African Girls Leadership Initiative

GPFA Scholar Yvonne at Cedar Crest College
GPFA Scholar Yvonne at Cedar Crest College

GPFA is excited about  being able to continue to make learning happen at all levels during even trying times.  The Gbowee Peace Foundation has been able to stay true to a mantra of educating wonderful girls and giving them the opportunity of a life time, with support from wonderful donors like you. To date, our international students have all fitted into life on campus at their various schools in the US. Yvonne’s happily making new friends at Cedar Crest College whilst working to acquire her first degree in Social Work; Delight’s getting into the work force at Eastern Mennonite University and Anita’s assimilating into college life at Barnard; Delight and Anita both are our grantees from Ghana.  Georgia, who’s enrolled at the Clinton School of Public Service, studying for her master’s - is making strides at the University of Arkansas. With your help, we were able to get these students ready to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities afforded them through these scholarships.

The rest of our AGLI grantees have been out of school due to the outbreak of the deadly EBOLA Virus Disease (EVD) that has killed so many people in Liberia since February 2014 to present. Being innovative, GPFA espoused the idea of getting our students safe, whilst getting them trained to take part in the Foundation’s Ebola Outreach Initiative.  With that in mind, a one day EBOLA Outreach Awareness training with 9 of our Scholarship recipients from different Universities. These scholars were trained via our partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Work, by Registered Nurse Gloria Wayne – Davis.  At the end of the training, they were set to go out in their various communities, do awareness on how to prevent oneself from acquiring the EBOLA disease; they were also tasked with carrying out a survey of health facilities that are having medical supplies to protect themselves when attending to sick patients.  Our Grantees who got trained came from five of our partner Tertiary Institutions, namely Starz College of Technology, Tubman University, African Methodist Episcopal Zion University, Smythe Institute and e University of Liberia

Ebola Prevention Community Outreach by GPFA Scholarship Recipients

Through the support of you all our GlobalGiving donors, GPFA was able to provide small grants to Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Media Institutions in Local and Rural communities. Four of our scholarship recipients, Becky, Vaiba, Gwendolyn and Grace are actually the leaders of four of the CBOs and they have been very active in helping to kick EBOLA out of Liberia.  GPFA’s Scholars also did outreach with staff and they conducted a three days EBOLA Outreach Awareness with commercial drivers at public parking stations; they also assisted in educating Motorcyclists plying the targeted routes.  All of this community awareness work was done to help stop the spread of the EBOLA Virus in Liberia. The need for contact tracing, the promotion of the regular washing of hands; Our awareness team made sure to share the Ministry of Health’s preventive measures and to talk about the reintegration of EBOLA survivors in their respective communities.

As we await the re-opening of schools, our GPFA AGLI scholars are actively involved in educating their communities on ways to stop the prevention of the EVD, giving awareness about contact tracing, and striving to carry out validation in their communities.  The Foundation will continue to keep them engaged, innovatively making learning happen at all levels.  GPFA will keep our AGLI Scholarship recipients involved in this fight to eradicate this deadly disease, whilst ensuring that they are themselves following the preventative measures as announced by the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control and the Liberian Health Ministry, and keeping safe.  

GPFA Scholar Georgia at University of Arkansas
GPFA Scholar Georgia at University of Arkansas
GPFA Scholar Anita at Barnard College, NY
GPFA Scholar Anita at Barnard College, NY
GPFA Scholars EBOLA Awareness Outreach
GPFA Scholars EBOLA Awareness Outreach
Training GPFA Scholars on EBOLA Prevention
Training GPFA Scholars on EBOLA Prevention
Ernestine our 2014 High School Graduate!!
Ernestine our 2014 High School Graduate!!

Dreams Realized & Moving Toward Targeted Advocacy


We are so very happy to report that as of our last two reports, "the success story” where we highlighted 2 of our scholars obtaining Bachelor & Associate Degrees from 2 local Universities in Liberia, we have had several other reasons to celebrate. We are excited to share with you our newest success stories:


We are so honored and proud to announce that our AGLI High Schol Senior Ernestine earned a High School Diploma from the Effort Baptist Church School on June 30, 2014. Ernestine has applied to the Foundation’s International Scholarship program for tertiary schools and a determination will be made as soon as possible to get her enrolled into college.


