Provide Education Opportunity for Fifteen Children

May 31, 2013

Thank you for the Support

Thank you our donors, friends and well wishers for your continued support and generous donations towards our cause. The children had a peace full school term minus any serious illnesses and we managed to continue providing for their school and personal needs with your help. That is why we value your support because it keeps us going forward. 

The children are back from the school holidays and have reported for the second school term of the year. We did cross the Equator in Queen Elizabeth National park on our way from the village (Picture attached). The children will (for this term) require school fees, books, pens, pencils, sanitary pads, school sweaters,house rent,  house old items like, vim, soap, tooth paste, jik detergent, toilet paper,  etc. They are also in need of reading books to improve on their reading abilities and shading books. Most important, the fence around the childrens' home needs urgent repairs to ensure the children's safety.

Hanifa is back to college and spent the holiday preparing for her year one promotional exams. We are giving her all the support she requires. The new set of orphans that we picked on has totally failed to measure to the standard of their new school (school reports attached) and it is such a challenge at the moment. We will continue to support and encourage them to read for better grade - their first term reports were not good at all. Anita is also struggling in her new and better school, We are only grateful that with your help, she nolonger has to walk several miles to school given that she is now in a new boarding school.

We will be taking part in the Bonus day campaign on the 12th June 2013. We request for your support on the day.

Once again, thank you for your contiunued support. Look forward to a continued worthwile partneship.

Mar 5, 2013

Happy New year - 2013

Warm greetings to our donors, friends and well wishers. Thank you all for making 2012 a fantastic year for Ngoma Aid Foundation. We are exceptionally grateful to Charles and Sonal for the constant, timely, persistent and reliable support that they extended to us in 2012 and continue to extend to us. Thank you so much. Thank you Jessica for the the over a year long recurring donation that you have offered to Ngoma Aid Foundation. We are grateful.

The children are back to school and it has been over a month since the schools opened for the first term of the year 2013. The younger children in Primary school continue to perform well academically, are disciplined and hardworking  at the house too. I pray we are able to continue supporting them with your help.  Naome and AnnaMary have changed school ie from Little Angels Preparatory School to Namhuga Primary School. 

Naome is now in Upper class ( pre primary) while  AnnaMary was challenged to try Primary One after a single term in pre primary. Anna is older than and should be in Primary One but because she did not have access to education in her village, she had never had an opportunity to go to scool until we picked her up. If she was not in school now, she would be in the village carrying babies on her back, fetching water, tilling the land etc. She is a bright girl and will excel if given chance. That is why your support is very vital. 

Elizabeth and Jane are now in Senior 3 at King Jesus College as boarding students. We are encouraging them to remain focused and impress academically. I will be visiting them at school once the funds are available to to encourage them to work harder for a brighter future. Like i have said before, it is important that we keep supporting these girls and if Ngoma Aid Foundation had not offered a supporting hand with the help of our donors and friends, Jane and Elizabeth's future would have been very uncertain. They would probably have four children between them and most likely single mothers. 

Gladys is now in Primary 5, Krishna in Primary 6 and Natasha in Primary 4. They are still in Namhuga Primary School (walking distance from the house). They continue to impress and am positive, their future will be bright. Isaac is now in Primary 2 at Kasese Primary School and staying with a NAF Coordinator. NAF pays Isaac's fees and scholastic materials etc. We are grateful for that support too.

Our community children for 2013 are Godfrey (Primary 5), Viola (repeating Primary 6 but would probably do well with a tailoring course), Prossy (Primary 7) and Julius (primary 6). They go to Ngoma Central Primary School  and stay with their surviving family members while NAF extends education support to them in form of scholastic materials, school fees and other requirements like school uniform, pads, vaseline, soap etc. We would be in position to help many more but unfortunately we can not. We kindly request for your continued support so as to support these disadvantaged and vulnerable children. Aniita (Primary 6) one of our last years community children has since requested that she is fully sponsored by NAF an dis now in Boarding school at Good Time Primary school - Rwentobo. She used to walk several miles to her school on a daily and she requested and we understood her situation. We are happy to help. 

We are happy to have picked on Alex (Primary 7), James (Primary 6), Bright (Primary 2) and Evas (Baby Class). Together with Claire, they lost their father in December 2012. The three boys and Evas have a Congolese mother from DRC who is HIV Positive while Claire's mother is from Northern Uganda, and is currently taking care of Claire with some help from NAF. The three boys ie Alex, James and Bright attend boarding school at Good Time Primary School - Rwentobo, while Evas joined the other younger girls at the house in Namhuga. 

