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Mar 4, 2014

Celebrations for our Flourishing Children!

The Boys on Christmas Day
The Boys on Christmas Day

Here’s to 2014!

It’s been a fabulous start to the year at Reaching Hand. During the Christmas holidays, our children enjoyed lots of special treats! Some performed a nativity play and sketches, and lots of games, gifts, carols, and food were enjoyed!

Feeling Proud

Soon it was back to school for all the children, and their achievements this term have already started to roll in - a thrilled Chandana came Home all smiling from School as she had won a prize in the Drawing Competition.

The 7th of February was a particularly proud moment for us all at Reaching Hand. Chuimayo, one of our first boys to join us over 9 years ago graduated from 10th Standard as Football Captain and Head Boy of St. Michaels School. He led the students into the hall, and our New Home staff watched as he passed on the flame to next year’s students… an emotional moment for many! Chuimayo has proved that regardless of your background, past and hardship, you can succeed in life… as we are sure he will as he continues to carry the fire inside him! All the best to Chuimayo, who is now looking forward to college!

Republic Day Celebrations!

On the 26th January, India celebrated Republic Day! This day commemorates the date and moment when the Constitution of India came into effect in 1950. We at Reaching Hand joined the nation celebrating this important event in colourful and exciting ways! Early on the Sunday morning our schools were enjoying the celebrations, with the children dancing and performing, singing the National Anthem, and speeches being made, finished off with the hoisting of the flag, a great time that exhibits our National pride, rich history and vibrant culture!

Welcoming many Special Guests!

This quarter, the New Home has had many special visitors, from Father Christmas to volunteers from all over the world! Between January and February Pallavi, Payal (Management & Engineering Student of XIME-Cochi), and Beth (UK) came to intern for 3 -4 weeks at Reaching Hand. They spent time volunteering for all our projects at Reaching Hand, but time with the New Home children was what they enjoyed the most! We also had a huge group of volunteers from all over the world visit the New Home in January! Many fun activities were had, organised by the group, and the children blew them away with beat boxing and football! Over the last three months, we have engaged 5 different corporates with over 200 of their employees in our regular programs!

A New member of the Reaching Hand family

On 11th Feb, the New Home welcomed into its arms Thanu who is six years old, after spending the last two years in Wenlock`s Hospital in Mangalore. Thanu suffered a great tragedy two years ago, when his mother was electrocuted with Thanu in her arms. She died on the spot, whilst Thanu suffered 40% burns and lost his left leg. His right leg is also affected by the burns and he has an artificial left leg, however they are not strong enough to take his body weight. He is unable to walk more than 10 to 15 feet. He can drag himself in a seated position on the ground.

Thanu is a bright and brilliant boy, and is always smiling, regardless. All that Thanu wants is to go to School, and is eager for the new term to start in June! He loves technology, mobile games and watching cartoons.

Thanu will be reunited with his older brother, Shashi in April once Shashi has finished his year end exams in 4th Standard at his current school. Shashi currently visits every weekend, and is very much looking forward to being back with his beloved brother.

Come June Thanu will be off to School to start his future. Of course his disability hinders his movement, and he will have to be carried everywhere, however we know how much he  has fought his way this far and we are sure with his grit and determination he will make it through School in flying colours.

Looking Ahead…

So the end of another school year will come for our children, and they are working hard towards their end of year exams! However they are very much looking forward to a well – deserved long Summer Holiday, where they will be free to enjoy summer camps, sports, and special days out.

The next big date in Reaching Hand’s diary is 18th May. The time has come around to our biggest fundraising event of the year, the TCS World 10K Marathon, Bangalore! You can encourage us by donating towards the event… but why not go a step further and join with your friends, family, colleagues and organise a mini marathon in aid of Reaching Hand! Be a part of the action! You can create a fundraiser on Global Giving and share away to get your sponsorship!

