Nyaka students taking a break

The Nyaka and Kutamba schools provide havens for their female students. In Uganda, girls have many obligations such as cooking and collecting water; however, while they are at school, they are provided with meals and clean water. This gives them time to focus on their education and have fun with their friends. At school, the girls are free to be children every day. This photograph was taken by Thorbjoern Chakravarty, a recent visitor to Uganda. During his time there, he visited the different Nyaka projects, such as Nyaka school and the Blue Lupin Community Library, that contribute to Nyaka's holistic mission. He documented these projects at work, and the time he spent there has led him to conclude that "change can happen not only in cities, but also in the most rural parts of Uganda." (To see more of his work, please visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/rumanzi/)

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