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"Because it feels good. And it's the right thing to do:)"

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"What can I say. I am simply a compassionate person who is aware of the sufferings of the majority of God's most wonderful creation - the human being. I wish to simply please Allah, by contributing a little every now and then to this noble project of the Zindagi Trust, in my own humble way."

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"Cartoloji gives 10% of every sale to GlobalGiving projects. "

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"I love the quote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:"No man is poor as to have nothing worth giving.Give what you have. To someone it may be better than you dare to think"."

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Dora Herrera

"I don't want any other child to go without a parent/sibling/relative to a disease that 1 day can hopefully be prevented. I lost my father at age 11 to Leukemia, my sisters were 8 and 3. This has impacted our lives to this day and we are all now 32, 29 and 24...Let's STOP this NOW!!!"

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