Another great incentive run by Global Giving is YouthSpark, a reoccurring donation campaign where Microsoft will match any donations made! Your Funds will be matched on April 16th by 50% for donations up to $500.

For donors in the UK, Global Giving, for one week only will be giving away a bonus of one pound for every two pounds you raise - up to a maximum of £600 per donation! This is taking place from 3rd March until the 9th! This makes a huge difference to any contribution made, so please do consider making a donation this week!

Thank you once again for your continued support, and watch out for more of our projects that will be uploaded onto Global Giving soon! We are diversifying our projects this year to reach out to more of the needy, through the following new programs - 

1. Steer to Change - An all-woman taxi service, run by women, for women.

2. Future Connect Technology Training Center (FCTTC) - A hub for youths in slum communities, based near each of our Government schools that offers a safe space to learn and enjoy new activities and skills, as well as discover career opportunities.

3. Girl’s Glory – (a sanitary hygiene project for girls) - Working with all our girls in our Government schools who are going through puberty to provide them with hygiene advice and sanitary wear in order for them to live healthily and maintain high attendance at school.

Don’t forget, you can like us on Facebook - for all the regular updates and activities! Please share with your friends!

Christmas Gifts!
Christmas Gifts!
Head Boy Chuimayo passing on the flame
Head Boy Chuimayo passing on the flame
Celebrating Republic Day
Celebrating Republic Day
Meet Thanu
Meet Thanu
Chaitra and Pooja with volunteers, Beth and Payal
Chaitra and Pooja with volunteers, Beth and Payal


Dec 3, 2013

Reaping the Rewards of Sporting Success!

A THANK YOU from New Home Boys
A THANK YOU from New Home Boys

Dear Friends,

Thank you for standing with us throughout last year. Your continuous support to our cause is encouraging us in creating a safe and vibrant environment for our children. As we continue our journey on creating a vibrant, positive, and healthy future for our children at New Home, we thank you from the bottom of our heart for choosing to make a difference to their lives. We are grateful for your generous support and glad to share how your donation is been put to work!

It’s been a sporting season at Reaching Hand this quarter!

The medals keep coming!

The last three months have been very active at the New Home! Some of our boys participated in the State Level Olympics; Chiumayo ran the 300m Medley Relay where he and his team won the Bronze Medal. Charan and Bharat`s Team won the 1st prize in the 4x100m relay!

Meanwhile, Leshini and Monisha won Gold and Bronze medals in the Karnataka Inter-Schools Meet! The Reaching Hand team were stunned however when our children of St. Michaels came home from the Athletics meet at the beginning of November with an impressive 55 medals: 26 Gold, 21 silver and 8 Bronze! The meet was extra special as Chuimayo the Head Boy led the School in the March, followed by Monisha leading the School Band as the Assistant Band Captain. Our top athletes included Leshini, winning 4 Gold medals in the relay x2, 50m race, and Kho-Kho with a Silver medal in long jump; Umesh with 100m race Gold medal, and 3 Silvers in cricket, football and long jump; and Bharat winning 2 gold medals in cricket and football and, silver in the relay race, and bronze in the long jump. Siblings, Monisha and Surya came out on top, with both winning the Individual Championships! Monisha attained an impressive 3 Gold medals in the 100m race, throwball and basketball; 3 Silver medals in the 400m race, long jump, and shotput, with a Bronze medal in 100m relay. Surya managed a remarkable 5 Gold medals in football, volleyball, basketball, 200m and 100m races!

Many felt the Joy of Giving with Reaching Hand!

The Joy of Giving Week is a National ‘Giving’ initiative held every year across India between 2nd – 8th October.  This encourages people to give their time, money, resources or skills back to society and the needy.

