Help native artisans in Peru plant palm trees and receive a woven hot pad

Your free gift when you donate $25 to: Grow Amazon artisan income & Peru rainforest trees

Help native artisans in Peru plant palm trees and receive a woven hot pad

Donate $25 or more and you’ll receive a beautiful unique woven hot pad handmade by a Bora or Murui artisan from the Peruvian Amazon - a great gift for Mother's Day. The Center for Amazon Community Ecology is empowering over 100 women artisans from six native communities to plant chambira palm trees, sustainably harvest their fiber, and use it to create innovative handicrafts like these hot pads. Our project is also training Bora men to make high quality essential oils from copal tree resin harvested in the primary forest and leaves of aromatic trees like the endangered rosewood planted in their fields.

Selling these value-added non-timber forest products gives native families alternative ways to provide for their children that do not degrade their forests. CACE also returns part of our craft sales to our partner communities to improve their health, education and forest conservation. Each hot pad has a tag with the name of the artisan, her community and plants she used to make it.

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