Four of our scholars (all West African female students) left for the United States of America in the second week of August, 2014 to study at various Universities/Colleges. They include: Georgia , Yvonne, Anita and Delight. Georgia is our first Liberian student to gain admission into a full Master Program at the University of Arkansas, Clinton School of Public Service in Arkansas, USA. Georgia holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication (2011) from the African Methodist Episcopal University in Monrovia. Yvonne, a sophomore Scholar at the United Methodist University was able to matriculate to the Cedar Crest University undergraduate program in Pennsylvania, USA, where she is currently studying for a Bachelor in Social Work. Delight and Anita, both Ghanaian nationals, are pursuing undergraduate degrees at Eastern Mennonite University, Virginia, USA and Barnard College, New York, USA respectively. These 4 young women were awarded international scholarships on January 30, 2014 at the Foundation's 2nd Gala Anniversary held in Liberia.


On June 17, 2014, our 2nd Gathering of Scholars took place at the Musu's Spot Conference Hall, in Congo Town, Liberia. Twenty-five girls were opportune to interact with the Founder/President of GPFA, Madam Gbowee and other members of GPFA management team. In this gathering, the girls were encouraged to share personal stories and challenges they faced in school and life in general. It was also a time of getting to know each other - especially the girls who were attending schools outside Monrovia. It was a great time of experience sharing. Our international Education Program intern, conducted an hour of training on how to write resumes (curriculum vitae) and sit for an interview. We had a visiting dean and professor from a university in California come share with the students about life on a US College campus. The highlight of the gathering was the determination of the express need to get into targeted advocacy to help eradicate sexual exploitation of young girls on secondar and tertiary school campuses.


Under the AGLI scholarship program, the scholars are required to participate in a month-long community service internship with various Institutions, as a way of giving back to their respective communities and/or counties. The Program Department at the Foundation worked with the girls to identify areas for placement based on their area of specialization at their respective Universities/Colleges. These girls are placed on internship at different intervals throughout the year, with perdiem/stipend provided to them for their time with their host facility. As part of the placement process, our program staff accompanied some of the girls within Monrovia for placement after an official letter was sent and the institution(s) confirmed their acceptance. Some of these Institutions included the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital, Liberia Observer Corporation and the Center for Agriculture & Research Institution (CARI). Mid-way into their internships, we had to pull the girls out of the facilities due to the heightened outbreak of the EBOLA Virus in Liberia. For now, with schools closed, we have enlisted the help of the older students to go out and do targeted EBOLA outreach and awareness. They were given training by a specialist from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare from its department of Prevention and Disease Control on the education about, eradication and prevention of the deadly disease.

Georgia leaving for the University of Arkansas
Georgia leaving for the University of Arkansas
Yvonne ready to leave for Cedar Crest College, USA
Yvonne ready to leave for Cedar Crest College, USA
Scholars getting tips on Interviews/Resume Writing
Scholars getting tips on Interviews/Resume Writing
Grace & Vaiba displaying the Graduate Certificates
Grace & Vaiba displaying the Graduate Certificates



In our last two reports, the success story portion captured graduates at the undergraduate level with Welma and Korto earning Associate of Science Degree in Nursing and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Administration from Mother Patern College of Health Sciences of the Stella Maris and the University of Liberia respectively.

This time we have climbed a step further to capture our students at the Graduate level. We are also excited to share the stories of our first student to be admitted into a Master Program and our Liberian scholar pursuing undergraduate degree in Ghana who had just returned for her summer break.

In less than three years since our founding we are proud to announce that two of our scholars (Grace and Vaiba) have successfully completed their Graduate Certificate studies in Peace Building & Leadership from the Eastern Mennonite University in the United States of America. With support from the Foundation and its partners, many more African women and girls have come to realize their dreams.

