How to Improve Project Visibility

Here are some simple suggestions for improving your project’s visibility on GlobalGiving’s site and optimizing the likelihood of receiving donations.

Improve your project ranking

Did you know that GlobalGiving ranks its projects? GlobalGiving uses its project ranking system to determine the order in which projects are listed under each project category (e.g. Health, Microfinance, etc.) and country on our site. For example, if you have a health project in Africa, your project may be ranked third in all projects in Africa but fifth under all health related projects. This ranking is based on the following criteria:

  • 40% the amount of time since your previous project report
  • 20% the number of donors that your project has attracted
  • 20% the amount of money your project has raised, relative to other projects
  • 20% how close is the project to being fully funded

Learn more about the ranking algorithm.

Your ranking affects your visibility on the site, and, to an extent, the likelihood of a donor donating to your project! So, become a high ranking project on GlobalGiving’s site.

  • Post frequent project reports. GlobalGiving requires that projects post project reports at least every 3 months. But, by posting more frequent project reports, your organization can improve its visibility on the site.
  • Be an active fundraiser and encourage your supporters and donors to donate to your GlobalGiving project. By attracting more donors to your project, you will improve your project’s ranking.
  • Maintain small, manageable fundraising goals. 20% of your project’s rank is determined by how close your project is to its fundraising goal. By keeping small goals, such as $5,000, $7,000, or $10,000, and keeping up the fundraising efforts, your project will continue to be highly ranked.

Have your project featured on the homepage

Every day GlobalGiving features high-ranking projects on its homepage that have high-resolution photos!

  • Upload high-resolution photos. Upload a photo with dimensions of at least 1,024 x 768 pixels. The larger the photo, the higher the resolution. Make sure your photos are vibrant and engaging! This compels donors to click on the picture and find out more about our project. Learn how to upload a photo.

Find tips for posting great photos under the “How to post a project” guide.

Post a project on GlobalGiving UK

Did you know that GlobalGiving has a UK site, All donations made through the GlobalGiving UK site by United Kingdom citizens are eligible to receive a 20% match from the UK government.

  • Do you have supporters in the UK? If so, GlobalGiving UK may be a great way to engage them. If you are interested in posting a project on GlobalGiving UK, complete this application. A member of the GlobalGiving UK team will follow up with you to ask additional questions about your network in the UK and to determine if you are good match for the site.