Combat Sexual Violence in Haiti

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Experience Of Idp Women

By a female, 16-21 years old, in Riftvalley, Kenya
Map of EXPERIENCE OF IDP WOMEN Since 2007 & 2008 post election violence we get to know the experience of Internally Displaced women are a camp in Naivasha. Maureen had accompanied certain human rights NGO officials who had gone to do not food stuffs and bedding. The women living in a camp. Water is everything, I mean how can the Government leave its women and children to continue leaving in such filthy camps. How can the same Government allow its women to give birth in camps?A woman told the story of how she gave birth in her tent an how she has been nursing the child in the camp with no water. These women are undergoing such tumor unless you spend sometime with them you can never tell the extent of their pain. From that experience we learnt the importance of basic things like water and safe accommodation. Read more.
Related to project keywords: internally displaced, tent, women children, camps, women

Adventure And Rescue

By a male, 31-45 years old, in Thika, Kenya
Map of Adventure and Rescue Adventure I was in one of the military camps along Thika Mwingi road in-charge my plattone. One Sunday after church services I decided just to relax in my barracks which was called Somali barracks which was called Somali barracks. i heard aloud sound of noise which sounded like two medal hit @ other by about 4 hundred meters away our camp. I had to rash and see what was the noise for. None I reached there i found a bus and min-bus colited on head coalition. Immediately head a woman call or scream an also a baby scream. I rushed into the mini-bus and rescued the baby girl first then I went back and pulled out a woman who has some cuts burning seriously and called for St. Johns Ambulance. I also was able to rescue the minibus tax collector and four other ladies who were rushed to Thika district hospital. The rest of the passengers were dead they diet on the sport. These was my first time to attend to an accident emergency case physically after my training for first Aid Aiders. Read more.
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