also gain self-confidence and are better able to practice independence.”

GGM London

GlobalGirl Media is happy to officially launch a London bureau this fall!  We have wanted a presence in the U.K. for some time now, and are so happy with the passionate and talented team spearheading the program.  We have an Advisory Board in place and will be sending out more details as they come.

Summer 2015 Training

GGM’s Los Angeles, Oakland and Chicago bureaus are gearing up for a busy summer.  Each region will be holding a new media training program for teenage girls, focused on media literacy, journalism, blogging, video and sound production, editing and the production of a web series. Critical thinking skills and the promotion of gender empowerment will also be covered.  Guest lecturers and visits to film and television studios will also add another dimension to the robust curriculum.  These trainings are at the heart of GlobalGirl Media and we are excited to soon meet our newest reporters!

Again, thank you to all of our supporters, as we couldn't do our work without your support! 

Our World, My Voice
Our World, My Voice
Interview with Nobel Laureate Gbowee
Interview with Nobel Laureate Gbowee
Chicago Street Interviews about Feminism
Chicago Street Interviews about Feminism
GGM South Africa Anchor of My Heart
GGM South Africa Anchor of My Heart
GGM Oakland Reporters with E.D. Amie Williams
GGM Oakland Reporters with E.D. Amie Williams
Golden Globes
Golden Globes

2015 Winter Report

GlobalGirl Media has had an active and fruitful winter, driving forward our goal to expand reach and give voice to even more girls and young women across the U.S. and abroad.

Golden Globes

GGM was given an amazing opportunity by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to cover the 72nd Golden Globe Awards this January.  Our very own GGM Reporter, Ariana Seymore, did an amazing job speaking with such Golden Globe nominees as Maggie Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams, Julianne Moore, Rene Russo, Jenji Kohan, Natasha Lyonne & Taryn Manning (Orange is the New Black), Amanda Peet and many more about gender equality in the media.  The questions we asked were engaging and thought-provoking - a much needed and refreshing change on the red carpet in our view! See our coverage!

United Nations

GlobalGirl Media had the honor this March to cover the U.N’s Committee on the Status of Women/ Bejing20.  GGM Reporter, Imani Crenshaw, attended and reported on many important events surrounding the conference in New York City, including the International Women’s Day March (see her report here).  In addition, we joined forces with Let Girls Lead (an organization working with leaders and organizations to improve girls’ lives) where Imani spoke with several accomplished young ladies who shared their stories, the issues they fight for, and the global change they are making for gender equality (view her interview)! 

GGM Oakland

GlobalGirl Media Oakland, our newest news bureau, has been hard at work producing stories relevant to girls in the Bay Area and beyond.  Our reporters have covered events such as the IGNITE! #HackfGirlsRights Hackathon, where girl coders from five international cities, including Oakland, worked in teams to create unique, practical solutions to problems faced by girls every day. Our Oakland Girls also produced a piece on BlackLivesMatter, where we interviewed clinicians providing alternative healthcare options for young people of color in the Bay Area.


We also held a major community-building and “friend-raiser” event in Oakland at the Oakland IMPACT HUB, with special guests-of-honor Danny Glover and Valerie Coleman Morris, groundbreaking African American CNN financial analyst and news anchor. Over 200 attendees participated in a series of digital actions, hosted by GlobalGirl Media and other NGO’s working in the East Bay to empower girls: Black Girls Code, East Oakland Youth Development Coalition, Girls Alliance, Thrive Networks and United Roots. DANNY GLOVER SPEECH

GGM Chicago

GGM Chicago Reporters have been tirelessly covering the political climate this winter in Chicago, aptly named the Windy City. In our #Vote4U Campaign, GGM reporters shared the issues most important to them before the mayoral election in February.  Our reporters also interviewed the mayoral candidates themselves, including incumbent Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Commisioner, Jesus Garcia, about their views on women’s rights and their visions for the city. 

