Action Network for the Disabled

Our mission is to advance and advocate for equal opportunities for youth with disabilities, through promoting proactive social and economic participation.
May 18, 2011

Your Support Keeps Us Going!

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the team at Action Network for the Disabled, we are excited and greatful that you remain steadfast in supporting our work over the years thus enabling us make enormous strides towards reaching our goal.It is through your generosity that we continue to impact our community in a positive way.

ANDY being a grassroot organization,we have continuously remained in touch with the needs of our target group thus enabling us to make decisions that empower the community in the way that we work.Your support goes to someone who needs it and makes good use of it towards advancing their lives and becoming active participants in their communities.

It is in such cases that somebody came to us recently with a request for us to purchase batteries for his hearing aid having been turned away by different service providers.John just wanted to get the batteries for his hearing aid and he would be fine and ready to continue with his daily chores towards earning a living independently; through your support,a case like that of John is immediately supported and many more thus enabling the affected to continue with their normal lives even if they cannot afford these devices by themselves yet they cant live without them.

It is fulfiling to know that a simple act changes how one faces his/her daily life and is able to do a lot of things on their own despite being with a particular disability that poses a challenge to them in how they interact with others.

To enable us continue with this brilliant work,please consider making a donation to this project so that beneficiaries like John can receive immediate attention and support from the project,there is also an opportunity for your donation to be matched by Global Giving at 30% on June 15th 2011 between 12:01am and 11:59pm EDT(GMT-4)

Thank you so much for supporting our work and encouraging your friends to do the same.


Jan 2, 2011

Restoring the Ability to Communicate

John at our office
John at our office

Dear Friends,

We wish to thank you for your continued support to this project that has enabled us to continue supporting deserving persons with disabilities within our community.

One such case is John, who has had along challenge of communicating since he lost his sense of hearing, being a person who does manual work; John is supposed to be keen on what his boss says lest he loses his job for not following instructions.

This has happened to him many times yet he needs to have a steady income to support him and his family. He was referred to ANDY by another disability organization for us to assist him with a hearing aid.

Through your continued support, we were able to offer John the much needed help and acquired him a new hearing aid and on receiving it, he said, “ I am delighted to receive this aid as it means a lot to me and my livelihood I want to thank you and wish you all the blessings.”

This is how important the device that was donated to John through your support meant to him. He is now back to work and he can communicate effectively with his bosses at work and this will ensure that, he never loses his means of income by being unable to communicate.

On behalf of John, we wish to thank you for your support that has continued to change lives for the prosperity in the community we work in.


Sep 27, 2010

Making Internet Accessible to Persons with Disabilities

Dear Supporters,

Greetings from Nairobi, at Action Network for the Disabled, we are all fine and continuing with our work in communities towards the empowerment of young people with disabilities. It is my pleasure to inform you that, lately we have embarked on a path that will enable us bring internet and its vast opportunities closer to young disabled people living in the urban slums.

We have just established an internet cafe within our offices with about ten computers and through your donations, we were able to make two of the computers out of ten to be accessible by our blind colleagues in their efforts to use the internet.

You know that in this 21st century, the internet is playing a revolutionary role yet many people have not been in a position to access it due to various challenges.

Our organization will be to play a small part by facilitating access to information, communication and technology for persons with disabilities. Having installed a Jos Software in two computers has made it possible for any blind person who wishes to access the internet for various reasons to be able to do so at our center. I want to thank you for continued trust in our project giving us the energy to reach more persons with disabilities through our project.

I will keep you updated of how the center continues to impact persons with disabilities in their lives especially for those who will be utilizing the computers installed with Jos software ( a software that enables the blind to access any information through a computer including on the internet).

I look forward to further ideas on how we can ensure we get more donations through the Global Giving portal to continue impacting our constituents more positively.

Thank you so much for investing in the future of young disabled people who are in need.

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