Sleeping Under the Stars

This was a unique event, and the first of its kind in India! To kick start the huge philanthropic event of the Joy of Giving Week on the 1st October, the Reaching Hand team, along with supporters spent a night in the city sleeping rough and without shelter. This was in recognition of the everyday challenges and extreme hardships faced by those living without shelter in just one night, raising awareness for the estimated 80 million homeless people in India, of which approximately 11 million are children.  The event was a great success with thanks to everyone who contributed. In total about 400 people came to the event and 150 people stayed and slept until 4am!

This year, as part of the Joy of Giving Initiative we also took part in GeneroCity – a NGO Mela on the 5th October, followed by Food for Change, where we shared a giant ‘Thank You’ with our supporters and donors, and enjoyed culinary delights from the city’s top Hotels, along with grand entertainment and live music. 

Diwali – the Children Celebrate the Festival of Lights!

Our children joined in the fun of Diwali by celebrating with lanterns and fireworks! Diwali means ‘row of lights’, and is celebrated by many looking forward to a prosperous year ahead!

Goals to Goodness, Round II!

Reaching Hand held its 2nd Goals to Goodness event on the 9th and 10th November 2013 at HAL Grounds, Old Airport Road, Bangalore. This was an event encouraging corporate teams to ‘Kick for a Cause’ supporting Reaching Hands work with underprivileged children. Reaching Hand would like to convey a huge THANK YOU to all those who were a part of Goals to Goodness II, the support from all the sponsors, partners, volunteers, participants as well as many individuals made the event the success it was! This time around, 21 teams participated from 17 different companies!  The six teams that made it through to the finals were Mu Sigma, Mindtree, Target, Cisco, TCS and ANZ, with TCS winning GOLD! We are hugely grateful to both ANZ and TCS for generously donating their prize money, of 20,000 and 15,000 INR to our cause.

The highlight of the weekend was certainly the children’s match against the Team Captains! With a little advantage, and strong support the kids won 5 – 2. Thrilled with their win, the kids spent the rest of the afternoon and into the early evening playing football with one another. At Reaching Hand we value sports development for our children, as it is proven to encourage, and enhance their natural abilities. Sport also reaches out to our children regardless of their backgrounds, and with our guidance can build on their self-respect, self-esteem and empowerment.

Looking Forward to Christmas and the Start of a New Year

Now we are looking forward to the Christmas Season! We have lots of treats lined up for the children of the New Home during their school holidays! We are looking forward to another successful year, where our children will continue to thrive in their studies, talents and more memorable moments will be made! We thank all of you for supporting our children, please don’t forget us this Christmas, ‘tis the season to be jolly, so make a difference to their lives, and donate towards their growth and happiness!

Please consider telling your friends and family about our project - share the link on your blogs or social networks, use the tell-a-friend feature on the project page to email your network, or just bring us up in conversation. We want reach out to many as there are more children who need our services. You can also follow us on Facebook to see our regular updates and activities here -

Many thanks again for your support! We will continue to keep you updated about our work and events of the following months.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

With love from the Reaching Hand Team 

Thomba + Umesh collecting their prize for Football
Thomba + Umesh collecting their prize for Football
Pravina at the Sports Day
Pravina at the Sports Day
Sleeping Under the Stars
Sleeping Under the Stars
Lanterns for Diwali
Lanterns for Diwali
Captains vs. kids @ G2G
Captains vs. kids @ G2G


Sep 9, 2013

Passing on the kindness to the fullest

Children with certificates and trophies
Children with certificates and trophies

Dear Friends,

First of all, a huge thank you for your continued support and concern for our New Home children! Here is what has been happening with the children over the last quarter.

A Chilly Treat!

The children are now back at school, but before term started in June, they had one last special treat! On the last day of May, our children visited ‘Snow City’, Bangalore! Set in an icy playground with the temperature being -5, it certainly was an experience for our children and colder than they could have ever imagined! Teeth chattered, yet they soon began to warm up from their excitement and running around! Inside was a magical wonder, with real snow fall, a snow castle, and an igloo! There was also mountain climbing, snow dancing and rafting, which was many of the children’s favourite activity!