GGM Coachella

Our reporters in Coachella garnered headline news for their coverage of an LGBT hate crime and slaying, making the front page of the Desert Sun newspaper, and interviewed by local news stations, including UNIVISION. Our GGM reporters hope the short documentary about the tragic story will further much needed discussions about LGBT rights and issues in the Coachella Valley.  The piece is currently being edited and will be posted to our site soon.

Our new broadband channel, The GlobalGirl Media Network, continues to gain traction and awareness through innovative programming and partnerships.  We are holding this venture in the highest priority, as we believe it has the greatest capacity to propel the reach of GGM and Put Girls at the Center of the Story.

GGM Kosovo

Through a grant from the U.S. State Department, we are excited to announce that GGM is opening a news bureau in Kosovo! GGM will work with Kosovo Live Media Group (KLMG), one of the few independent organizations in Kosovo, working in Media, Publishing, Education, and Marketing.  Stay tuned for more news about the launch of this program in upcoming months. 

GGM London

We are in our early planning stages for a GGM London Chapter, set to launch in August of 2015.  For more information, or to join the team of Advisors, please contact: We will be hosting a meet and greet on June 11, 2015, with GGM Executive Director, Amie Williams, in attendance.

TEDx Barcelona Women!

Amie has also been invited to give a TED TALK at the TEDx Women in Barcelona on June 10th. We will be sharing her talk on all GGM social media, so stay tuned!

In closing, we’d like to again thank all who contribute to GlobalGirl Media, especially through GlobalGiving.  Your support helps us further our mission and empower girls to find and share their voice.

UN Women
UN Women's Day March in NYC
GGM Chicago interview with Rahm Emanuel
GGM Chicago interview with Rahm Emanuel
Oakland Hackathon
Oakland Hackathon
Coachella Reporters
Coachella Reporters
#blacklivesmatter March, Oakland
#blacklivesmatter March, Oakland


Here at GlobalGirl Media we have had quite a year. We have summarized all programs and achievements for our GlobalGiving Supporters, and want to thank you for an amazing year. All the best and Happy New Year!


1. GLOBALGIRL LOS ANGELES/ Program Director: Francesca Guerrini

For two weeks, July 7-18th, another GGM NEW MEDIA ACADEMY TRAINING was held, located at a new location, the Young Oak Kim Academy, a STEM magnet middle school in Koreatown, near downtown Los Angeles. This training was supported by the Durfee Foundation, the Weingart Foundation and the California Endowment.

Highlights of the program included:

We were awarded a grant from the Hollywood Foreign Press, who sent a crew to shoot a great video of our training. The girls produced the first video in a new webisode series, GIRLS GO VOTE, highlighting women in politics. We also covered the opening of LIBROS SCHMIBROS, a unique lending library in East Los Angeles.

Francesca Guerrini is our Program Director for Los Angeles, who also asked the girls to answer the question on video: WHAT IS YOUR PASSION?

Total Number of Participant Girls in Training Academy: 10

Total Number Active in News Bureau: 6-8 (several from area universities still active and working as interns)

Total Schools Reached: 6

Total Videos: 8

Total Blogs: 6

List of Guest Lecturers:

  • Prof. Melanie Klein, Women’s Studies Santa Monica Community College
  • Arlene Nelson, Cinematography presentation
  • Yvette Martinez, Staff Dir. Senator Boxer’s Office, Presentation on Women in political office
  • Tabby Biddle, Huffington Post blogger
  • Shini Somara, Al Jazeera Science Broadcast Reporter
  • Jeff Crum, lighting for green screen
  • Melanie Ramos, Shooting on DSLR cameras

 List of Program Partners and Field Trips:

  • Santa Monica City College
  • Young Oak Kim Academy
  • Building Healthy Communities
  • Liberty Hill
  • LA Promise
  • Mother’s Day Radio
  • Boyle Heights Beat
  • WriteGirl
  • Levantine Center
  • Alta Med
  • Garfield High School

2. GLOBALGIRL MEDIA COACHELLA/ Program Director: Francesca Guerrini

We added a new program in rural Eastern Coachella, with support and direction from the California Endowment, Building Healthy Communities. Our training was held over the 2013-2014 Holidays, adding twelve new girls trained, with eight still active in our ongoing bureau there, located at the Coachella Boys and Girls Club.

