"Giving Children Wings to their Dreams"

Jul 17, 2014

** Wings to Learn, Wings to Empower **

Young People in Football For Hope Festival, Brazil
Young People in Football For Hope Festival, Brazil

Dear Co dreamers,

It gives us an immense pleasure to share with you that Girish and Mahesh graduates of our programme recently bagged a US scholarship to pursue a one year certificate programme. (http://www.bangaloremirror.com/bangalore/others/City-boys-grab-US-scholarship/articleshow/37722016.cms )

Along with this report, I want to share with you a volunteer story from the Dream outdoor experiential camp, followed by a few highlights of Dream A Dream programme. 

Zoombas! Yes, that's what we will call ourselves, Bopanna and Nilisha (facilitators of camp) shouted out to the group of adults who were coming for the camp. That kick started the journey of four fun filled, highly energetic and enthusiastic days with 14 adults and 29 young people. The excitement itself started building up in the long bus journey with all the campers having a ball shouting, screaming and singing all along. Reaching the camp site, I was totally awestruck with the awesome scenic beauty which surrounds it; calm and peaceful, completely away from the noisy, traffic loaded, polluted Bangalore roads. It was indeed a different new world. 

As the 'ZOOMBAS', were split into different family group, so was I. I was part of a family group, which we named as " Silver Springs' and there were five young people present.  I am sharing in the following the strong changes I observed in two of them:

Rakshit doing his tenth standard initially he was totally an introvert, would not contribute much to the group and would be just by himself. But slowly I started seeing him coming out of his small cocoon and displaying his very strong qualities. He was part of the gender stadium and came up with a lot of opinions which actually added a lot of value to the discussion the group was already having. And then I see him taking on to facilitate a workshop on Science crafts by himself. I was very happy and proud that he actually started opening up and bringing his inbuilt talents to the forefront.

Nisha studying tenth standard hails from Delhi and due to which she cannot understand Kannada very well. In the first two days, I used to observe her to be very quiet and not contributing much. She would just be present but then she started getting more comfortable and started asking for Hindi translations for different instructions that were given. She started getting more involved and putting forward her ideas and suggestions in the family group. During the youth led workshops, I was amazed to observe that she also took up to facilitate a workshop on Mehendi design and that too with sketch pens.  There was only one person who was getting his hand imprinted on but the amount of concentration and dedication which she had towards what she was doing was simply amazing. There were others asking her different queries and she was responding back patiently and was in the same time engrossed in what she was doing. Finally, I see her come up on stage and express her entire feelings to the entire crowd. It was indeed very heart touching!

I am very much pleased that I was indeed part of this beautiful experience.

  • Dream A Dream, the only NGO from India to be selected for the FIFA Football For Hope. 6 young players selected. 
  • Dell International, one of the long standing partners of Dream A Dream, initiated a month long campaign entitled “Ignite Youth Learning” to engage employees to volunteer at Dream A Dream.
  • Our Co-founder Vishal Talreja was invited for a talk at TedxBangalore.  https://campusdiaries.com/stories/tedxbangalore-campus-with-vishal-talreja
  • Participated in TCS world 10K Bangalore 2014. SSGA Ran supporting Dream A Dream.
  • Dream A Dream held a two day annual retreat for its employees at the Elim resort located at the outskirts of Bangalore. 
  • Dream A Dream was the official charity partner for the karaoke night event 'Kroak for Fund' at OPUS Sankey Road for all 4 Wednesdays in the month of June.
  • Dream A Dream was the official charity partner for the first ever vertical race in Bangalore called Skyscraper Dash held at the World Trade Centre, Bangalore.
  • 3119 young people enrolled in our life skills programmes – 1195 in Life skills through football and 1924 in Life skills through Arts.
  • 160 batches run across Bangalore partnering with 24 schools/NGOs - 92 batches in Life skills through Arts and 68 batches in Life skills through Football.
  • Each batch engages25-30 young people in the life skills development programme.
  • 3 Outdoor Experiential Camps completed engaging over 102 young people and 19 volunteers.
  • Teacher Development programme completed Life Skills Facilitation training level 1 and level 2 for 4 partners engaging 49 teachers. Completed Life Skills Facilitation training level 3 and level 4 for 5 old partners.
  • 8 young people participated in SPT tournament held in Bangalore.
  • 8 graduates participated in a tournament held at JP Nagar Bangalore.
  • Completed 1 mentoring Cycle – 25 mentors trained & 25 young people matched.
  • Engaged 454 young people in career awareness programme; 223 male and 231 female.
  • 551 young people engaged in skill development programme at the center; 194 male and 357 female.
  • 1038 young people enrolled to the Last Mile Support programme; 489 male and 549 female.
  • Received 196 applications for scholarships and 128 applications have been granted for scholarship.
  • 5 young people got placement.
  • Engaged 757 volunteers clocking 7182 volunteering hours.
  • Conducted 14 fundays engaging corporate employees.

