See why they give.


Billie & Pip

"This gift is given in memory of my aunt and uncle - Billie & Pip - or Raymond and Lily Marie Pipkin of San Angelo, Texas. They'd have been very proud of Turk's work to bring hope and education to the children of Kenya and elsewhere in the world."

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"It is very easy to ignore the pain ,suffering and plight of others but to initiate to help them take courage and true character."

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Robin Foster

"I give because those who can be in the field need the support of those of us who aren't. Giving acknowledges the importance of these projects and their value to all of us and encourages those who are helping to continue to do so."

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"it is important to try making a difference"

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"I give because it is the right thing to do. I feel more fulfilled as well so maybe there is a selfish element involved. Either way, it feels good ! :) Also, I am a believer in the law of reciprocity. I truly feel that we can give to become better recievers of good in this chaotic yet beautiful world. "

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