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Stressful Moments

By a female, in Busia, Kenya
Map of STRESSFUL MOMENTS Susan my cousin is one of those people who have experienced traumatising events and stressful moments that taught her great lessons which she lives to remember and be cautious about. There was a time when she got into a relationship with a man by the name Dan. They dated for one year and in that process got a baby. Dan's mother told Susan to take the baby to her two years after his birth and that was the last time Susan set her eyes on the boy. After three years, she got into another relationship this time it was Edwin. After one and a half years they got a baby girl and after three years Edwin played a trick and got away with the baby girl. Whoever Susan never gave up but she got into another relationship and after three years of dating , she got a baby but this time an idea struck her and she took the baby to another place of work. Today the child is in form four student at Alliance girls high school and with greater vision ahead of her. Read more.
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Creating Opportunity Out Of Poverty.

By a male, 22-30 years old, in District
Map of Creating opportunity out of poverty. What I have been stressing is that it is important to have a plan, to have ideas, but really, these do not matter if they are not implemented. This is where Africa has failed and where, we you and I, have failed. We think great ideas, we spend hours discussing highways and then walk home on dusty or muddy paths. Implementation is key. One of the sponsers added a key point to a friend of mine, As Africans, we need to be true to ourselves. To do the best we can, so as to be the best. Earlier in his opening speech the sponser from UK echoed how Africa had embraced technology, how new way of communication including social sites like facebook and the growth of the ICT industry was transforming the continent and providing potential to all. As I am talking from the word of my speech, the friend of mine was taken by the sponser to United Kingdom. And now expecting better fruits from the country. Read more.
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Power In African Country

By a female, 22-30 years old, in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of POWER IN AFRICAN COUNTRY Its not easy for a community to corp up with war like environments which i personaly witnezzed in the country during the post election violence. Thanks to the international patners in mission who gave a helping hand to the many of the people who were left homeless by providing them with soem cash to acquire houses else where away from kibera slums. many of the people who were kicked out of their livng rooms in kibera spent atleast one week in the cold befoer the PM come for their resque,power transmission in African country means blood,death and loss of property in the resent study. I wonder what can be doen in a land where goods have been destroyed people have been killed and wounded the population has fled to escape the danger.Today comes of million of shillings are spend on politicalarena in order to gain power ten times more than the total spent on humanitarian and other aid. Read more.
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