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"Some of what I see here in the US and in 3rd world countries makes me angry and puts my life into perspective and I realize that I to can make a difference. My contributions alone will not change the world but it will help. I'm what the US considers low income and we struggle to get by but never have I gone without clean water & nutrition. I just can't sit back wilingly and watch it happen to others."

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Kaushik Chandrasekaran

"Because every Child deserves a lifetime. "

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"People helped me along the way. Now I am helping others have the same chances I did."

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Mary Lou

"Global Giving is a brilliant idea. Through Global Giving, I have learned of hundreds of projects designed to improve daily life for so many people around the world. The site then allows me to choose the projects that I am most inspired by, to contribute directly to those projects, and to see through updates how my money has been used."

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"I don't believe any child should be denied the opportunity to go to school or should ever go hungry. It is the responsibility of everyone that has the opportunity to make decent living to give back whatever or however they can and this is how I can."

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