Highlights of the program included:

We produced a new webisode series, MOTHER/MADRE, four healing narratives between mothers and daughters, and these videos were also screened to the community on Mother’s Day. The DESERT SUN and ZOCALO ONLINE and BEAUTIFUL NOW featured stories on the girls and their work. This project is also run by Francesca Guerrini, (our L.A. Program Director), but we are actively looking to hire a local Program Director.

 Total Number of Participant Girls in Training Academy: 12

Total Number Active in News Bureau: 8

Total Schools Reached: 2

Total Videos: 8

Total Blogs: 12

List of Guest Lecturers:

  • Rita Baghdadi, Independent Filmmaker, helped run the training
  • Jackie Fuentes, Songwriter, did a songwriting workshop

 List of Program Partners and Field Trips:

  • Building Healthy Communities
  • Palm Springs Film Festival
  • Coachella Boys and Girls Club
  • Coachella High School
  • Santa Monica College presentation for WAM! Women, Action Media Conference

3. GLOBALGIRL CHICAGO/ Program Director: Tobie Loomis

GGM partnered with After School Matters and De Paul University in Chicago to train 35 new girls, over a 7-week period, June 23-August 8, expanding our core curriculum, and our largest group of trainees to date!

Highlights of the program included: Headed by Program Director Tobie Loomis, the program took place at De Paul University’s downtown campus, with lead media trainer Lisa Pecot-Herbert, head of their journalism program. Here is a link to a video, MEET THE NEW CHICAGO REPORTERS. The final culmination of the training program produced five “webisode” videos that all fell under the theme   “Justice and Liberty for All.” These videos comprised the following topics: LGBTQ discrimination, teen homelessness, beauty and culture, immigration and undocumented students, and sexual assault on college campuses. Another major project involved producing a video for pay: LIVING OFF TIPS, shot in Detroit for the Restaurant Opportunities Center, to help support national legislation to raise the minimum tipped wage. In addition, Chicago partnered with the American Bar Association to produce an article and video for the ABA JOURNAL, CHICAGO GUN VIOLENCE.

Total Number of Participant Girls in Training Academy: 35

Total Number Active in News Bureau: 19

Total Schools Reached: 15

Total Videos: 22

Total Blogs: 20

List of Guest Lecturers and Field Trips:

  • Allison Flowers, investigative journalist
  • Luvvie Ajayi, top blogger, Red Pump Shoes
  • Margaret Byrne, documentary filmmaker
  • Jon Stuyvesant, Cinematographer
  • WBEZ
  • Univision
  • ABC
  • Chicago Tribune

List of Program and Community Partners:

  • Chicago Coalition for the Homeless
  • The Hive Learning Network
  • Girl Forward
  • MIKVA Challenge
  • Chicago City of Learning
  • Chicago HIVE Learning Network
  • Chicago Gear Up
  • Chicago Women Take Action
  • Columbia College, School of Media Arts
  • Columbia Links
  • Chicago Tribune MASH – Why News Matters
  • DePaul University College of Communications
  • American Bar Association Journal
  • Digital Youth Network
  • Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University
  • Op Ed Project
  • Young Womens’ Leadership Charter School
  • Alternative School Networks
  • Technovation
  • Greater Good Studio


4. GLOBALGIRL SOUTH AFRICA/ Program Director Sweetness Buthelezi

Total Number of Participant Girls in Training Academy: 12

Total Number Active in News Bureau: 8

Total Schools Reached: 15

Total Videos: 20

Total Blogs: 10

Highlights of the program included:

GGM ED Amie Williams traveled to South Africa to lead the Academy this year, a 4-week training held at the JOZI HUB in Johannesburg in April-May, with a grant from the Catalyst Foundation and Open Society Institute. The girls produced six videos and 15 short VOX POPS on the National elections, called FREE BORN FREE MIND, garnering international news reports from Al Jazeera, BBC and CBC Canada, as well as local radio and TV.

