University Opportunties

Provide students with the opportunity to enhance their academic learning with practical experiences in the field by connecting with GlobalGiving partner organizations around the world.


Help your students get hands-on experience in development by interning with a GlobalGiving partner organization. Our resources allow students to browse hundreds of domestic and international projects and connect directly with community-based organizations to organize visits, volunteer opportunities, and more!

Independent Study and Research

Help your students develop their own, independent study project using GlobalGiving's extensive list of domestic and international projects. GlobalGiving can help students identify organizations to study and help get the creative juices flowing! In the past, students have compared numerous GlobalGiving partner organizations or spent extensive periods of time studying just one organization.

GlobalGiving's In-the-Field Program

GlobalGiving's In-the-Field Program recruits, trains, and facilitates student visits to GlobalGiving projects all over the world. We work with students to understand GlobalGiving, our partner organizations, and their role as an In-the-Field traveler. Learn more about the In-the-Field program and the application process here. 

Benefits of GlobalGiving's University Program


  • Develop a versatile and in-depth international educational program 
  • Facilitate hands-on, real-world connections  with development organizations using a free, user-friendly, and accessible online network
  • Enhance the appeal of existing university study abroad programs

Project Partners: 

  • Benefit from access to new networks
  • Gain assistance in social media and technology from volunteers
  • Benefit from postcards written and submitted by student visitors


Contact Alexis Nadin at for more information about using GlobalGiving's platform to connect students with organizations abroad.

What is GlobalGiving?

GlobalGiving is a marketplace for locally-run projects with creative ideas.  We are an effective platform for grassroots social entrepreneurs and NGO partners to connect directly with individual and institutional donors directly to social, economic development, and environmental projects around the world.

Students In-the-Field

Alexis from American University says, "When I studied abroad I interned at Vision Africa, a GlobalGiving Partner, which is where I fell in love with Kenya while teaching an arts and crafts class at a local school at one of their many orphanages. I gained invaluable experience in grant writing, fundraising, and program implementation."

Clare from Syracuse University says, "I had a month for my independent study when I was studying abroad in Hong Kong.  It could have easily been wasted by writing a meaningless paper, but instead I traveled throughout Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces of China to study the measurement of impact of local non-profits.  I would not have known even where to begin without GlobalGiving's resources and help."

Andrew from Johns Hopkins University says, "Interning with Global Giving is truly the opportunity of a lifetime for any student of international development.  When else do you have the chance to meet and learn from the directors of numerous non-profits across all sectors in the places they work?  Before traveling to West Africa with Global Giving I had studied development for over five years, but I had not been to a developing country.  The internship with Global Giving completely changed my perspective on development and provided me direction as I continued with my graduate studies.  This experience has also been extremely beneficial in applying for jobs as many employers have cited the field experience as the key reason I was selected for the position.  If you have a sense of adventure and are interested in the field of work, this internship will be perfect for you and I can not recommend it enough."