Passing on the kindness

On the 2nd June, the children took a trip to a village 70 km from Bangalore called Kolar. Many children in the village are underprivileged, most living in slum-like conditions. Our children felt the happiness of giving, by providing over 50 other children, aged between 4 and 15 school rucksacks, stationary and sweets. All the children were delighted to meet each other, and all were excited to share their favourite songs and show their best dance routines to one another! After presenting the gifts, the children had time to integrate and play, and then feast on delicious biryani!  It was a cheerful occasion, and many new friends were made. It was also clear to see that our children are learning the great impacts of small acts of charity, and we believe the acts of kindness from you, our donors and supporters are being learnt and passed on by the children.

Our children are leading the way to success

The following week, the children were back at school, beginning their new school year with different classes and teachers! Back to the routine of school and tuitions, they have been tremendously busy! We are also delighted to announce that Chiumayo who is studying in 10th Standard, was selected to become Head Boy of St. Michael’s school! He is overjoyed with his new role, and is managing his new responsibilities and work very well.

A new activity that has been taken up at the New Home recently is music. Every Saturday, from the beginning of June those who have a keen interest in music are having keyboard and guitar lessons, something that has proved to be very popular with the kids! Chiumayo recently came first place in the schools singing competition, when he sung a rendition of ‘I Cant Get Over You’ – by Anthem Lights.

A new addition to the Reaching Hand family

On the 25th June, we welcomed Ruth’s sister, Bhavana into the New Home family. Bhavana was reunited with her sister and is now very much a part of the New Home. She had gone through a long journey alone after she was split from Ruth. Becoming orphaned due to their parents losing their battle with AIDS, they had no family to care for them. Now they are together again, they are always by each other’s side! Bhavana loves crafts, reading, singing and sewing and is currently being tutored tailoring and English. Your support ensures that Reaching Hand has the means to take children under our wing. Children such as Bhavana who were once lonely, separated and facing an uncertain future.

A collective effort gives great rewards!

In our last report we wrote of our participation in the Bangalore TCS World 10K Marathon. This proved to be an amazing success, and Reaching Hand managed to raise awareness and promote our cause. On the 11th of July the Marathon press conference and prize giving ceremony took place, where it was announced that Reaching Hand had been awarded ‘Highest Fundraising NGO’! This was a fantastic recognition of the efforts of our supporters and donors especially! We just want to say a huge thank you to all who donated towards the event, or sponsored our Care Champions.

What’s next?

Reaching Hand is looking forward to being a part of India’s biggest philanthropic event, the Joy of Giving Week ( which takes place annually on the 2nd – 8th of October! This is an event where people from all over the country come together, regardless of their background, religion or age to celebrate a festival of giving. We have many exciting plans, such as staff and volunteers participating in Bangalore’s first ever ‘sleep out’ event – Under The Starts( in recognition of the many children who are forced to sleep on the streets due to homelessness and abandonment in India.

We are also looking forward to ‘Food for Change’ ( )– where NGO’s and their supporters meet for a celebratory meal provided by the top hotels and restaurants in Bangalore, among many more special events!  Keep up to date with our plans and activities by visiting our new Facebook page -  where you will be able to see our regular updates and photos!

We encourage you to continue contributing when you have a reason to celebrate, dedicate a gift to someone you love, just want to do something different, spread the word with your friends.

We thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for being there with us and hope that you will be associated with Reaching Hand in an active or passive form even in the distant future.

We look forward to your continued support and enduring relationship!

With Love and Care

Reaching Hand Team

Reaching Hand getting the most fundraiser award
Reaching Hand getting the most fundraiser award
Our children expressing their kindness
Our children expressing their kindness
Children having fun while dancing..
Children having fun while dancing..
Jun 11, 2013

Nurturing our Children's Aspirations

Our International Volunteer with RH children
Our International Volunteer with RH children

Dear Friends, 

A big Hello from all of us at Reaching Hand!

