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SNS Foundation is committed to advancing a rights-centered approach to its work for children and women in communities residing in rural and urban India, in the sectors of Education for All, Reproductive & Child Health, Sustainable Livelihood and Natural Resource Management through a cross-cutting strategy of mobilizing support of all sections of the society-individuals,groups, corporate bodies and business houses, national, transnational and international agencies for implementing all programmes.
Jun 10, 2013

The Beginning

Dear Friends,

SNS Foundation takes pleasure in sharing with you, the first report for its project, 'Hygiene and Skills for 1000 Girls in  Chennai, India'. As stated, the project site is Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Azghesan Nagar, Chengalpattu Taluk, Chennai, India. The school has classes from VI to XII with about 1000 students studying across these 7 grades.

We had posted this project on the GlobalGiving site about 3 months back on March 10th. The months of March, April and May do not allow scope for in-school interventions by NGO bodies for the following reasons- (i) With April being the month when year-end examinations are held, March calls for focussed preparations both by teachers and students. (ii) With exams over in April, May is the month when schools are closed for summer vacations. This year, they were scheduled to re-open on Monday, June3rd but owing to high heat conditions, have been postponed to be re-opened on Monday, June 10th.

SNS Foundation's Executive Director, Indira Varadarajan (available on 00919810743570) was in Chennai prior to opening of the new academic session and has been successful to rope in following partners in order to strengthen proposed interventions at Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Azghesan Nagar, Chengalpattu Taluk, Chennai, India.

1) Ms. Shanthi - Chief Education Officer, Kanchipuram District (Chengalpattu taluk in part of this district)

2) Mr. Gopinath - Asst. Professor (Mathematics), Meena Muthaiya College. He would be conducting Maths workshops in the school for any two days between June 10th to June 19th.

3) Local Rotarians - Mr. Jayaraman (Retd. Professor, MIT) and Mr. Muralikrishnan for engaging the support of the local Rotary clubs.

4) National Book Trust, India

In July 27th to 30th, students from the school will be taken to visit the 'Science Express Train' - a 16 coach AC train which will be stationed at the Chennai Central station ( for the 4 days mentioned. The coaches of the train are designed based on the theme - Biodiversity in India, with each coach sharing information and photographs of the flora and fauna found in specific geographical zones of India. The train is a collaborative effort of the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India and Vikram Sarabhai Community Science Centre, Ahmedabad, India.

While closing this report, we take the opportunity to introduce the project coordinator for this initiative, Mrs. Sumithra Sarathi.

With schools re-opening soon, we promise to share with you a more activity rich report the next time round.

Many thanks for your generous donations.

Jun 5, 2013

Monsoon Gift to Village Karanjpana

Dear Friends,

As we eagerly await the arrival of monsoon in India this year, simultaneously we are also in great hurry to hand over to residents of Village Karanjpani and 3 other nearby hamlets their gift for the approaching rainy season.

Village Karanjpani and the surrounding hamlets have a population of 115 households, approx 500-600 individuals and the cattle they own. One of the existing water sources (can be seen in the attached slide), was a 5ft deep and roughly 4ft wide hole which carried water for slightly longer duration than the village well (dries up in February).The nearest city to these villages is Nasik (abot 100 kms away) in the western state of Maharashtra, India.

With Global Giving donations of US $ 1269 and US $ 300 contribution from villagers, this 5ft hole has been deepened to 20ft and widened to have a diameter of 18ft. (Photos in attached). Presently construction of the boundary wall of the new well to be is underway. Cost of constructing the boundary wall would be borne largely out of donations received from a private trust in Nasik city as funds from Global Giving are underway.

Work is progressing with pace so as to make best possible use of the approaching monsoon rains. We thank you for the generosity you show based on nothing but humanity.

Mar 11, 2013

Moving Towards Self Reliance

Dear Friends,

Hope you are all doing well and eagerly waiting for days to become longer as change of season knocks on our doors!!

Much awaited of all GlobalGiving Events, the Bonus Day is around the corner wherein there's the chance for all of us to strengthen the value of our donations - on Wednesday, March 13th beginning 18:30 hours IST and 9:30 AM EDT (US Time Zone), Global Giving will be matching all donations by 30%. At SNS Foundation, our collections for this Bonus Day will be used for the reconstruction of a well (currently only 5feet) in Village Karanjpani with 115 Families. More Details and an attached presentation about this village later in the report.

First a focus on how things are developing in villages which have to some extent had their water woes resolved........... Being in a position to help others does fill one with a sense of fulfillment. I am sure all of you felt the same way being able to contribute to SNS Foundation’s efforts of enhancing access to water for tribal families in rural Nasik, Maharashtra State, India. Pause……….then how would it feel to know that people you reached out to support are now being able to take charge of their own lives. I am sure it is a WOW!! With a big smile running across your face : )

Village Belpali, where your donations were used to construct a 10,000 litres drinking water tank, draw a pipeline connection from the well to the tank and have the water distributed across the village by way of stand posts now has in position a village body constituting mainly of women. This administrative body has decided for each of the 62 households in the village to contribute INR 40 (approx. 77 cents) towards the maintenance of this drinking water facility. With contributions coming in the village is now ready to pay its first community electricity bill of INR 4000 for its first month of daily operation (US $ 78) – charges incurred for daily running of the water pump for drawing water from the well to the tank. Isn’t it a sign of solidarity amongst all residents of the village – an example of Many in Body, One in Mind?

This pattern of having in position administrative bodies in the 4 other villages where interventions have been made to enhance access to water is strongly taking hold. These administrative bodies convince the households to decide on an amount for monthly contribution usually of very small denomination in between INR 10 -50 (20 cents to USD 1) with the aim of building a maintenance fund for the water structures put in place. The amounts are deposited into a bank account opened in the name of the administrative body.

With self-sustenance and self-reliance creeping into villages where the issue of lack of access to water has been largely, addressed SNS Foundation has decided to move to its next site for similar intervention – Village Karanjpani.

Village Karanjpani along with adjoining 3 small villages is inhabited by 115 families. One full-fledged well and another broken one with only 5 feet of water in it are the only two nearby sources of water for these 115 families. By February end, these two sources also largely dry up forcing the women to walk longer distances.

When SNS Foundation team visited Karanjpani in the end of January 2013, villagers urged them to support the re-construction of the broken well. A short ppt. with photographs of the broken well and the budget required for its re-construction have also been uploaded.


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