• Location: Marsabit, Northern Kenya
  • Occupation: Lawyer/Peace worker
  • My Passions: I am personally passionate about change and making change happen. I have an inner drive to help andwork with the poor and marginalised in the north of kenya. This has seen me start an organisation to work with the poor and being a change agent myself
  • About My Inner Philanthropist (why I give): I have given my entire life to the work that i do, giving has been my life. The reason being is the situation i have found many young girls living in, where they have no choice in the lifes they live. Through giving i get more satisfaction, in seeing a smile on another persons face i smile too. Giving an ear to listen, being a voice to guide and a shoulder to lean on is my way of reaching out to the thousands of youths and young women. And yes through giving you can change lives and livelihoods!
  • My Twitter page: jilloye


HODI Peace Center General Fundraiser / 1 project