Donation Information and Thank You’s

You are always able to view your gross donation information in real time in the Donation Manager in the project entry system. Just click on “viewdonations” to the right for the Rewards Level.

In the donation manager, you will find the following information for each donation:

  • Donor name (unless the donor chooses to remain anonymous)
  • Email address (please note that you should not add donor email addresses to your organization’s own newsletter list)
  • Traffic source (what directed the donor to your project page—Google, Facebook, a corporate promotion, etc.)
  • Payment method (credit card, check, Paypal, GlobalGiving gift card, etc.)
  • Donation date
  • If the donation was made as a gift or in memory of someone
  • If the donation is recurring
  • Gross Donation amount (in US dollars or British pounds)

Please note that this amount does not take into account GlobalGiving’s fee, which varies by donation depending on whether the donor chose to “add-on” or if the donation was made through a corporate promotion.

  • Number of donations
  • Total donation amount in US dollars
  • If a thank you email has been sent

Use the filter at the top of the Donation Manager or export your donation information into Excel to analyze your donation information. Where are your donors coming from? Have certain donors given more than once? What months are most popular for your donations to your project?

Thank You Emails

GlobalGiving sends every donor and GlobalGiving makes it easy to thank your donors (even the anonymous ones!) using our Thank You email templates, accessible from the Donation Manager. Just click on “Unsent” next to the donation information under the “Thank You” column to access the Thank You email template. automatic thank you email and receipt after every donation but nothing beats a personal email from you and your organization. Donors want their donations to be acknowledged, appreciated, and used well. Let them know that you’re grateful for their contribution by sending a personal thank you email complete with your organization’s logo.

Create your own thank you template by clicking “add” in the bottom right hand corner of the email editor. Remember to save any changes you make to the Thank You template.  Use the “preview” button to view the thank you email before it is sent.

Read tips for drafting an engaging thank you email here.