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"I was born and raised in Liberia and grew up in a missionary home, therefore, I have a natural instinct to help those who have been born in poverty, and to reach out with a message of hope to people no matter where they live."

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"I donate to help feed and educate girls in other countries. I also donate for economic development, food and education in Madagascar because I use to live there when I was a child."

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"My son was lucky to be born into a family that can take care of his needs, and as a parent I am grateful for the ability to provide for him. I support projects that help make this possible for those who are not so fortunate."

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"In todays world we are privileged to be given so much information at our finger tips. This can be deafening and difficult to process especially during these difficult times. A person told me the other day that we have to choose our battles so I'm making a choice."

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Katina Marie

"Because we are all connected in this world. I believe giving not only helps someone else but ultimately I can go visit this country through volunteering and do more that way as well. When we all do that we all succeed!"

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