Two additional videos were produced: AKHONA’S STORY, aprofile of a global girl in South Africa, who tells the story of how her family and community grew to accept her as a lesbian; WHERE’S THE MONEYis Investigative piece by GlobalGirl South Africa on how 1.9 billion rand allocated to improve the township of Alexander since 2001 is still not fully accounted for. Includes interviews with Alexander residents and children who ask, "where did the money go?"

 We also added two new South African Board Members joined this year, Alyson D’Oyley and Michelle Thulkaman.

List of Guest Lecturers and Field Trips

  • Tshidi Madia, Investigative journalist, POWERFM, spoke about covering the Oscar Pistorius case
  • Luvvie Ajayi, top blogger, Red Pump Shoes (via skype)
  • Bev Ditsie, Reality TV Program, documentary filmmaker
  • Edwin Wes, Cinematographer
  • Nolwazi Serero, Leading Woman in Tech
  • Delphine de Blic, Documentary Filmmaker, Eat My Dust

 List of Program and Community Partners:

  • GIBS School of Business Management
  • Jozi Hub
  • University of Wits IT Center
  • Tshimologon IT Development Enterprise Zone (GGM Central Offices located here)
  • Fuk’ugesi Digital Media Festival


5. GLOBALGIRL OAKLAND/ Program Director Summer Training: Nicole Middleton. Program Director Fall Training: Jazmin Ontiveros

Total Number of Participant Girls in Training Academy: 14

Total Number Active in News Bureau: 9

Total Schools Reached: 10

Total Videos: 6

Total Blogs written: 16

We added a new program in East Oakland, in partnership with Youth Uprising, a leading youth-services community based center servicing vulnerable and at-risk youth, particularly youth transitioning out of incarceration and into jobs. We trained 6 young women from June 23-July 11 I East Oakland, and produced three videos, CELEBRATE HER,TEEN MOTHERS IN OAKLAND, and TRAFFICKING, MY STORY. Two girls secured summer internships through GlobalGirl at Center for Investigative Reporting and Loteria Films, an Oakland-based production company. Board Chair Therese Steiner served as volunteer trainer for two weeks of the program.

List of Guest Lecturers and Field Trips

  • Amie Williams, Documentary Filmmaker
  • Monique Morris, Social Scientist, author and blogger
  • Prathiba Parmar, Documentary Filmmaker
  • Daffodil Altan and Bernice Young, Center for Investigative Reporting

List of Program and Community Partners:

  • Center for Investigative Reporting
  • Apollo Education Group
  • East Bay Community Foundation
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • Carrie Productions, Danny Glover’s Production Company
  • Loteria Films

6. GLOBAL GIRL MOROCCO/ Program Director: Hasnae Fathi

Total Number of Participant Girls in Training Academy: (no academy held this year)

Total Number Active in News Bureau: 24

Total Schools Reached: 6

Total Videos: 6

Total Blogs written: 10


Highlights of the program included:

Ongoing contract with RTI, paid videos produced on youth leadership in Morocco. GGM Morocco also produced two paid-for videos for Terres Des Hommes, and as a result have been invited to submit a proposal for a new training at the Swedish and Norwegian Embassies. Program Director Hasnae Fathi is close to getting the NGO fully registered in partnership with another NGO located in Mohammedia. The video produced last year on sexual harassment, BREAKING THE SILENCE won an award from Women’s Voices Now, an online Muslim Women’s Film Festival, and $3,000.



In May 2014, Amie Williams presented Global Girl Media to a group of London based women who are interested in the supporting anddeveloping activities which help young girls develop their voice.  Following this meeting a small Advisory Group was created to explore the potential of establishing a Global Girl Media UK Bureau (GGMUK), initially based in London.   A small pilot project was started with a school in East London, but it fell apart when a new Head Teacher was hired. The Advisory Board is still building a base there, with Amie’s oversight, and we hope to have a new training in Summer, 2015 held in Tower Hamlets.


