Design Education for Traditional Indian Artists

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The program empowers 30 rural artists(mostly women) from economically weaker backgrounds to start/improve their small-scale creative businesses. The program teaches how to use technology, design,price,and market a product.Through this program, artists would be able to earn better,enjoy the work they do, and live a life of dignity through their own earned income. It would encourage artists, and their kin to be educated and not migrate to cities for labour-jobs making villages a sustainable space.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

India houses almost 6 million rural artists of which 90% have no access to internet, education or a market. They slave over their work for days and days and are given a meager sum by a middleman. In villages of Orissa for example, the artists hardly wear clothes, and the children eat mud. Artists make the same products each year, unless a designer tells them to do otherwise. When they go for exhibits, they price wrong, which leaves them with hardly any profits, and leftover stock.

How will this project solve this problem?

When artists feel confident about designing their own product and know how to market, they are less susceptible to middlemen-issues. Knowledge can vastly increase their horizon, and when their earning increases, they are in a better position to provide for their family, and become strong resources to develop their community and in turn an entire village. The migration rate would therefore decrease, helping us maintain human resource in villages to create enough opportunities there itself.

Potential Long Term Impact

Each annual program educates 30 artists. Every artist goes back to their village to teach their art to fellow artists/other villagers. This village training can help develop creative knowledge centers and studios in libraries well equipped with a computer and books to initiate the youth of the village and its people to be involved in creative businesses, rather than migrating to cities for labour jobs.

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Medhavi Gandhi

New Delhi, Delhi India

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