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The Power Of Investing

in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of THE POWER OF INVESTING Every individual has a story to tell. Some of us are seen walking confidently yet with a lot of stories to in our hearts. Am a 20 year old girl. I have my own ups and downs in my life just when i ws thinking or when i was at the peak of achieving something. In my high school year i was severally chased out of school and at some point aand could not defend my titile as a table tennis player reason? i wss not in school. Luckily i managed to secure myself a hance at campus because i had passed with flying colours. I ws not able to join campus immediately and so far two g ood years i had to voulunteer at a community based organization. I later did a fundraiser and i was able to go to school. I am currently doing Bachelor of commerce. With the kind of life i havee been though i could not want any Kenyan child to undergo the same challenges. I want to own my own investment company and teach the young ones financial illetracy. I want to teach everyone of us the power to Invest. Read more.
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By a female, 16-21 years old, in Kiambu, Kenya
Map of witchdoctor How many of us have spent countless of our money to witchdoctors all in the name of us getting solutions to our problems?so many and the most annoying thing is that these money can be spent well investing somewhere. Citizens tv news anchor took us through the process that victims of witchdoctors go through.He and his cameraman(micheal Njenga) pretended to be business men they said that their business was doing so bad, the witchdoctor fell for their idea yet it was only a lie they went through the ritual process were given instructions on what to don and what to come with on their next appointment plus the amount of money to come with. On their next appointment they came with requirements and the same rituals were performed on them.But the truth is we all knew that this was only a set up nothing here was real.The media wanted to show these who have been victims of these trap how much time and money they waste on such people. Read more.
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Small Scale Traders

By a female, 46-60 years old , in Busia, Kenya
Map of SMALL SCALE TRADERS Most small scale traders have always risen strongly but have fallen within a short time because of lack of training of this traders in order to sustain their businesses. For a very long time the small scale traders in my community have not been able to expand the scale of their businesses and this discouraged many people not only in my community but the entire nation from venturing into business. Whoever with the emergence of small and Medium enterprise Resource Center (SME's) many small and medium scale traders have been trained on how to maintain and sustain their businesses in order to ensure high profits and expansion of this businesses. This has been a source of encouragement to many entrepreneurs and has led to increased establishment and expansion of small and medium scale businesses which has been a major boost to the kenyan economy and my communities economy. Read more.
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The Bench

By a female, 16-21 years old, in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of THE BENCH Jeff Koinange is a Kenyan journalist commonly known for his 30 mins interview programme called "the bench".Jeff has his own televison satition known as K24 whick is the award winning station in the CNN Africa journalists of the year award. In his programme he hosts great people with great legacy,they come inspire us through their talk, he also interviews our leaders and we get to hear their manifestors ans also future plans. Crusial topics are discussed and solutions given to some of our problems.Through his programme important is passed across the country and also the programme creates a lot of awareness. His programme is one that cannot be afforded to be missed and evryone is always eager to watch it daily. Read more.
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An Inspiring Childrens Home

By a male, under 16 years old, in Kakamega, Kenya
Map of AN INSPIRING CHILDRENS HOME I am Hillary Mwanja from Tumaini miles of smiles, One day a team of members arrived at our home.They included five people,men and women and one lady from Germany. We were exited to see them lovely, social and passionate to talk greatness out of us.They were to help to develop me and my colleagues to become role models. From that they continued to inspire us to improve academically and to achieve our dreams in life.I promise to work hard to become a pilot. Read more.
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Education Investment

By a male, 31-45 years old, in Kakamega North, Kenya
Map of EDUCATION INVESTMENT Education is a password to success in life today. Our effort and collective imput to it in relation to our children to day determines a lot for our children tomorrow. It is for this reason that I leave nothing to chance when it comes to giving my attention to it. My late brother left me with his daughter and because I want to invest in her the best I gave the best institution in our community. Highway ECDE centre this opportunity as I am sure it will give a good account of itself. This was in 2009, and I rejoice at the development within the short span of time. The child, sarah has excellent development now, I give Highway a pat on the back Guarchain Jackfon shayo. Read more.
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By a female, 46-60 years old , in Mombasa, Kenya
Map of DRUGS Mombasa, a city well known for drugs with so many prominent people in the city financing the practice that has left so many youths and people in the city hopeless, irresponsible and without track of life. The old and the young, men and women have all been affected and hospitals get full because patients who have been adversely affected by drugs. In some parts of this city, (the narcotics) are like breakfast, lunch and supper which help survive on with this problem so much rampant in this coastal town,NACADA has come up strongly to help fight this problem. It has established rehabilitation centres where the drug addicts are taken care and taught on effects of drugs and even provided with food which is one of the major reasons why some youths get into this job. With this intervention by NACADA, the problem is being solved though at a slow pace but the results have started to be solved though at a slow pace but the results have started to be felt and most youths are turning away from drug addiction to live a life that is free narcotics and a life that is responsible. Read more.
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Improving My Life

By a female, 22-30 years old, in Kakamega, Kenya
Map of Improving my life My name is Vivian Amani. I am the owner of the great Wamdo supermarket found in Kakamega. I may say that life before i had ventured into business was a total wreck. I had just graduated from the university and was looking for a job.Walking from place to place,i was not able to identify one. I however,as days went by,an idea struck me of sorting a business. For the moment,i did not have capital but was not an impediment since i was shown KWFT which i advanced a loan from them. I borrowed the loan and started a shop that used to sell food stuffs. Along the way the business expanded until i decided to open a supermarket. It worked and now i am enjoying lucrative profits as i also invest into different ventures. Read more.
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