Please scroll down to see a few pictures from the programme. We look forward for your continued support and an enduring relationship.

With Gratitude,

Sharing the workspace of Volunteers
Sharing the workspace of Volunteers
Young People Learning a Spanish Dance Form @ Camp
Young People Learning a Spanish Dance Form @ Camp
Volunteers Painting our Office Wall
Volunteers Painting our Office Wall
Young People Exploring their Art Skills
Young People Exploring their Art Skills


Apr 15, 2014

**New Recognition and A Motivation to Work More**

Dear Codreamers,

We are excited to share with you the journey of Dream A Dream of the last quarter of the financial year 2013-14. One of the main highlights of the programme is the Life Skills Assessment Scale developed by Dr. David Pearson and Dr. Fiona Kennady from UK who have been working together with Dream A Dream over the past years to develop and publish a standardized and reliable impact measure for Dream A Dream’s Life Skills Programmes for young people from vulnerable backgrounds. Their immense work has resulted in a paper co-authored by them with Dream A Dream Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer, Vishal Talreja. This has been accepted for publication in Social Behavior and Personality, an international journal for March 2014.

With this report I would want to share with you the story of Alisha (name changed) as observed by our facilitator followed by a few highlights of our organization and programmes. 

Meet Alisha a 14 year old girl who is studying in the 8th and has been part of the Dream Life Skills through Arts Programme since August 2012.

The Life Skills facilitator observed that Alisha was not regular in the sessions and used to give reasons like, “I am not well, I have to leave my sister to school, Relatives have come home, etc.” Initially the facilitator thought that Alisha was not interested in the programme and attempted to talk to her but it didn’t work.

Subsequently the facilitator observed that during sessions, other participants were not friendly with Alisha. They were not willing to mingle with her and avoided sitting next to her. If anyone sat next to Alisha, that person was laughed and teased by the others. During a personal conversation with the facilitator, Alisha shared that since no one was friendly with her and the she was teased and scolded even at school, she did not want to attend the sessions. Alisha further shared that her classmates refused to help her in class work.  When she brought this to principal’s notice, she scolded her back. Her parents convinced her saying they will change her school next year.

During one of the Life Skill sessions, the facilitator observed that no one wanted to pair with Alisha. After the session, the facilitator posed this question to the group and one of the participants mentioned that they felt that “Alisha is not clean and is not a decent girl.”

The facilitator realized the gravity of the discrimination and continued her one-on-one conversation with Alisha with a focus to build her strength, resilience and ability to deal with this discrimination. The facilitator shared her own story and encouraged Alisha to stay on in the programme. Alisha shared this with her mother and her mother encouraged her to attend these sessions. Through regular interactions with the facilitator, Alisha became interested in attending the sessions and gradually the other participants noticed Alisha’s interest and talent.

One day she could not complete her class work; her teacher did not allow her to attend the session. But Alisha was interested. She requested the facilitator to get her permission from the principal to attend session. She got it done.

The facilitator gradually noticed that Alisha started taking leadership, engaging with others and learning to deal with her feelings when others were teasing her.

One day Alisha shared with the facilitator, “Akka (sister), my friends celebrated my birthday using their own money and they are friendly with me!” Alisha is moving forward in her life positively and wants to continue in life skill sessions next year also.

