GlobalGiving Project Reports

See below for answers to frequently asked questions about GlobalGiving project reports. Don't see your question? Email for more information!


What are GlobalGiving’s reporting requirements?

GlobalGiving requires that organizations post project reports for each of their projects every three months to remain on the site. Those organizations that do not comply will be first warned and subsequently retired from the site.

GlobalGiving promises donors direct communication from project leaders so they can see the impact of their donations. Project reports are critical to establishing long-term relationships with donors on GlobalGiving.

How do I post a project report?

Login to the project entry system (, click on the orange “+add a project” button and select a project from the drop down menu. See step-by-step guide here:

What should I include in my project report?

  • Provide donors with a brief summary of your activities since the last report.
  • Include close-up, high resolution photos of your project.
  • Tell a story about a beneficiary or provide details about how many individuals have been helped.

Project reports must contain content specific to the project. While you may mention upcoming events like matching campaigns, reports cannot only contain solicitations for donations. GlobalGiving reserves the right to remove links to donation options other than GlobalGiving contained in your report.

How long should I make my project report?

Project reports should be about 3 paragraphs in length. Be concise but specific. Donors like to get straight to the point about how their money is having an impact!

Will my donors see my project report?

Yes! Project reports are automatically emailed to your donors at 12 pm Eastern Time the day after the report is approved. See an example to the left. Your reports are also stored on the “reports” tab on the project page on

When is my project report due?

Your first project report is due 3 months after your project is posted on the site.  Subsequent reports are due 3 months after the previous report was posted. You can always find the due date for your next project report on the dashboard in the project entry system.

How will I be notified when my report is due?

The Project Leader designated on your project page will receive email notifications several weeks before the project report is due. We also recommend that you mark due dates on your calendar as a personal reminder.