Amie was approached by KOSOVOLIVE, an award-winning online news site which also has a focus on women to bring GGM to Kosovo. A young woman who works there, Anne Hapciu has successfully engaged the US Embassy to partially fund the program and is actively raising all necessary funds locally with Amie’s guidance. Schedule for this program to launch is also Summer, 2015.


We are looking into a partnership with Creative Arts Works in Harlem, Since 1986, CAW has been at the forefront of change within their urban communities, empowering young people through arts programming that incorporates academic enrichment, creative expression, workforce development and community engagement.

















Our work is regularly picked up and shared widely by the following partners this year:

Women’s eNews

Girl Museum

Shriver Report

Huffington Post

Why News Matters


Women’s eNews is actually also working closely with all GGM Bureaus to help mentor girls in pitching stories through their TEEN VOICES initiative. We were also approached to provide content on the theme ‘Cam Women Haveit All?” when Maria Shriver’s newShriver Report launched, and we were featured on their home page.

 International Day of the Girl: GGM posted Instagram, Twitter and Facebook messages all day from all its bureaus, hashtagging similar efforts by the United Nations and IDOG events worldwide. A sample #IDOG VIDEO from MOROCCO, where a GlobalGirl from LA joined a girl in Morocco in the northern city of Tetouan!


 A. The biggest achievement of the year was the LAUNCH OF OUR NEW BROADBAND CHANNEL: GGMN.TV, on October 11,International Day of the Girl. Produced in partnership with emerging broadband television leader TV4 Entertainment, we call it “The Thinking Girls Channel: Putting Girls at the Center of the Story."   GGMN is a broadband network dedicated to girls' empowerment, leadership, self-esteem and gender equality -- providing content by, for, and about girls and young women, and global and much needed perspectives for girls ages 13-24, filling a space left barren by major media outlets. offers high-quality video content and news reporting, and is accessible to viewers across the globe via the web and mobile through a destination content portal and super-distributed video network on such platforms as Hulu, Amazon, Roku and YouTube. GGM-produced videos and blogs are featured, and we also curate content from other vendors and partners across the girl-empowerment landscape, from filmmakers, bloggers, NGO’s, and organizations.

B. GGM MOVED ITS OPERTATIONS TO THE BAY AREA, with the oversight of Mr. Danny Glover and Nicole Middleton, the GGM Program Director for Oakland. We joined the OAKLAND IMPACT HUB, a vibrant shared working space that also partners with the YOUTH IMPACT HUB, where our Bureau meetings take place.

C. The HOLLYWOOD FOREIGN PRESS awarded a grant to GlobalGirl Media, which was presented at a star-studded awards dinner by Kerry Washington, who made a SPEECH about GGM. The HFPA also interviewed our girls at work during their training and put together a beautiful tribute that was shown that night: GOLDEN GLOBE VIDEO ON GLOBALGIRL MEDIA


  1. GGM was invited to the UNESCO Forum on Women and Media, held in Bangkok, Thailand. ED Amie Williams attended with Rajae Hammadi,and as it coincided with an international news story, the city-wide pro-democracy demonstrations, BANGKOK PROTESTS, (together they reported from the frontlines) and produced two short videos on the Conference, which brought together broadcasters and government media experts addressing policies around the gender and media. GGM has been asked to be part of an international working group to draw up a blueprint for the United Nations to address these issues. GLOBAL FORUM VIDEO


  1. GGM was also invited to attend the GIVING WOMEN Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, Where ED Amie Williams gave a master class on shooting and editing with iphones and ipads, and Moroccan GGM, Reporter Najlae Bellouri presented clips from the award-wining documentary, Breaking the Silence.Key funders attended this conference and were very impressed with the presentation.


  1. ED Amie Williams was also asked to guest blog for the HUFFINGTON POST by Pioneering Women, AMIE HUFF POST BLOG , about the origins of GlobalGirl Media.


G. TRUST WOMEN REUTERS’ CONFERENCE, Nov. 18-19. ED Amie Williams attended this international conference in London with two GlobalGirls, one from South Africa and one from Morocco. A reception was hosted at St. Martin in the Fields, sponsored by Brand South Africa and the South African High Commission in London.