We are also delighted to announce that our first ever student to pursue a full Master Degree has gain admission into the prestigious Clinton School of Public Service-University of Arkansas. Her name is Georgia. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication(2011) from the African Methodist Episcopal University in Monrovia,Liberia. Georgia will be joining other students from other parts of the world in August 2014 to begin her Master Program in Public Service.

Above: GPFA Scholar, Georgia displaying her Scholarship Award Letter from the Foundation to Clinton School of Public Service-University of Arkansas


Our Scholar Julateh on Summer Break

Julateh, born in Harbel, Liberia left Liberia in 2012 to pursue undergraduate degree in Computer Science at the Ashesi University College in Ghana. Midway into her studies, Julateh has come back for her summer break and is so excited to give back to her community. She will be returning to Ghana on August 29, 2014 to complete the remaining two years of her studies and is hoping to be able to give back to Liberia. “I really want to share what I have learnt with those who may not have the same opportunity God had given me” were her exact words. Her official internship starts in July but she wants to start giving back now. She visited her high school and has already started talking to authorities there to give her the space to help. What a good example for others to learn.


Monthly Breakfast Walk & Talk

Our monthly Breakfast Walk & Talk for April (Easter Egg Hunt) and May (Mothers & Daughters Walk-a-thon) was held in commemoration of Easter and Mother’s Day respectively. Our “Space of Nothingness” attracted as young as two years old and reignited the need for mentorship, social support and showing appreciation. In April it was “hunting for eggs” and in May it was to show appreciation to not only biological mothers but any women one appreciates in their life.

Georgia  displaying her Scholarship Award Letter
Georgia displaying her Scholarship Award Letter
Julateh with GPFA staff, friend & family members
Julateh with GPFA staff, friend & family members
Breakfast Walk & Talk(April 2014) Easter Egg Hunt
Breakfast Walk & Talk(April 2014) Easter Egg Hunt
BWTers Celebrating Mother
BWTers Celebrating Mother's Day
Korto Johnson in gown
Korto Johnson in gown


Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa (hereinafter “Foundation”) is proud to announce that we have our second graduate, Korto Johnson who graduated from the University of Liberia on December 18, 2013 under the Foundation’s African Girls Leadership Initiative (AGLI).She has been awarded a scholarship by the Foundation to do her Masters at KU-Leuven in Belgium.

Above: GPFA Scholar, Korto Johnson (Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration) with Mrs. Norris, GPFA Program Assistant at her graduation program in Paynesville, Liberia.

Update on Programs

The Foundation under its African Girls Leadership Initiative (AGLI) presently has 50 scholarship recipients. However, financial aid and school related support have been provided to fourteen students under our two newly launched Our Children’s Fund and President’s Fellows.

The Foundation held a successful Educational Roundtable on December 19th, 2013 under the theme, ”Seeking Solutions, Feasible Alternative Solutions”. This Educational Roundtable brought together thirty-two trainers and specialists from universities government line ministries, vocational and technical institutions. Their discussion in line with the goal was centered on seeking solutions to the present stagnant status of the Educational system in the hope of providing a new way of learning to help alleviate the learning challenges faced by students in Liberia. Above: Participants at the Educational Roundtable held in Monrovia on December 19, 2013

The 2nd Annual Breakfast Walk and Talk End of Year Event under the theme: “Walk for Quality Education” was held on December 21st, 2013 bringing together 300 women, men, girls and boys. This was a ten mile Walk with participants carrying banners with various messages advocating for the provision of quality education for all.

Our first Breakfast Walk and Talk for 2014 was held on February 22nd, 2014 under the theme “Love”. with Rev. Dr. Katurah York Cooper serving as the motivational speaker.