Organisational and Programme Highlights:

  • Dream A Dream, In association with Christ University organized the first ever conference on the “Life Skills Assessment Scale”. NGO heads, researchers, academicians and social work students made up the over 200 participants at the conference.
  • Dream A Dream invited to be a presenter at the Annual Idea Conference organized be LEGO Foundation in Billund, Denmark between 8th - 10th April 2014.
  • The Dream Rugby Team won second prize in the “Touch Me Not Rugby Tournament” organised by Karnataka Rugby Football Union. 5 boys and 1 girl from Dream A Dream participated in the match.
  • Dream A Dream planned and moderated a session on “Education – Evolving Role of Teachers” at the Annual Development Dialogue 2014, Hubli organized by Deshpande Foundation.
  • Engaged 5369 young people through our life skills through football and arts programme. This includes 2533 boys and 2836 ratio also 52.8% girls ratio.
  • We run total178 batches partnering 24 schools and NGO,s across Bangalore, of which 106 batches are in Life Skills through Arts programme and 72 batches are in Life Skills through Sports programme.
  • 355 young people graduated from the core life skills programme in March 2014.
  • 36 Life Skills facilitators trained to deliver the curriculum based sessions.
  • Conducted a total of 16 camps engaging 562 young people for year 2013-14.
  • Dream Connect engaged 3179 young people in various skill development and career development courses in the Dream Connect Programme.1472 Male and 1707 Female were engaged in the programme.
  • Retention across courses is 97.2%.
  • 483 young people have completed over 55 hours of training at the Dream Connect Center.
  • Engaged 755 young people engages in Last Mile Support programme in year 2013-14.
  • Provided placement service to 14 graduates from the Dream Connect programme in Q4. Total job placement provided for 26 Dream Connect graduates in 2013-14. These are entry level jobs in Retail and F&B industries or as data entry operators for start-ups in Bangalore.
  • 44 applications for scholarships have been received so far out of which 28 have been granted scholarships.
  • As part of the ‘Kalarava” initiative, 200 graduates were engaged in new learning exposures. This includes 76 young people in Q4.
  • 28 Dream Connect graduates have been engaged in the Dream Mentoring Programme.
  • Enrolled 132 teachers in Q4 in our 4-workshop Teacher Development Programme.
  • Engaged over 533 teachers / youth workers / facilitators in our 4-workshop Teacher Development Programme for the year 2013-14.
  • A team of 20 Lead facilitators deliver the training. Received 83.3% overall average rating of excellent/very good on the training from the participants.

“This Training helped me to change my way of communication and interaction, I learnt the importance of the two in my day to day life and most importantly as a Teacher.” – Teacher, Youth For Seva after attending Life Skills Facilitator’s training level3.

  • Completed 2 mentor training cycles and trained 35 adult volunteers in Q4 establishing 35 new mentor and mentee relationships.
  • Total 135 volunteering hours captured to mentoring programme.
  • Established 100 relationships in 2013-14through 4 cycles of training and engagement.
  • Engaged 678 volunteers and clocked 8,254 hours in Q4. Total for 2013-14 is 2214 volunteers and 25,341 hours.
  • Conducted 13 fundays engaging 439 volunteers clocking 2011 volunteering hours in January to March 2014. 
  • Conducted 56 fundays involving 17 corporates and 4 educational institutions engaging 1713 volunteers clocking 6654 hours in 2013-14.

 Please scroll down to see our programme pictures :)

We look forward to your continued support and enduring relationship.Thank You!!

With Gratitude,

Dream Team

Life Skills Assessment Scale Conference at Christ
Life Skills Assessment Scale Conference at Christ
Teachers in Life Skills Facilitation Training
Teachers in Life Skills Facilitation Training
Receiving Graduation Certificate on Graduation Day
Receiving Graduation Certificate on Graduation Day
Jan 15, 2014

New year! New Beginning!

Dream Team with Goals for Girls Team from the USA
Dream Team with Goals for Girls Team from the USA

Dear Codreamers,

We are excited to share with you the journey of Dream A Dream so far. We have launched second Dream Connect Center in KR Puram, Bangalore to reach out 2000 more young people of vulnerable backgrounds.

With this report I would want to share with you a few highlights so far and the story of Ashwini (name changed), from the words of our Life Skills Facilitator, Shivu

Meet Ashwini studying in 7th Standard and has been part of our Dream life skills programmes since the start of this year.

The Challenge: Academically, she is an average student but highly energetic in the classroom, is a good dancer and also involves herself in sports.

