The Loneliest Girl

Picture I was a kid once. My friends and I passed notes about boys, we went to the mall, and snuck out. I remember the confusing agony of first crushes, of begging for YM magazine terrified of what I didn't know. I know the torment of being 12. But I will never know life like this - where one minute a girl meets a doting bad-boy boyfriend at Lloyd Center, and the next she's being sold on craigslist for top dollar cause she's still a kid. A kid sold for sex. I can't know what that childhood is like. My poster is about a childhood lost. I wanted to create a storybook scene you can't help but stare at, yet leaves the viewer unsettled. I used hand drawing to display the allure of youth, and chose girlish artifacts that are twisted with evidence of a romance gone wrong. --Kristin Rosengren

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