  1. GGM Moroccan-produced documentary, “Breaking the Silence; Moroccans Speak out About Street Harassment.” Won the Womens’ Voices Now BEST DOCUMENTARY.
  2. ED Amie William was honored with the Soroptimist , RUBY AWARD, for the Chino Hills/East Valley Chapter of Los Angeles. 




We wrote 80 new grants this year, securing 23 total (four still pending). They are:


California Endowment  (Coachella)

California Wellness        (All California Programs)

CA Humanities                (All California Programs)

Durfee Foundation          (Los Angeles)

MTV/HALO Award           (Los Angeles)

Liberty Hill                        (Los Angeles)

Weingart                           (Los Angeles)

Hollywood Foreign Pr.       (Los Angeles)

NBC4                                 (All California Programs)

US State Dept.                   (Morocco)

Terres Des Hommes           (Morocco)

RTI                                      (Morocco)

World We Want                  (Morocco)

Open Society Institute        (South Africa)

Gauteng Film Fund            (South Africa)

After School Matters           (Chicago)

MIKVA Challenge               (Chicago)

Depaul University               (Chicago)

McCormick Foundation       (Chicago)

ROC                                    (Chicago)

ABA Journal                        (Chicago)

HIVE/Crowdrise/Mozilla      (Chicago)

East Bay Comm. Found       (Bay Area)

Marin Foundation                 (Bay Area)

Catapult                                (Bay Area)

Ron Boehm Assoc.            (  Bay Area)


Corporate Sponsorships:

We held a major Hollywood Fundraiser in November, raising a total $32,000, from corporate sponsorships, individual donations and a live auction. Our Corporate Sponsors came from the following: Cyndy Cecil Bragg/ the Whoopie Queen, Rodeo Realty, TV4, 868 Brands, Jorva, Fidelity Charitable

We are refocusing our fundraising strategy on Corporate Sponsorships and underwriting, and have created a target list, engaging a marketing and PR specialist to help us with this campaign. We are also reworking our Strategy/Business Plan to focus on building our Broadband Channel as a key anchor for fundraising efforts, particularly around impact and outreach.

Online funding campaigns

Through GLOBALGIVING, CROWDRISE and CATAPULT, we also raised monies for our programs.


GGM Productions

This is our work-for-hire arm of GGM, where trained GlobalGirls get paid to produce content for other NGO’s, women’s organizations, educational organizations, and websites. The price point for these videos is typically 50% below market, in order to attract clients who see the benefits of their production budgets supporting the growth and further education of young women in media. All revenue after costs are put back into GlobalGirl Media trainings and programs. We have been developing GGM Productions aggressively this year, and produced the following videos for hire:


RTI Videos in Morocco (series of youth leadership videos for a price if $1,000 each)

Restaurant Opportunities Collaboration Video in Detroit (shot by GGM Chicago) $6,000

UNESCO VIDEOS (RT airfare and hotel paid to Bangkok for GGM Reporter and ED)

SISTERHOOD LEASDERSHIP RETREAT(Liberty Hill and CA Endowment) $6500

FUK'UGESI DIGITAL AFRICA FESTIVAL: OPENING PARTY (South African Digital Festival, series of videos)



We welcomed a new Board Chair, Therese Steiner, Vice Chair Allison Devore and Treasurer Jon Cody. Therese and the Board instituted a Board Development process and a Board Prospectus to send to potential board members which clearly outlines Board expectations and goals. Allsion and Jon have worked with Amie on formalizing the budget and reporting process. Amie and Therese took the Annenberg Catalyst Seminar, designed to help ED and Board Chairs work more effectively together. As a result of the seminar, the Board instituted a “consent agenda” and formalized materials sent to Board members prior to board meetings.

