Study Abroad Programs

Studying abroad can be the most memorable experience of your college career.  Enhance your understanding of the needs of the country and the community in which you are studying by visiting or interning with a GlobalGiving partner!  Gain academic credit, research opportunities, or a unique internship experience while helping community-based organizations.


Get hands-on experience in development by interning with a GlobalGiving partner organization. Our resources allow you to browse hundreds of domestic and international projects and connect directly with community-based organizations to organize visits, volunteer opportunities, and more!

Independent Study and Research

Productive research can be a daunting task.  Where will you go? Who will you interview? And what information will you collect? These can be difficult questions when you face obstacles such as language barriers and limited social networks. Use GlobalGiving's extensive list of domestic and international projects to identify organizations to study and to get the creative juices flowing! In the past, students have compared numerous GlobalGiving partner organizations or spent extensive periods of time studying just one organization.

Students In-the-Field

Independent Study: Clare was a student at Syracuse University when she traveled throughout India to visit eighteen projects listed on GlobalGiving.  As a student, she studied how one can measure impact of a small, local non-profit.  As a volunteer, she wrote 'postcards' describing her visit that would be sent to the project's donors.  "By visiting such a variety of projects ranging from orphanages to awareness campaigns using film, I was able to grasp some of the complexities and obstacles grassroots non-profits face."

Internship for Credit: Alexis, a student at American University, had the opportunity to intern for Vision Africa, a GlobalGiving partner organization, while studying abroad in Kenya. During her internship, Alexis worked directly with Vision Africa's field staff and learned the ins and outs of managing a development organization in Africa. Alexis fell in love with Kenya while teaching an arts and crafts class at a local school and organizing an Easter celebration at one of Vision Africa's many orphanages. She also gained invaluable experience in grant writing, fundraising, and program implementation.