Helping young Kenyans survive and thrive in Kisumu


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Turning Tables

By a male, over 60 years old, in Shinyalu-kakamega East, Kenya
Map of TURNING TABLES About six years ago,a friend mine shared an idea with me about starting a project which could improve education standards in the community and people's living standards;and also change their negative attitude towards development.In our discussion we enlisted problems as followers. -high rate of poverty at 25% -high rate of school of drop outs -high rate of illeteracy -high rate of unemployment -Lack of continunity in leaving -Lack of economic empowerment The problems highlighted above were enough to enable us turn a committee to ensure that the dream came to reality.In 2006,the committee sought political backing from the area M.P who gave us seed money to start money to start the project.The funds enabled the committee to renovate the library building,bought books.The Dept.of Adult Education gave the committee15,000/-for purchase of furniture,shelves and also books. The main objective was to cultivate a reading culture which is generally very poor in Kenya.This has created interest in youngsters who come to acquire skills in knowledge.The library receives many school going children especially during holidays.Some students excluded in their exams and have been admitted to National schools. The main problem is lack of funding to develop the project,increasing the reading space,purchase books,computers for centres documentation.The project was registered s SHINYALU COMMUNITY LIBRARY AND NOW IT IS SHINYALU COMMUNITY LEARNING RESOURSE CENTRE,based at SHINYALU MARKET in Kakamega East District. Read more.
Related to project keywords: furniture, funding, kenya, poor, centre

Moving Mountains Work Team

By a female, 16-21 years old, in Nairobi/starehe, Kenya
Map of moving mountains work team The moving mountains work team is for young people who maybe struggling with their academic studies in school and didn't have grades to continue pursuing their dreams. moving mountains takes such kids and trains them on project work,building and renovations with skill that could enable the charity to employ them to work on all their building projects across Kenya instead of idling in the streets and engaging themselves into drug and alcohol abuse. they are taught how on how to run and manage projects and large teams of funds on sites and by developing their skill base to include building technique in kenya. Read more.
Related to project keywords: skill, young, kenya, streets, enable

The Hope Of The Less Fortunate

By a female, 31-45 years old, in Kakamega, Kenya
Map of The Hope of the less fortunate Benefictine sisters OF Divine providence is a religious congregation which started in 1848 in Vongera Italy. the founders where blood sisters. the congregation started as a result of charity of the Blood sisters who welcome the needy girls who were in danger aflew the 1st world war. The congregation has spread fast the Brazil, Paraguay, Mexico, Romania, West Africa, Malawi and finally to Kenya where our fast sisters arrived in 1996. With love and Humility they learned the language inorder to be able to go out to evangilise. in 1998 they managed to reach Kakamega and had an opportunity to get a place to stay and many young girls since have joined them. In 1999, The managers to get the Home and start supporting the children. They named the Home Divine providence children's Home, where the Young religious Nun are able to practices the love and charity by receiving the abandoned children, Taboo and the poor young ones, Trusting in God who provide for them. They assist and educate them. Read more.
Related to project keywords: young, kenya, started, poor, able

Slim Hope

By a male, 22-30 years old, in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of slim hope These goes to all youths and children who were born in slums and suffering in the slums. Organizations are set up in this slum in the nome of helping them bit all are just lies and selfishness. This is form one of the organizations which i will not put to paper. They come to help the people in the slum to get education by offering sponsorship to them. The pay for the education to these children upto to form level at which very few reach the four level. Most of them are being dropped out of school because of no good reason. They say that the children are wasting the funds of sponsorship. To certain extent they help because not all they can afford a chance in secondary level but in the contrary the people who come up with the organization they are driving very big cars leaving in a very expensive houses while the people when they say they are helping are getting more poor other engaging in animal activities and other practising prostitution so that they can raise money to feed themselves. To me those organization are being used by reach people to make poor people never to raise because it irony to see why are organization set up in slum is growing. There are no changes this are going from bad to worse. This organisation must be monitored there operation. They need to be overlooked. the activities being carried because helping someone to reach form four level your have not transformed the person. changes must be seen ie There should not be things like slums people should not leave people life a low standard living, criminal activities should not be increasing immorally should nor be increasing immorally should not be increase. Read more.
Related to project keywords: dropped school, helping, poor, hope, just
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Chief Executive
Monmouth, United Kingdom

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