In addition, we welcomed one new Board Member:

AMY STANTON founded Stanton & Company (Stanton &Co) with a passion for promoting and building positive female role models and messaging for women. Since 2006, when the company opened its doors, Stanton &Co has built a roster of philosophy-driven brands including exceptional athletes, lifestyle experts and brands in the healthy, active living space. Stanton &Co is focused on building platforms, events, content and programs to create real impact and results, for and around women. With an entrepreneurial upbringing, Amy always planned to start her own business and, inspired by her work with athletes as Director of Marketing & Communications for NYC2012, New York’s Olympic bid, recognized an important and underleveraged opportunity to help promote and build the area of women’s sports. As the company has grown, Amy’s traditional marketing background and personal passion for health and wellness have influenced the expansion of the business. While Amy’s tennis career never made it past captain of her high school team, she has completed the Boston to New York AIDS Ride twice, dabbled in triathlons, and has completed five marathons.




Huffington Post




Sharp Heels




American Bar Association Journal (Chicago Gun Violence Article)




 Desert Sun



  • Tuesday 22nd of April at 16h50 Voice Of the Cape radio station interview with Smanga Shange and Lindiwe Miya
  • Wednesday 23rd of April at 7h40 SABC 2000 radio interview with Amie Williams and Manto KhumaloTuesday 22nd of April at 14h30 Power FM interview with Annah Tseko
  • Al Jazeera The Stream: Anna Tseko was interviewed via SKYPE on this international weekly news show, reaching millions of viewers worldwide
  • CBC Radio Show, The Current , Leshego Maponya was interviewed about her experience voting for the first time LINK TO STORY
Therese, Amie and Meena at our fundraiser!
Therese, Amie and Meena at our fundraiser!
GlobalGirls Interview Muhammed Yunus in London!
GlobalGirls Interview Muhammed Yunus in London!


South Africa GGM in action!
South Africa GGM in action!

We have had a very busy fall here at GlobalGirl Media and are excited to share with you some highlights, and thank you for your ongoing support!

Here are some dispatches from the field:

GGM wins a Hollywood Foreign Press Award, presented by Kerry Washington!


GGM Co-founder and ED Amie Williams blogs about the origins and inspiration behind GlobalGirl Media:


GGM South Africa covers Digital Media Week in Johannesburg, the only video journalism team selected to do so! Please visit our website to review their reports!

GGM Reporter Najlae Nellouri travels to Geneva with ED Amie Williams to present their work at the Annual #Giving Women Conference, where Swiss and European thought leaders and funders in womens' empowerment  gather to share stories, reflect and build powerful coalitions. Najlae screened part of our award-winning film on sexual harrassment in Morocco: BREAKING THE SILENCE.

GGM Los Angeles Reporter Jeanette Moreno reported on the SISTERHOOD RISING LEADERSHIP RETREAT at UC Santa Barbara, producing a ten-minute video for the California Endowment and Liberty Hill. LINK TO VIDEO HERE:


GGM Chicago Bureau continues its stellar work on the webisode series, “Justice and Liberty for All”, civically engaging youth through issues that concern them. Story topics include: economic disparities for LGBTQ and homeless teens, beauty and cultural stereotypes inhibiting individual and social potential, the real lives of undocumented students and families, and sexual assault on college campuses.  This series and the ongoing GGM Chicago Ndws Bureau is made possible with support from After School Matters, led by our intrepid Program Director, Antiope Loomis. Please visit our website to see parts of the webisode.

GGM prepares to launch its very own Broadband Channel: the GlobalGirl Media Network (GGMN). “The Thinking Girls Channel: Putting Girls at the Center of the Story,"   GGMN is dedicated to girls' empowerment, leadership, self-esteem and gender equality -- providing content by, for, and about girls and young women, and global and much needed perspectives for girls ages 13-24, filling a space left barren by major media outlets.  Through emerging broadband television leader TV4 Entertainment, GGMN will offer high-quality video content and news reporting, and be accessible to viewers across the globe via the web and mobile through a destination content portal and super-distributed video network on such platforms as Hulu, Amazon, Roku and YouTube.  GGMN is scheduled to launch October 10 to coincide with the International Day of the Girl.