It has been a busy few months for all the children and staff at Reaching Hand!

On 26th January the children and staff of Reaching Hand celebrated Republic Day with HCL team. It is one of India’s most important national events. It was on January 26th, 1950 that the constitution of India came into force and India became a truly Sovereign, Democratic and Republic state. The HCL team provided sweet treats for the children and hosted many different games and activities such as dancing and singing along the HCL staff. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the day remembering our great nation’s democratic values! 


In February we organized our first inter corporate soccer tournament - Goals To Goodness (G2G) fundraising event! This included 16 corporate teams who all participated in the matches, a fantastic friendly event! The children were keen to get involved as they also got an opportunity to play a friendly match with Oasis children. The event was organized to raise awareness and funds for our orphan children. The event was a huge success and got very good recognition in the media. We are planning to have more in the near future!

February also saw a very busy time for all the children’s studies, as they all knuckled down to prepare for their annual examinations. Their exams then took place in March, and we are hoping that they will be rewarded for all their hours of study time by achieving good grades! Will are anticipating their results which will be due by the 1st June.

At the end of March, we were pleased to welcome Emily Parkes,our first International Volunteer! Emily is a BSc Geography graduate from the U.K, and she will be working with us on voluntary placement for 6 months. Emily will be in the office helping the Director of Operations with fund-raising for the charity, as well as working closely with the children, helping with their reading and giving support to our older children who are entering their teenage years. She is staying in the girls New Home throughout the duration of her stay.

Reaching Hand Run towards a Positive Future in the TCS Bangalore W10K Marathon!

On Sunday 19th May, more than 100 supporters of Reaching Hand took part in the TCS Bangalore 10K Marathon 2013, including our children, staff, volunteers, our Care Champions – Derek Dsousa, Patrick Pitchappa, Kumar Raju, Emily Parkes & V M Samuel, and Corporate Partner, Infinite. United with various other causes and NGO’s, we ran for the better future of our children! In the Majja run, the atmosphere was alive with samba music, dancing and creative fancy dress! Reaching Hand came bearing t-shirts, banners, gloves and some crazy headdress! Mr. Lemuel Paul, Employee Club President of Infinite Computer Solutions (Corporate Partner of Reaching Hand for the Marathon) said – “The marathon was a great way to de-stress, and lot of fun too. However the cause [Reaching Hand] that we ran for made our participation more satisfying than anything else.” Mr Sunder Rajan, Senior Vice President (Human Resources) of Infinite found that “It’s a thrill to run with everyone for a common human cause. I really felt I have accumulated more energy after Running together with all”. Indeed the aim of this event is to bring people together with their passions and aspirations, the common purpose being fitness, and representing a cause they believe in.

We wish to thank all those who participated with us, as well as everyone who sponsored Reaching Hand. The Bangalore Marathon is an interactive and engaging way in which our charity can raise funds, reach out to the public and promote our cause.

BIAL AIRPORT VISIT 21st May 2013  -   “Aiming to Fly High”

On Tuesday the 21st May, our children had a fantastic day out to Bangalore International Airport. Upon reaching its fifth birthday, the children were invited to celebrate with them. A grand tour of the airport was given to our children and staff, demonstrating the procedure of check-in, luggage and security, giving us a deeper insight into its organisation and day to day running’s. The children were able to have a bus tour of the airfield, and it was clear to see the children’s delight getting up close to the aircrafts! We were then provided with a delicious lunch and had a craft exercise, where the children made origami butterflies and planes. This kind of exposure for our children will encourage them to aim high, and pursue a challenging career, maybe working for the airport themselves one day. The chance to come so close to the gateway of far-reaching places will also inspire travel and an interest in the rest of the world! Much thanks to BIAL for organising such an intriguing program behind the scenes of the airport, and the lunch and activities were enjoyed greatly by our children!


