Explaining GlobalGiving's 15% Fee

GlobalGiving does not charge organizations a fee to post projects on its site, nor does it charge you to vet your organization.  Instead, 15% of each donation is used to cover GlobalGiving’s costs, provide free trainings, and continue to reach out to new donors on your behalf. 

This fee makes it possible for GlobalGiving to provide countless benefits to its partner organizations, which include:

  • processing applications to ensure that all projects on the site are from legitimate, high quality organizations;
  • maintaining GlobalGiving’s online fundraising platform;
  • facilitating access to corporate partnerships;
  • offering free trainings to our partners
  • marketing and social media outreach; and
  • providing customer support.

At the end of each transaction, donors are given the option to cover GlobalGiving’s costs separately. Donors may choose to pay an additional 0 – 25% on top of their regular donation.  Additionally, some corporate partners cover GlobalGiving's costs for their employees (and provide matching funds!)

In the past, GlobalGiving partner organizations have received questions from potential donors about GlobalGiving’s 15% fee. Here are a few suggestions for explaining the 15% fee to your donors:

  • GlobalGiving’s 15% is much more than a processing fee! It makes it possible for GlobalGiving to provide an innovative online fundraising platform to partner organizations. The fee facilitates GlobalGiving partner services, including trainings, matching campaigns, exposure to corporate partners, and more.
  • Unlike other online fundraising platforms, GlobalGiving vets each organization before allowing it to join the website. GlobalGiving follows standard grantmaking guidelines to vet both U.S.-based and international organizations, ensuring the organizations’ legitimacy and charitable purpose. In fact, GlobalGiving is so confident in the organizations on its site, that GlobalGiving provides the GlobalGiving Guarantee, which guarantees donors a positive giving experience.  As a result, GlobalGiving has maintained a superior reputation for online giving. See what others are saying about the GlobalGiving Guarantee.
  • GlobalGiving facilitates international giving by providing an easy-to-use online donation tool that makes it possible for networks in other countries or regions of the world to donate instantly online.
  • For donations made to organizations that are not registered in the United States, giving through GlobalGiving makes it possible for donors to receive a tax-deduction. In addition, GlobalGiving manages all tax receipts, making it easy for organizations to provide this service to their supporters.
  • GlobalGiving is a non-profit and it relies on funding to maintain its operations. GlobalGiving’s fee makes it possible to operate at near-sustainability so, instead of expending organizational capacity on grant writing and fundraising, GlobalGiving focuses on providing partner organizations with additional fundraising opportunities, tools and trainings, fundraising campaigns, and more!