We are excited that Hanifa passed her Ordinary level Exams and has been admitted to Kibuli Core Primary Teachers Training College - Kampala. She will benefit from the government cost sharing scheme so that means we will pay a fraction of her tuition fees and accommodation. Isn't that wonderful? She is also in need of personal effects like washing soap, sanitary pads, Vaseline and has a long list of scholastic materials given that she is going to a student teacher grade 3. I am Happy for her and wish her well. She should be through next year and the Government of Uganda will employ her as a teacher. What a good beginning to life. 

Ezrah also passed some of his papers but failed crucial papers in Physic, Chemistry and Biology. With the government policy of promoting sciences, he can not benefit from a government scholarship and going as a private student is challenging given that the fees are relatively high. Getting him through secondary was a struggle and denying him a vocational skill is equally not worth it. Do help us support him with a course, probably a Certificate in HIV/AIDS Counseling and he would be a blessing to his community given that many people here still associate HIV/AIDS with witch craft. We can only help with your help. 

In the meantime, we are looking forward to being a part of the The first Bonus Day of the year Wednesday, March 13th. 2013. We request for your support. Bonus Day— matching will begin at 9:00 am EDT. GlobalGiving will match donations at 30% up to $1,000 per donor per project! There is $50,000 available in matching funds and matching will last until funds run out or 11:59 pm EDT. We are currently going through financial difficulties and maintaining and providing for the children's basics is a big challenge. We are in rent arrears (November 2012 to March 2013), have school balances to clear, electricity and water bill to clear and our food store is almost empty. We need all the support in the world. We kindly request that you continue to support us through 2013. We can only achieve our objectives with your support. Happy New year 2013

Nov 30, 2012

Merry Christmas

I would like to extend my sincere greetings to our donors, friends and well wishers. I must say it has been a peaceful 2012 and it is amazing how time flies so fast. 

We at Ngoma Aid foundation are grateful for the support our donors, friends as well wishers have extended to us during 2012, a year we began with a lot of uncertainty. We are greatly indebted to the support of Charles and Sonal Smart. What would we have done with out your immense support in 2012? Like i have said before, God Knows how to take care of is are certainly a God send. Thank you always. 

The children break off for the long Christmas holiday today 30/11/2012. We will post the reports as in the coming days because we have to scan them first. The children are expected to return to school after a two months break. We are glad, with your support, we were able and continue to offer the necessary support to these children albeit the challenges faced. 

Kasaija and Haniffa completed their senior four exams and will get a Uganda Certificate of Education if they pass. I do not see any reason for their failing, and their passing will open doors for their future including vocational studies to acquire the necessary skills. I also hope they utilized their chance well and gave studies their all given that many people lack people to support their education needs and end up dropping out of school. 

I am particularly happy for Ankunda Haniffa given that if we had not extended support for her education in the last four years, she most probably would be a landless village mother of three children by now. I love children so much but i do not support children suffering as a result of their parents decisions and choices in life.

Jane and Elizabeth continue to face challenges with formal education. I must say they are well behaved girls at the house though weak academically. They have been promoted to Senior Three BUT how i wish they could perform better. Life without some formal education is very challenging in today's world. We can only continue to encourage them and give them the necessary support and guidance. I would never want them to end up as teenage mothers.

The children in primary school continue to be impressive. We will continue to give the younger children under our care at the house a fairly good foundation. It is however very challenging especially when it comes to issues of maintenance. Food is becoming a big challenge especially in the days when we have nothing on us. It is even more challenging when the Executive Director has no side income from side employment. We would like to continue to make a difference in these children's lives BUT we can only achieve this with your support. I thus request our donors to consider making a recurring (monthly) donation, however small,  so that we are at any one time sure of something at the end of the month. It does make a difference. We are grateful for your support.

For the year 2013, we intend to take on more children (preferably girls from Ngoma Sub County) as community children. We feel we will be able to reach many children this way and it will ensure a contribution from their surviving relatives. We are hoping we can help empower their families through our agriculture projects for example. We hope to provide seeds (beans and maize) at the start of the planting season. 