“Sharing knowledge to inspire lives”

A team of employees from Goldman Sachs joined us in Kagglipur to meet our ladies who are part of Reaching Hands program to teach tailoring skills to vulnerable, and poverty stricken women in the local community. On Wednesday 22nd May, 17 employees came to educate and demonstrate the many issues women face in this society, including lack of education and abuse. The women were advised on their human rights, and guided on how to deal with various situations that may put them at risk. With two groups of people from very different social backgrounds, the women soon integrated with everyone, and built up their own confidence engaging with one another. Also the language barrier was broken by various exercises encouraging those to introduce themselves and share their stories, and trust and hugging exercises. It soon became evident that everyone really began to relate to each other, and much fun and laughter was had by all. Thank you to Goldman Sachs for sharing these important issues to our ladies, and offering them guidance on how they can manage their lives, these lessons can prove to be invaluable.

“Real Madrid Coach brings Inspiration to our vulnerable Children”

On Tuesday 14th May a selection of 14 boys from the Bangalore based charity, Reaching Hand had the chance to meet and have a training session with Guillermo Escudero Tello, Head Coach of Real Madrid’s youth football team. This took place at HAL’s playing fields. Accompanying the children from Reaching Hand were Mr Thomas Saju, Mr Akshay Sagar, Mr Santosh P. V and Ms Emily Parkes. From Lokko Sports Mr Noel Wilson, Mr R. Gopal, and Mr Santosh Kiran. The Real Madrid Foundation are working with Lokko Sports to develop football in India, and Guillermo has been undertaking football sessions for young players and coaches in Mumbai, and Bangalore. The boys of Reaching Hand had a practical session with Guillermo practicing various games and new techniques, followed by a friendly match. This engagement with professional footballers will certainly impact the boys, and inspire higher aspirations for their futures, maybe even to work hard to take football up as a career themselves. Reaching Hand is partnered with Lokko Sports, and will receive further training and support from them to inspire our children and improve their skills.

So we have been working hard to organise activities and events for the children during their summer holidays, whilst also trying to reach further by continuing to raise funds for our new development – New Home and Dream School Project. We can happily report that we have recently obtained the land for the site, but still there is a lot of money to find and a great deal of work to be done to plan this exciting development. Folowing are the some of the links of the happenings.. ......


Kindly visit the link and donate to our project as your money will get matched to the maximum. Please visit the below link for more information.






Corporate Partner Infinite at TCS Marathon, BLR
Corporate Partner Infinite at TCS Marathon, BLR
Visit to Bangalore Airport -RH Children
Visit to Bangalore Airport -RH Children
Children having a good time showing there talents
Children having a good time showing there talents
TCS Bangalore Marathon 2013
TCS Bangalore Marathon 2013
Children are coached by Real Madrid Team in BLR
Children are coached by Real Madrid Team in BLR


Mar 1, 2013

Giving wings to our dream

Give wings to our dreams..............
Give wings to our dreams..............

Dear Friend,

As we enter into an another exciting New Year, we want to say our heartfelt thanks to each one of YOU for helping us give more children good health, happiness and hope in 2012.

The funds contributed by you is making lot of difference in our children lives and strengthening us in delivering the best services to them.

Despite the dark clouds that so often occupy in the social media spotlight, we maintain an enduring sense of hope…….thanks to the generosity of our supporters & volunteers. Thank you for all that you do; your impact on children's lives is truly immeasurable.

The New Year starts with hope, excitement and new energy at Reaching Hand! The Team enters the year feeling tremendously grateful to each of you who have been an important part of our success in the last year. As we gear up to reflect on the year gone by, we can only feel a tremendous sense of happiness and gratitude for the thousands who have walked the distance with us in the last year and we are hopeful of this continued support in 2013-2014  too. 

Under Reaching Hand, we have programs specifically designed to meet defined needs of vulnerable and marginalized women. Our programs are aligned to our core vision of transforming “Today’s destitute into tomorrow’s leaders”. We are committed to this vision and we work towards effective implementation of all our programs.