During the observation, it was found that she often teases boys, and hits them as well as uses abusive words towards them. But when the life skill sessions are happening, she appears to be quiet as well as shy but her energy goes up immensely, if there is an action song or games happening during the session. But facilitator found her arguing with her class mates and using bad words, if she was asked to do something. She feels she is right and rest of them is wrong. This resulted in unwanted fights in classroom.

The Change: During the session facilitator started to give her some responsibilities. At the beginning, he asked her to do an action song of the main activity which she liked to conduct. Later gave responsibilities like distribution of materials that helped her to have at least an eye to eye contact with everyone and she slowly started to recognize everyone. It took almost a month to see some changes in her.

Facilitator was very happy to hear from her class teachers and friends’ feedback about her that she has become very active in all class room activities, raises hands to answer questions and takes quick responsibilities at class. She is the one who takes care of 1-3rd standard students in absence of teachers. She started accepting other students and thus everybody accepts her too.

Her friends said that they were scared to talk to Ashwini in the beginning and now it is different, they love her.

The Dream Power:  Facilitators are the key person of Dream A Dream programmes. They create platforms to the young people of our programme to come out from their challenges.

Organization and Programme Updates and Highlights:

  • Received Educasport World Forum Award for ‘New Skills of Sports Instructions’ at Paris.
  • Organised ‘Soiree de Smiles’ – Dream A Dream’s first exclusive fundraising evening as part of Unlock Smiles (www.unlocksmiles.com) Campaign
  • A visit by Goals for Girls from USA. Organized a coaching clinic and friendly tournament involving 42 girls from Dream A Dream and 20 girls from Goals for Girls team.
  • Participating in Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2014 on January 19th 2014. 16 people are running supporting Dream A Dream.
  • Successfully facilitated a large scale volunteering workshop for close to 150 representatives from NGOs and CSR units of companies at the IBM Corporate Service Corps conference in Bangalore. Engaged 5001 young people through our life skills programmes. We are currently at 100% of our target of directly impacting 5000 young people.
  • A total of 2355 boys and 2646 girls are participating in our core Life Skills Programmes
  • 36 Life Skills facilitators trained to deliver the curriculum based sessions.
  • Engaged 1795 young people in various skill development and career development courses in the Dream Connect program
  • Job placements provided for 17 Dream Connect graduates through Last Mile Support Programme
  • As part of the ‘Kalarava’ initiative, 111 graduates were engaged in new learning exposures
  • 3 Dream Connect graduates were offered internship opportunities at Dream Connect Center Koramangala and have been engaged in outreach and data entry work.
  • Engaged 407 teachers/ NGO workers through our Teacher Development Programme
  • Completed 2 mentor training cycle and trained 35 adults.
  • Established 35 new mentor and mentee relationships.
  • Total 135 volunteering hours spent to mentoring programme
  • Engaged 1,591 volunteers clocking 16,716 hours.


The Launch Dream Connect Center 2
The Launch Dream Connect Center 2
Oct 15, 2013

Power of Praise and Encouragement!!

Bright and courageous!!
Bright and courageous!!

Its mid year already and the excitement continues. We are delighed to be back to share with you all the happenings and highlights thus far.

I would like to start it with this quote “Most of us, swimming against the tides of trouble the world knows nothing about, need only a bit of praise or encouragement - and we will make the goal.” ~ Jerome P. Fleishman 

Meet Revathi (name changed), a young adult from our Dream Life Skills Through Football Programme, who by her willingness combined with encouragement from our facilitator and praise from her friends was able to come out of her shell and explore her strengths which is sure to help her go for her Dreams!!

The Challenge: At the beginning of the programme, Revathi was very shy and would not speak with anyone.  If she had any doubts, she would tell her friend who would then ask the facilitator. She was too shy to have a direct conversation with her facilitator.

One day, during an unstructured session, the facilitator did a drama activity in which she did not perform with the rest of the children. After the session, the facilitator spoke to her and invited her to participate. Revathi said, she was too shy and if she performed, others would make fun of her.

The Change: The facilitator gave her the challenge of being the lead actress in the upcoming drama, and she took on this challenge and performed very well. All of her friends and others in the session praised her which gave her a strong sense of confidence. After the drama performance, her male peers also praised her and this made her more comfortable with them. This led to her not being afraid of the others and she even started mingling with the boys at the sessions.