The girls will spend their holidays in Ngoma Sub County. Some will remain at the house, Krishna will go visiting in Fortpotal town. Christmas shopping follows in the coming days and there will be plenty of merry making on Christmas  courtsey of your support. We are forever grateful, thank you so much, thank you always


Sep 5, 2012

The Final stride 2012

Greetings from Ngoma Aid Foundation. 

I would like to thank all our friends, wellwishers, supporters and donors for the support and generosity they have shown to us over the year. Thank you for making our 2012 a good one. We continue to request that you maintain the support. We are very thankful and appreciate the effort you extend to us to keep us going. Thank you so much.

I am happy to report that we managed to raise the original amount for this project and have since extended the project so as to start our fundraising for the children for the next academic term. It is never easy, it might take longer than expected but with your support and generosity, we are always comforted that we will get there and that is what is happening.

I am also happy to inform you all that , starting with this last school term of the year, we will be extending our help to 4 more children. Two young girls will be at the house with the rest of the girls while the other two who lost a father in August will be staying with their mother while we extend support inform of school fees, uniform, books, pencils, pens etc. We are always glad we can help were possible. 

Kasaija and Haanifa will be seating for their senior four leaving exams in October and November. We are glad they have come this far. If we had never supported Hanifa for example, given the circumstances under which she was discovered, she would most likely be a rural mother of four by now, without an education and no future. We are glad that with your support, she is almost there. I hope she gets good grades and goes to college and if anything were to happen now, am sure she has the ability to make the right choices in life as a result of the acquired education. They began their school term much earlier as demanded by the school.

Natasha, Nina, Rukundo, Krishna, gladys, Jane and Elizabeth are supposed to begin their third and final term of the school year today 3/9/2012. I will be traveling to Ngoma today to facilitate their back to school programme. It should have been done earlier but i was away and had not approved the school fees release. All will be settled within the week, including their shopping and all the other items they will need for school. This is only possible because of your support. Thank you always.

I did promise sometime back to investigate the reason behind Jane's missed exam remarks on the first term report and Elizabeth's poor performance. One of our staff made a follow up with the school biut i was not satisfied with the explanation i got. I promise to go to their school on 6/9/2012 and will be glad to share the findings and way forward. 

I am afraid i can not attach last term's reports on this project report. The reports  are in Ngoma Sub County and am in Kampala. Like i said i have been out of office for training and haven't looked at the original copies. I should be able to post them on here sometime this week and also post new pictures of everyone.

We at Ngoma Aid Foundation remain committed to helping the disadvantaged and marginalised especially children, women and the elderly. We can only achieve our objectives with your support. We strongly appreciate your help. Keep supporting us.

Have a great month

Jun 6, 2012

Hard Times - We need You more than ever before

Greetings from Ngoma Aid Foundation; I trust all our donors, friends and well wishers are fine. We at Ngoma Aid Foundation are fine although I have to admit and confess that we are struggling financially at the moment.

The Children completed the first term of the year in April, went home for holidays and are back to school for the second term of the year. We had a perfect start of the year given that we had all our outstanding bills in terms of house rent, school fees, school requirements, food,  and all necessities for the first term cleared up to end of April 2012.

The girls went back to school for the second term on the 7th of may 2012 but like I mentioned earlier, providing for second school term is still a big challenge. We have only managed to make some deposit on the fees for the two children in senior four who will be seating the national examinations in October 2012 so that they are not affected by being sent away from school. They spent a week home recently but are now at school after some deposit was made. I am sure the school is about to make fresh demands. The younger girls should have spent some days home due to non-fee payment but we negotiated with the school to give us some more time since we have always paid promptly over the years.

It is also becoming challenging providing all the daily meals for the younger girls who are not in boarding school at the moment. You will appreciate that Ngoma Aid Foundation’s activities sometimes benefit from the Executive Director’s meager earnings outside the organisation which have not been forthcoming for the last 11months. Like I stated in my previous report, I anticipated second term provisions to be a challenge and it indeed is a challenge.

Still struggling with keeping the girls in school, Kunihira Jane seems to be losing focus because she apparently missed exams, while at school and when all the fees was cleared for the term. Who said parenting is not a challenge? I am yet to discuss her issue with the school administration but I will share what the school thinks of her and what should be done when I meet the school authorities for an explanation. I have attached all the reports for last term to this report.

We will keep the candle burning, we are determined to continue moving mountains one at a time, we can only continue to achieve our goals with your support. Kindly bring the support on. Thank you Always


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