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Public Education in Cambodia faces great challenges and it often fails to provide skills that are useful to access job market. Low-income youth, especially from rural areas, which can't afford private education, doesn't really have the choice to attend high schools or Universities or to choose their own career paths. Salariin Kampuchea is a Cambodian NGO that provides free extra-curriculum English, Computer and Life skills courses to poorest children and young people of Siem Reap province and the rural areas. Siem Reap is the number one tourist destination in Cambodia but also one of the poorest regions in the country, with 51.8% of the population living in poverty. Outside of the tourism s...
Jan 14, 2013

Students Graduate Sexual Education Workshop

Follow-up workshop on sexual education
Follow-up workshop on sexual education

Thanks to your generous donations, the students who participated in our Sexual Education Workshop have graduated! Read on to find out more about the positive experiences of those involved.

In our last update, we told you about the serious issues which face Cambodian’s in their domestic life and the problems which arise as a result. In August you saw us taking the first step in providing our students with a comprehensive sexual education programme that is empowering them to make informed choices and foster positive relationships. Funds raised through Global Giving were used to stage the follow up workshop from Karol & Setha with our students in October.

In the workshop, students were asked to consider their learning and its effect on their lives so far, and in the future. All our Life Skills students graduated successfully, receiving a certificate from Karol & Setha. Student, Hun Pitou, tells us about her experiences in the follow-up workshop: “I reviewed and did some tests. I also played games, and sang. I worked in a team and painted a picture which represents our dream. Then we showed the picture to the team and spoke about it. We helped each other to solve the problems that our team had with their families, with friends or other people. We learnt 23 points that we need to make an agreement with our partner before and after we get married. Finally, I got a certificate from Karol & Setha”. Pitou said, “I am very interested in this workshop because it helped me know more about my life and I learned about my friends’ feelings. I will apply it in my life. I hope that we will get the opportunity to join the second workshop because I want to learn more”.

Next year, we would like to conduct the workshop again with our new Life Skill students. The workshop is a small step in educating young Cambodians in creating sustainable relationships within their lives. We are very proud to have provided this workshop, and we would like to thank all donors who supported us though GlobalGiving. With the help of our partners at GlobalGiving, Karol & Setha, and you, we hope to keep building on this and moving forward with our personal and social education programme.

Warm regards, 

The Salariin Kampuchea Team


Sep 28, 2012

First Sexual Education Workshop a Huge Success

Sexual education workshop
Sexual education workshop

Our aim at Salariin Kampuchea has always been to provide a safe and social environment in which young Cambodians can gain the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to work their way out of poverty. Now, money raised with Global Giving is enhancing our social education programme in a way that cannot be underestimated.

In Cambodia today there are many issues which arise from negative gender and family relationships. Endemic problems such as domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, and prostitution stem from a lack of education and understanding when it comes to social and domestic relationships. Last month saw us taking the first step in providing our students with a comprehensive sexual education programme which will empower them to make informed choices and foster positive relationships.

In August we used the funds raised through Global Giving to stage the first KAROL & SETHA workshop with our students. Knowledge And Reflection On Life & Sexuality Through a Holistic Approach is an educational program about sexuality and relationships aimed at adolescents, young adults, couples/parents, and those serving them. The programme promotes the communication of a person’s feelings and needs, whilst understanding those of others. The belief is that this approach will encourage positive and respectful relationships in all spheres of a person’s life.

The week-long workshop involved 30 students from our schools. In the classes topics covered included: identity (who am I?), listening and expressing feelings, different levels of love, anatomy of the reproductive system, perceptions that boys/girls have of the other gender, gestures of love and sexual intercourse, risks linked with sexuality, and analysis of popular beliefs regarding sexuality in Cambodia.

The 5-day course was held in a local public school, due to a lack of space in our own facilities. Representatives from Karol &Setha ran the workshop with students. SK staff members helped with practicalities such as transport and food, but they were not present during classes so that students felt free to speak and participate without the judgement of teachers and authority figures.

The workshop was a big success and was received well by students, many of whom had very positive things to say about it afterwards. Life Skills student Deu Put said, “At the K&S workshop for 5 days, I learned a lot from lessons and a lot which will help me in life, such as communication between men and women, friends, relatives and parents etc. I now more clearly understand myself, and others. I can control my desires and decisions. All the lessons I learnt, I think they are important to me and I will bring these lessons to use in my daily life, and help others who meet problems from lessons I have learnt.”

Student Chock Kim Oun described one of the classes that took place, “On the second day we learned about body and mind. We thought about the effects of what we say and do on the people around us, and how other people’s actions and words can make us feel. We also learned about the male and female reproductive systems. The lesson made me think more about the things I say and do to the people I care about, and I feel like it will change my life.”

Next month, a follow-up workshop will take place. Students will be asked to consider their learning and its effect on their lives so far, and in the future.

This project is a small step in educating young Cambodians in creating stable, equal and loving relationships within their lives. We are extremely proud to have provided this to some of our students, and we have all of your generous donations via Global Giving to thank for that.

Now, we look to the future. It is our aim to raise further funds in order to hold similar workshops and reach more of our students in the coming year. With the help of our partners at Global Giving, Karol &Setha, and you, we hope to keep building on this and moving forward with our personal and social education programme.

Warm regards, 

The Salariin Kampuchea Team


Jul 2, 2012

Life Skills Graduation

New Life Skills Students
New Life Skills Students

Thank you to all our generous donors so far! This is our first report on our sexual education project. And we can start this report on a high note:

Our first two Life Skills classes at Salariin Kampuchea have graduated! All 18 students passed, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience on the course. A great achievement for both the students and the school.

During the last months of Life Skills class an educational program about sexuality and relationshipswas taught.

Students’ responses were very positive. Chan Daroith: “This program is very important for me as youth, I learned to understand about the character and feelings of young adults. I have changed a lot and take care of myself more now”.

By communicating with their classmates, students learn to talk about their feelings and needs,and are able to understand the feelings and needs of others.

The funds received so far have not been spent yet. We are proud to announce to you the next steps of our Sexual Education Project:

A number of the graduates spent some time informing our current students about the Life Skills program. Through their positive experiences they have encouraged 31 students to register for the new classes.

In July two new classes will start with the course. For the third week of August the Sexual Education Workshops are planned to be run by expert trainers.

Why did Ut Som register for the class? “I want to learn new things, the differences between men and women and learn to understand the society around me”.

Lai Lam says:  “I want to learn about the problems in society and how to solve them. How can I communicate with my friends, my family and build healthy relationships between boyfriend and girlfriend.” 

Thanks to your kind donations we are able to run the first workshops. Still, there is much to be done to reach our project target. We would appreciate it if you can continue to support our initiative. We will keep you updated with news about our young adults’ progress and the upcoming workshops.


Warm regards,

the Salariin Kampuchea Team

"We want to learn new things"
"We want to learn new things"


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