The Dream Power: As she continued in football matches, she became friends with these boys and she was no longer afraid to play football with them and challenge them in matches. She has become a very good football player. Her brother is in the football programme too and helps her learn how to play. At first, only her brother was allowed to attend the football programme. Now, she has finally convinced her parents to let her play and they are very happy about her new found sense of confidence. She and her brother practice playing football together after coming back school.

We at Dream A Dream feel honoured and take pride in presenting to you the Mid-year Organization and Programme Updates and Highlights as we have flown in to the first half of the year.

Organization Updates and Highlights:

Programme Updates and Highlights:

  • 3739 young people are engaged in our core life skills programmes – 1462 in Life Skills through Sports and 2277 through our Creative Arts programme.  
  • 166 young people were part of 5 Outdoor Experiential Camps.  Quote from a 15-year-old young adult at a camp "I got lot of opportunities to participate in leadership roles here, and want to continue participating in such camps and all the programmes Dream Connect Center offers, as I can't continue my education"
  • 610 young adults were benefited through our Life Skills for Career Development Programmes at Dream Connect Centre which offers the tools and foundational life skills necessary for career development. Teaching them Basic computer skills, English speaking, workplace readiness, career guidance, and career talks. 97% of the participants have shown significant improvement in computer skills. As part of our Last Mile Support programme 11 young people are successfully placed and 3 of them have been granted scholarships for higher studies and professional courses.
  • We have 19 volunteers trained to be Mentors and are mentoring 19 young adults from difficult backgrounds.
  • Teacher Development Programme is delivered through a series of 4 workshops called Teacher Development Programme (TDP #1, 2, 3, & 4) focused on engaging, enabling, and empowering teachers and youth workers which in turn helps them to empower young people with life skills in their own schools and regions.  156 teachers/youth workers have received TDP #1 and 43 teachers or youth workers have received TDP #1 and #2. Quote from a teacher "Some of the things that I will do differently as a result of my new learnings is identifying the individual potential of teammates and specially children inside the classroom."
  • PYE Global (Partners for Youth Empowerment) has trained a team of 26 lead facilitators, who will be responsible for leading teacher development workshops and Outdoor Experiential Camps.
  • Engaged 1092 volunteers clocking over 9524 volunteer hours. 4 volunteers have clocked hours between 40 – 80 volunteering hours, 18 are between 80 – 200 and 8 are between 200 – 800 hours. Read about the volunteering experience from one of our volunteer, Prarthana, at http://dreamadream.org/2013/09/volunteering-to-make-the-heart-whole-again-my-story-of-change/ 

Thank you for walking this journey with us and we look forward for your continous support. Visit the link below to unlock a few smiles and spread the word through your networks.

Passionate teachers @ Teacher Development Progaram
Passionate teachers @ Teacher Development Progaram


Jul 22, 2013

An exciting start to the year!!

Prayerful beginnings for a powerful session :-)
Prayerful beginnings for a powerful session :-)

We have kick started our core programmes for this year and there is excitement all around; and it is raining highlights.  Special thanks to each one of you for being a tremendous support in helping us continue to empower and transform lives of young people from vulnerable backgrounds.

With this update we would want to share with you story of Shekar (name changed), who is part of Dream Life Skills through Sports Program.

Meet Shekar, a 16-year-old, who has been part of our Life skills through Football Programme since last 2 years.  His father is a driver and his mother works as a domestic help.  His hobbies include playing football and listening to music.

The Challenge:  Shekar was very shy in the beginning, not speaking with anyone. His parents are very supportive of him and want him to get involved in activities at school but he has never been able to. During the first few sessions at the Life Skills through Football programme, Shekar would never try new skills when the facilitator asked him to. Shekar explained that he was too afraid to make a mistake because he thought people would laugh at him. He narrated an incident from his life about when he was in the 8th grade, he was called on to answer a question, which he got wrong, and the entire class laughed at him. From that day onwards, he does his work properly on paper but is too afraid to speak in front of other students.