A three-week advanced digital media and journalism training was convened at the Jozi Hub, Johannesburg as part of the ongoing GlobalGirl Media News Bureau and Digital Media Trainings, sponsored by OSI. Our GlobalGirls took to the streets of Johannesburg to ask the free-born generation how they feel about the elections, the various political parties, and the experience of voting for the first time. A total of fifteen, one-minute videos were produced in addition to 7 longer pieces, which were blasted out through all GGM’s social media during the fifteen days leading up to the national presidential elections with the trending hashtag #FreeBornFreeMind.

Please check out our full playlist of videos produced for the #FreeBornFreeMind project.



The American Bar Association is sponsoring GlobalGirl Media Chicago's first investigative journalism unit project. Chicago journalist, NPR (WBEZ) contributor and GGM Chicago mentor, Alison Flowers, is working with four GGM Chicago student-journalists to tackle the subject of gun rights and violence in the city. Through polling and in-depth interviews, the team is seeking to find who the real stakeholders are in the gun debate.


GlobalGirl Media Chicago also recently released a short documentary video sponsored by Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC). Low wage tipped workers in restaurants are predominantly women, and women of color, making an average of $2.50 an hour as tipped workers. The video tells the story of Aisha Thurman and her two daughters, who are "living off tips," in Detroit, Michigan, dealing with sexual harassment, job insecurity, for $2.65 an hour. The federal minimum wage for tipped workers has not increased since 1970.


GlobalGirl Media is proud to announce 12 new GlobalGirl graduates from the Eastern Coachella Valley! These girls have worked hard to write, produce, and edit their own stories in their communities. This past winter they produced three short web-video documentaries about their mothers' own stories about immigration, women's roles in their families/communities, and their aspirations and dreams as part of the Mother/Madre Series. We are very proud of these girls' accomplishments and the bright future that lays ahead of them. Congratulations from the entire GlobalGirl Family! 

You can watch the three inspiring videos produced with support from The California Endowment and Building Healthy Communities here: I Am Not AshamedBreaking the Cycle, and My Mother's Courage. And see more videos by GGM Los Angeles reporters here


GlobalGirl Media is pleased to announce plans to open a new bureau location in London. A big thanks to Suzanne Biegel for organizing a working advisory board. You can follow Suzanne's blog here. Stay tuned for more information to come soon!


Women's eNews, in partnership with GlobalGirl Media, launched Teen Voices during their annual awards gala honoring gender equality work. Teen Voices at Women's eNews is a new source for global news on girls' experiences, perspectives and challenges, cultivating the next generation of social activist journalists and bridging the gap between generations of female readers.



Zocalo Public Square featured a piece written by GlobalGirl Janelly Martinez about creating the Mother/Madre project I Am Not Ashamed. In the article, titled “Making Mom a Movie Star: Creating a Documentary About My Mother’s Work in the Fields Helped Me See Her in a New Light,” Janelly tells readers about her experience with GlobalGirl Media and how the Mother/Madre project came about:

"I honestly didn’t think of my mom’s job as interesting until my friends and I signed up for a filmmaking class this past winter break offered by Global Girl Media, a nonprofit that provides high school girls with media and leadership training. We were in a room at Mecca’s Boys & Girls Club, where I’ve been going for about a year and a half (since I was 12) to participate in community service, get homework help, and take boxing lessons. The Global Girl Media teachers asked us if we thought there was anything interesting about our lives that would make a great story. It was hard to think of something..."

Click here to read the full article: Making Mom a Movie Star
The Desert Sun also featured an article about the Mother/Madre Project and how it has documented the experiences, struggles, and triumphs of the mothers of our Coachella GlobalGirls. Read the full article.
A blog post about "hashtag feminism," written by GlobalGirl Media Executive Director Amie Williams, was featured on the Action Blog of the Global Campaign for Education website. Read the full post here.
Also, TruthAtlas did a wonderful piece on Amie and GlobalGirl Media entitled "Turning Trauma Into Purpose," which can be read in full here.


GGM will be conducting three trainings for teenage girls in digital media journalism this summer in Chicago, Los Angeles and Oakland, California. Please welcome our new Program Partner: Youth Uprising in Oakland, CA.

Please contact for more information about trainings.

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