Build Dormitories so 48 Students Can Go to School


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Warking Around Our Home

By a male, 16-21 years old, in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of Warking around our home One day I was at home then I saw some two boys warking around our home. Those two boys were loitering finding some money to save their life One of that he was a student of maono Education center. That was finding money for afanenry to go to mombasa. then a found that boy on our door their. he told his problem. how he is going in is Education. He told many stories how Education pushing In their school. their school is at Langata grounds near prison. that School Is very in education but they sending students home. That was I found that boy he told Pleace save, then I give 3,000 shillings to go to shool to study. Read more.
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Never Accept Lifts They Are Dangerous

By a female, 16-21 years old, in Busia, Uganda
Map of NEVER ACCEPT LIFTS THEY ARE DANGEROUS It was in 2009 when i was in S.4 and my Headmistress died at school and the school was deep in the village.She was the one who paid for for my school fees where by i wouldn't miss going for her burial so on my way to the burial here came a man ridding a bicycle and met me walking i was very tied and i had no money with me.So this man requested to take me up to the burial place at first i refused but he insisted until i accepted.When i sat on his bicycle he rode and took me direct up to his home and told me he wanted to take water we entered his room and i sat down on his chair.He locked the door and began forcing me into sex but i fought untill someone came and knocked the door he feared and opened the door but he went with my keys and left me at his home.He took the keys to his friend who was also my friend so when this boy came around he knew me and asked me what i was doing when i explained he told me that someone gave him a key to keep so when he sawed me it was mine he helped so much and gave me the key and even took me up to home because it was at night and i did not know the place where i was. Read more.
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Improving Life In Slum

By a male, 22-30 years old, in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of IMPROVING LIFE IN SLUM The organization has changed many guys life which was in diaspora.There were nmany cases of theft, rape, alcoholism,disturbon and even killings.The life was real miserable,now many have changed through the organization which have tried its best to help them busy by;Building loos project,water projects where they get some little amount of money for their daily needs,kazi kwa vijana for youths, where by the slum is clean thanbefore the project/organization commenced. It has reduced bad guys in the area.I do apreciate to what it has done so far.thanks for improving our fellow poor brothers life.KEEP IT UP!!!. Read more.
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Jackie Frost

Sausalito, California United States

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