The programmatic activities of Reaching Hand aim at bringing about physical, mental and social development of children – boys and girls – in a holistic manner through the participation of children, parents, families and community at large. Through our wide range of programs, we help children and families living in extreme poverty to meet their basic needs and find a restored sense of hope, self-worth, and human dignity.

Through our most innovative regular programs we have been impacting many lives of children, women and community as a whole. Apart from the New Home project….we also has some of the most impactful programs, which are listed below for your information.

  • Scholarship Program - The objective of the project is to provide adequate education to the most meritorious and under-privileged students who are school dropouts and have discontinued their studies for varieties of reason. Till last year we have supported 325 students in giving wings to their dreams. 
  • Women empowerment through skill development - We have been successful in empowering 120 women every year through tailoring and embroidery trainings.   
  • Government School Adoption Program (GSAP) - We are working with government schools impacting more than 500 children by providing them the quality education and life skill trainings. 
  • Health Camps in Rural Areas :- Reaching Hand’s health camps is one such special initiative to provide health care services to meet the immediate health care needs of the marginalized community in remote rural areas and slums through standalone camps. Every year we conduct at least 6 camps reaching out to more than 500 patients in rural areas. 
  • Provide Nutritional support to HIV/AIDS affected families at North Karnataka: – We are actively working with more than 30 families who are being affected by HIV/AIDS in North Karnataka districts.  Among the poor in our communities, there is often not enough food at home for the family and especially for the children to fight the diseases. The Nutritional Support Program caters to the need of the families and gives them hope through which they come for counseling and medication. 


The current premises in which the children are housed consist of two rented houses with limited space. As the children are growing, their activities are curbed because of lack of sufficient space and due to which their emotional, physical and legal growth is affected that give a child a sense of security, continuity, commitment and identity.

The pilot project revealed favorable outcomes and now Reaching Hand is ready to move forward with our carefully-determined, long-term plan: A Dream Home Residential Facility and a state of art International School. We are ready to move forward from 50 to 500 children with what we would like to term as the “New Home and Dream International School Project”.


As an expansion to what has already been established, we have identified a village community on the outskirts of Bangalore city and decided to establish an educational campus (about 4.25 acres) where we plan to construct infrastructure to house up to 500 destitute children in our group foster care and also provide free education and healthcare for all the community children. We are confident that this project will leave an indelible mark on the socio-economic status of this village community. The cost of the land is about Rs. 3 crores. The infrastructure cost including foster care homes, school buildings, and basic healthcare facility is about 9 crores. Our children have now dared to dream.  And hence, we are calling this project DREAM CAMPUS. We hope that you will make it your dream too. All contributions are 100% tax exempt as per clause mentioned below.


If you believe that this is truly a worthwhile adventure, we invite you to embark with us on this journey of enjoying the fulfillment of seeing lives transformed and communities developed.  Let us change the face of our nation, one person at a time by making “Today’s destitute into tomorrow’s leader”

To fulfill this vision, we are looking at people like you, organizations and companies to join hands with us to bring this vision to fruition. The satisfaction of seeing smiles on the face of our children and experiencing the lives being transformed can change your perception forever and inspire others to follow their dreams. If the proposal excites you then please do contact us for partnership support by visiting the link @


  • Visit our NEW HOME – Meet us and the children
  • Donate liberally with deep conviction
  • Help us spread the word to your friends and relatives
  • Present this project to your company’s CSR initiative
  • Encourage us by visiting and volunteering

As we celebrate all we accomplished in 2012, let's also remember that one little hand by one little hand and one little heart by one little heart we have the power to make life better for these children’s tomorrow than it was yesterday. So let's strive to make 2013 a great year by being generous NOW! 


Brings joy to New Home
Brings joy to New Home
We do care for others..........
We do care for others..........
Color Me Happy
Color Me Happy


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