Keep Sherwin and his family safe during floods!

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Sherwin is 8. He lives with his four sisters and his parents in a house made from a few sheets of tin and plywood on a riverbank. Every year there are floods, and Sherwin's house has already been totally destroyed twice. Sherwin's parents would love to live somewhere safer, but they can't afford to move. You can help Sherwin and his family by helping complete an evacuation centre for them. The centre has been 3/4 funded by another NGO, but we need to close the remaining gap to keep Sherwin safe!

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Sherwin and his family have already lost their home and their possessions multiple times, but the physical loss isn't the most devastating part of living with floods - it's the constant fear. They don't have anywhere safe to go when the floodwaters come as they inevitably will. Sherwin's parents would love to move the family to a safer home, but they struggle just to put food on their children's plates, so they can't afford a new home.

How will this project solve this problem?

By providing the funds we need to complete the centre, you'll free the entire family from the day-in day-out fear that the next flood could be their last. When there isn't a flood, the centre will be used for to run Filipino led development projects. Those projects aim to help Sherwin and his family escape poverty and find a safe home. In other words, your gift will keep the family safe during floods in the short-term and help them build a prosperous future.

Potential Long Term Impact

Your donation will keep Sherwin and his entire family safe and free them from fear while also giving them the opportunity to escape poverty. Together, these changes will be felt for years to come!

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Emma Taylor

Bristol, Somerset United Kingdom

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