“The Afternoon Enrichment Program is positively impacting the lives of students in River Cess County by both improving and being perceived as improving their academic performances and helping in the development of other life skills. These impacts should not be seen as restricted to Cestos City alone, but rather as covering the entire county of Rivercess, since its only high school, Cestos High is included in the project. These improvements include: Higher scores, higher retention rates, lower pregnancies among female students, increased capacities of schools through provision of materials and training of some instructors/administrators”.[1]

Annual Gathering of Scholars scholars

Above: GPFA’s scholars during a group work session at the Annual Gathering of Scholars

The 2nd Annual Gathering of Gbowee Scholars was held at Musu's Spot on January 29th 2014. The Annual Gathering brought together 40 AGLI beneficiaries from 9 local universities, 5 high schools, 1 vocational school and the Eastern Mennonite University and 3 of our prospective international scholarship recipients for Vassar College, Barnard College and Clinton School of Public Service respectively in the United States of America. This gathering provided the opportunity for them to interact and personally engage Nobel Laureate Madam Leymah Gbowee. The scholars discussed leadership as it relates to women and shared the challenges encountered by female students in schools. These challenges ranged from regular power cut (no electricity) for high school boarding students to study at night and the reality of getting back home late after school due to limited transportation services available in the city for commuting students. Classes are overcrowded due to limited available professors for major courses.

GPFA 2nd Anniversary Fund Raising Dinner was held on January 31st at the Executive Pavilion. Seven International scholarships were awarded. On this day, the AED Technical Institute for Girls and our two new programs earlier mentioned were launched - Our Children Fund and The President’s Fellows.

GPFA Scholars during the 2nd Anniversary Fundraising Dinner at the Executive Pavilion in Monrovia on January 31st, 2014


[1] End of Project Evaluation Report of the Afterschool Enrichment Program conducted in December 2013 by Phil Tarpeh Dixon

Educational Roundtable participants on Dec 19 2013
Educational Roundtable participants on Dec 19 2013
GPFA Scholars at Annual Gathering in Jan 2014
GPFA Scholars at Annual Gathering in Jan 2014
Segal Family Ambassadors Training Workshop
Segal Family Ambassadors Training Workshop

This has been a wonderful Spring/Summer quarter for the Gbowee Peace Foundation
Africa’s (GPFA) Flagship program – the African Girls Leadership Initiative
(AGLI).  Like we reported last quarter, our scholarship program continues
to grow.  To date, we have 18 international scholarships that we are
filling for the 2013 through 2014 school year, and we have filled 53 local
scholarships already. The start of the local school year means a busy time at

Masters Degree Scholarship in

We have sent our 1st Europe-based Masters hopeful to the Ivory Coast to
complete the application requirements to attend a Masters level program at a
Belgium based-University. This includes taking the Test of English as a Foreign
Language (TOEFL), and acquiring a visa to Belgium, where the KU Lueven
University, our European Master’s Program Scholarship donor is
located. All of this entails full coverage of the student's travel - this
includes us paying for room and board, airfare, feeding and transportation.

Spring/Summer Sessions

Spring and Summer brought a flurry of activities for GPFA. We sent off
several Scholars to Ireland, Spain, Ghana and Canada for our Spring/Summer
Session Programs. GPFA is so very grateful that with the help of all of you
wonderful international and local donors, we are able to continue sending
qualified women to attend colleges and universities within and outside of
Liberia. We continue to screen for females with demonstrable need
for assistance and work with media outlets, local NGOs, high schools
and government, and the West African Examination Council (WAEC) to identify
qualified prospective students.  We recently got the test scores (WAEC
results) which we are using to screen college-ready, students on a need-basis
for the 2013-2014 academic year.  We take pride in providing
a transparent process for students to fairly access our scholarship

