Publish book on Ten Stages of Genocide.



Genocide Watch has existed since 1999 with the aim to alert and prevent genocides.Our organization plans to publish a book on The Ten Stages of Genocide and test it in secondary schools in the US. We then plan to publish the book at low cost in an e-book format to schools in the US, Canada, Rwanda, and Cambodia for existing genocide education programs. Genocide Watch is staffed by Prof. Gregory Stanton and interns who will complete this project.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Most states and countries that educate on genocide limit their prescribed curricula to the Holocaust. Students are left with the impression that the Holocaust was a unique event. However, the Holocaust was not unique. Genocides in Armenia, Rwanda, Burundi, Bangladesh and Sudan have followed the same process. Understanding the process makes prediction and preventive action possible. There is still no short (150 page) basic text for courses on genocide.

How will this project solve this problem?

Students in Rwanda and in Northern Ireland already use Prof. Stanton's 8 stages of Genocide as the template for their curricula. Schools in Belfast painted murals of Stanton's 8 Stages on the outside walls of their schools. In Rwanda the 8 stages are part of the national curriculum on genocide. Student understanding of how hatred can tear apart a community has contributed to their determination to build peace. Publication of this basic, inexpensive textbook will empower their studies.

Potential Long Term Impact

Laws requiring teaching about the Holocaust are on the books of the American states of Florida, New York, New Jersey, California, and Illinois, as well as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, and the United Kingdom. Yet there is still no short book for secondary school students that offers a systematic, comparative analysis of the genocidal process, including the Holocaust. This book will likely become the standard textbook on genocide for students in many states and around the world.

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Genocide Watch

Arlington, Virginia, United States

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Gregory Stanton

Virginia, Arlington Afghanistan

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