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"I give because I am able. I believe that we all have something we can give and that we should do so freely. Money is not something that I have a lot of, but I do have time, talent and heart...those I share daily with the students and animals who are part of our growing program. We all have personal gifts that we can share, it might be time, it might be money. Each gift makes a difference, so I keep on doing it!"

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Stephanie Aldrich

"Basically: Suffering and death are bad. Life and happiness are good. If I can eliminate some amount of suffering and death with donations, then that's what I want to do. Here is a story that inspires me to give:"

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"I don't need a reason to do anything."

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"when I give, I do it because I understand the fact the someone out there needs my money more than I do at that particular moment."

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"I give my time, effort and money because there is no greater joy than seeing a child grow and learn. This project is a "calling" for me, I have dedicated the last four years to Ambergris Caye Elementary School. In those four years I have seen an impossible dream which started with just 24 students and a group of dedicated parents grow to a viable school with now 83 students. With the help of donors like yourself this school will change the lives and the futures of every child who attends."

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