Update on GPFA's Programs

We are about to enter the second trench of our Rivercess Afterschool
Enrichment Program
, to ensure that students in rural areas
continue to get supported through our Scholarship Program. With only
one high school in the entire county, we want to be sure to provide the
necessary tools students will need to be successful. To date, we are working on
compiling the necessary books and materials needed for them to have a
functional mini-Library/Resource Center. In mid-July, we completed our Peace
through Fair Play Annual Youth Camp
at the Wulki Farms, where we
hosted forty-one 4th through 12th graders, aged 10 to 16
years, including 4 visually impaired students. The camp included learning about
improving life skills, living peacefully together, tolerating each other no
matter creed, color, or beliefs. Camp participants were fortunate to have on of
Liberia's best [retired] Soccer star come facilitate Sports day with them,
They played basketball and soccer; afterward, they spoke about fair play in
sports, and how that can correlate with fair play in everyday life.  The
camp culminated after several conversations about defining oneself and putting
a spotlight on gender awareness. In this session, they switch roles, where the
boys presented from the female point of view, and the girls presented from the
male point of view. it was fun and educational and they learned to appreciate
each other more. A Mini-Career day and a Traditional Cultural Dance
learning session closed out the last day of camp. The students were able to see
a lot of animals on the farm, ride horses and swim. The camp was a success and
the students had so much fun. Our next program completed was the Segal
Ambassadors for Family Planning
.  A total of eighteen GPFA
graduate, undergraduate and high school scholars attended, representing
eight post-secondary institutions and two high schools.  The theme of
the workshop was: Empowering Women and Girls: The Benefits of Reproductive
Health, Rights and Family

  Facilitators were drawn from Medica Mondiale (MM),
the Plan Parenthood Association of Liberia (PPAL)

and the African Development Alternatives (ADA). Last but not least, we just
completed GPFA’s 2nd Annual Moving Beyond the Class Room
Symposium was
. Held at the National Sports Complex, we had a huge
turnout; over

200+ students gathered at the gate of the host facility, despite torrential
rainfall on the day of the program.  To gauge the level of
seriousness the prospective attendees attached to learning, an open call
was put out via Radio and Newspaper Ads, along with the posting of Flyers at 36
Senior High Schools. We ended up going over our mission limit and allowed one hundred
and seventeen of the two hundred students into the Symposium. they hailed from
13 of the 15 counties of Liberia and were 8th through 12th graders.  The
primary goal of our Symposium is to expose students to actual opportunities
beyond the classroom that will enhance academic performance in their studies,
especially in the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Exams and other
post- secondary assessment testing. We aim to build their competitive
disposition in order to have them seek to self-educate

beyond regular school curriculum and most importantly, have them excel amongst
their peers globally. This process they understand will help them meet our
scholarship criteria, hence the huge turnout. Our 2nd Annual MBC
Symposium was a wonderful success!


Our International Partners – An Update:

Ashesi University, Ghana

An accredited, independent university located in Ghana, AU’s
Scholarships provided to GPFA includes full tuition for four years, a free
laptop, free meal plan, free accommodation on campus and transportation home
during the summer months following their first year. This year we have added
two more scholarships in collaboration with AU to start in the fall and winter


Eastern Mennonite University, United States

EMU is a private liberal arts university established in 1917. With funding
from USAID, the Foundation provided four (4) women peace activists the
opportunity to continue and advance their education at the Women’s Peace
Leadership Academic Cohort Program. The program is a two-year graduate
certificate program and our cohort will be graduating soon. GPFA is exploring
funding possibilities for the 2014-2015 school years right now.


University of Leuven, Belgium

UL is offering two scholarships for African Women to earn their master’s
degrees starting in 2013. GPFA seeks a partnership with Dutch airlines KLM to provide round-trip airfare. All expenses related to study at UL will be covered under the university’s Leymah Gbowee
Fund for African Women
. For the 2013 - 2014 academic school year, UL is
also partnering with GPFA to provide two more scholarships in Africa.


University of Seville, Spain

Considered one of Spain’s top universities, UoS is offering one scholarship
for a GPFA Scholar to earn a master’s degree. In addition to full payment of
tuition and housing, UoS will provide the recipient a grant of 6000€ (7295USD)
to cover international round-trip airfare, books, medical expenses, and a
stipend starting fall 2013. GPFA is happy to get the opportunity of
sending one student on UoS' scholarship program with the tuition, room
and board all paid up, where the Student has a choice of getting
a Bachelor of Arts or of Science Degree in any area of study of their
choosing offered by UoS.


Vassar College, United States

Ranked among the top 25 liberal arts institutions in the United States,
Vassar is providing a generous package of four years of full tuition, room and
board, international travel and a stipend for books and supplies to two young
women to be identified in collaboration with GPFA to enroll fall 2013. To date,
we have sent out ads for the openings, had interviews and recruited two young
women worthy of the scholarships. Their preparation process is ongoing.