In one session, a volunteer came to join the young people. The volunteer noticed Shekar’s shy behaviour and proceeded to support him during the match. The volunteer told him how good he was in the match in terms of his efforts and scoring a goal. Shekar had never been acknowledged like that and it gave him a bit of confidence. The volunteer told him his own personal story about how he used to be shy but as he grew older, he began to learn more and obtain more skills to become an engineer. The volunteer explained that everyone goes through times of doubt and he shouldn’t be discouraged by his peers.

After this interaction with the volunteer, the facilitator noticed Shekar communicating and participating more actively during sessions.

The Change:  Once, when the facilitator was revisiting the team agreements (agreements are made by children themselves with the help of facilitator before start of the session every year which they follow during the sessions such as; being on time, no using bad language, etc. ), Shekar was first to raise his hand to explain the agreements. During the warm ups, Shekar started speaking and participating actively. The facilitator asked them to run five rounds around the grounds and Shekar raised his hand to suggest six rounds instead. His friends who lived near the grounds also participated in the sessions but did not attend regularly. Shekar decided to collect them before the sessions to ensure their attendance for that day’s session. Since he realized the importance of teamwork, Shekar would gather his friends to make sure everyone was accountable and part of the team.

When the facilitator spoke with Shekar’s teacher, she told him that he has started participating in school activities. He recently participated in a quiz competition and made it to the semi-finals. His teacher praised him for his academic efforts. Shekar’s parents are very happy that he has started taking an active part and has realized that he can achieve his goals. He discovered that he has the academic and extracurricular abilities and felt a renewed sense of confidence.

The Dream Power:  Shekar confidently shares, “I like the activities including the fun games and playing as a team. I want to continue this programme next year in the tenth standard. I have the confidence to take part in all of the activities in the programme. My dream is to be a football player.”

Dream Life Skills programme is aimed to help young men like Shekar find their inner strength and confidence through powerful experiences, consistent messaging and role-modelling.

Organization and Programme Updates and Highlights (April 2013 – July 2013):

  1. 2016 young people are enrolled in our life skills programmes – 847 in Life skills through football and 1169 in Life skills through Arts.
  2. 32 Life Skills facilitators are trained to deliver the curriculum based life skill sessions to help deepen the impact of the programs.
  3. 70 young people and 15 volunteers were part of 2 Outdoor Experiential Camps for this year.
  4. 336 young adults were benefited through our Life Skills for Career Development training at our Dream Connect Centre, which offers the tools and foundational life skills necessary for career development.  Teaching them Basic computer skills, English speaking, workplace readiness, career guidance, and career talks.  83% of them completed the course.  We are also happy to share with you that one of our young adult have successfully completed his training at Barathi Walmart and now works with Life Style.
  5. 19 volunteers were trained to be Mentors and 12 have been matched with their mentee’s already.
  6. 90 volunteers have been engaged clocking over 3165 volunteers hours.
  7. Teacher Development Workshop was delivered to 58 teachers from 2 of our partner schools with focus on Life Skills Facilitation.  The programme aims to train teachers and community workers to facilitate the development of Life Skills amongst young people in their own schools and regions. The workshops in particular are focused on enabling adults to deepen the understanding of self and young people.  A teacher says "I have learnt to listen to others and respect what they have to say" and going forward when I am teaching "I would guide the child rather than preach or force them to follow right path by giving them options."
  8. Vishal Talreja, Co-founder and Executive Director of Dream A Dream was on a 2-month learning and inspirational journey through the Eisenhower Fellowship programme, U.S.  Know more about his trip; visit his facebook page- Dreamer on the Go - Vishal Talreja 
  9. Suchetha Bhat, COO and Bopanna Pattada, Lead Trainer from Dream A Dream are learning, sharing and Co-creating the Creative Community Model at the first ever global gathering of Social Artists and Facilitators hosted by our partners PYE Global - Partnership for Youth Empowerment at Whidbey Island, United States of America. They will also be co-facilitating and volunteering at a youth camp hosted by PYE. We are proud to be partners with PYE and look forward to excellent learnings coming back to us as we deepen our own Teacher Development & Life Skills Model.
  10. Dream A Dream has been shortlisted in top 12 NGOs (medium category) in the India NGO Award 2013 and assessment process is to happen shortly to decide the winner.

We look forward to your continued support and enduring relationship!

Thank You!!

Deep reflections after an activity at a Camp
Deep reflections after an activity at a Camp

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