University of Arkansas - Clinton School of Public Service,
United States

University of Arkansas offered GPFA one scholarship to a 2-year Masters
of Public Service degree program. This includes full tuition, housing and a
stipend. GPFA has set out a call in the region, for prospective recipients and
completed interviews. At present, GPFA is finalizing the application
process with the top two candidates in order to move into the second
phase of preparing them for the international testings. If successful, the
scholarship year will start in fall of 2014.

Lyon College, Batesville, Arkansas, United States

GPFA was fortunate to have acquired a full four-year tuition
scholarship offer from Lyon College, Batesville, Arkansas for two African students.
Lyon College is the oldest independent college in Arkansas and is an
exclusive liberal arts institution of higher learning; it is consistently
ranked highly by U.S. News and World Report.

University of Indianapolis (Indianapolis Campus) United States

GPFA was awarded One Scholarship for a Student, towards a degree
or non-degree program of their choosing. We have advertised for the
opening and also directly contacted schools seeking recommendations, based on
need and grade point average.  The application process is ongoing.
Originally we had been offered two semesters at their Greece campus.
unfortunately we cannot take advantage of this offer due to the closure of that

Barnard College, United States

Two Students will have the opportunity via GPFA to attend Barnard College.
The scholarships offer includes; Tuition, Room & Board, Books, Supplies, Insurance and the cost of each individual's international flight from their home country to Barnard University. To date the
application process is ongoing and the successful candidates will be moving
into the second phase of preparation for international testing.

CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) Leadership
Academy: Spain & Ghana

Two Liberian High School girls got the opportunity to take advantage of
two non-Degree seeking Summer Scholarships to attend and
experience CIEE's Leadership Academy. Their meals, transportation, room
and board were covered by CIEE. For 2013, the countries of exchange were Ghana
and Spain and the GPFA scholars had a wonderful time, doing community
service, meeting new friends, and learning about their host country
culture. The facilitators were highly impressed with the young women.  We
look forward to having scholars who fit the criteria attend again next year.


Polytechnic University, Mozambique

Mozambique's Polytechnic University was happy to give GPFA two scholarship
offers for Liberian students. Their school's tuition will be paid toward them
studying their Bachelors of Arts, or Bachelors of Science degree in their
program area of their choosing. The application process is ongoing and
specifically making a call for Portuguese speaking applicants.


With the celebration of our first year working with women and
girls and ensuring those in our program get to be their very best selves to
accomplish their educational aims, we are already looking toward the future of
the organization. With the help of donors like you, GPFA shall continue to
grow.  Our happiness stemmed from the fact that we were able to offer
so many scholarships to deserving young women, all with the help of financial/in-kind
donations from people like you, our GlobalGiving donors.  We have added
several new scholarship criteria to benefit females of the disabled community
in Liberia. This was a crowning moment for us at GPFA as we always wanted to be
able to give equal opportunities to people from all walks of life and this
scholarship offer serves that purpose.  We continue our efforts to provide
scholarships for Liberian women to attend domestic colleges and universities,
and establish partnerships with institutions to obtain scholarships. With
the nearly $20,000USD raised at the inception of the Foundation's work
from private Liberian citizens, we continue to work on placing women and
girls at major colleges, universities and technical institutions. The
Foundation’s collaborations and partnerships are broad and deep as it develops
relationships with the local and regional communities, academic institutions
and global companies.  

GPFA is excited about all of the possibilities that exist futuristically. We
look forward to doubling our partners for the rest of 2013, with the aim of exponentially
increasing our educational placement in schools at home and abroad.

Sports Day  - Peace Through Fair Play Youth Camp
Sports Day - Peace Through Fair Play Youth Camp
Gender Role Play-Peace Through FairPlay Youth Camp
Gender Role Play-Peace Through FairPlay Youth Camp
Gender Role Play-Peace Through FairPlay Youth Camp
Gender Role Play-Peace Through FairPlay Youth Camp


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